Olympics medal tally – Top sporting nation

There is without a single doubt who is the biggest winner in the Olympic Games. Top of the table in medal counts is none other than Africa. More than half of the gold medals won by the USA and Britain were contributed by Africans. And the Africans were everywhere, from Jamaica, Trinidad, the Americas, to Europe and of course Africa.

The USA, with its European athletes, at best could probably win 30 or 40 medals. But it could really do very well if America had included the Injun braves. Unfortunately not many braves are alive today. The few left in the reservations were poor physical specimens of their great forefathers.

It could have been a very different story if the natives of the USA were around as their athletic lifestyle as hunters, horsemen and nomads would be a plus point in the Olympics. They would have won all the archery medals, throwing of javelins and horse riding events easily. And they would put up a good fight against the Africans in athletics.

Well done Africa. I must say the selective breeding by the European Americans in the cotton fields also played a very vital part in the physical development of the Afro American athletes.


Anonymous said...

I wonder why they don't send our generals and scholars to the Olympics?

If a general can run SMRT, why can't a general win Olympic gold?

Anonymous said...

Mr Chua

The greatest is what is left of the USSR, their total gold medal is 47, and the most successful country with population around ours is none other than Hungry.

We have to also salute the Malaysians for their 1 silver and 1 bronze, as they are all locally bred.

Anonymous said...

I will be very very proud had we convert the Chinese Diving Team into Singaporean for the 2012 Olpmpics. More better if Singapore had done the same to the Russian gymnasts and the Jamaican runners.

It is actually not too late to get them before 2016 Rio De Janeiro Olmpics. Hope, our Olympic Committee can bring us pride and get us united at Rio.

Anonymous said...

The biggest loser among the big countries is India with only 2 golds, 4 silvers and 6 bronzes to show for their participation in the 2012 Olympics. They were ranked 55 out 79 nations, way, way below the PRC which lost only to the U.S. Even the impoverished North Korea (DPR Korea) did much better at 20th position with 4-2-6 medals.

Anonymous said...

It will be great if Anon's (1232pm) suggestion is put into practice. Our Cabinet Members can then match made them to make future super sports talents unrival anywhere.

Anonymous said...

The Indian braves would sweep the archery medals for sure.