Japan, the day of reckoning beckons

Flashing across several newspapers was Japan’s call on China to protect its citizens amidst public protest over the landing of Japanese nationalists in Diaoyu Island in a tit for tat move by the Japanese. This brought back vivid memories of the early 20th Century, the days of Shanghai Bund, of foreign concessions in China. During those dark days of China’s history, when foreign soldiers were stationed inside China, including several of the big cities, there were also many protests by the Chinese students and nationalists in China against foreign encroachment and aggression. Japan was one of the big powers occupying parts of China and with its own concessions.

In those days, there were no calls for protection of Japanese nationals inside China. If there were, it was the Chinese govt calling for the protection of Chinese nationals inside China from cruelties and attacks by the Japanese in particular, and the western powers in general. In those days, the Chinese citizens were victims of foreign soldiers in their own country.

Often, the Japanese would provoke incidents with the citizens and used it to attack and encroach further into China, claiming reparations and demanding compensations for Japanese military actions against the Chinese govt, and more territorial concessions as well.

The China then was a broken country, disunited, poor agricultural land that was torn apart, and with no modern industries. They don’t even have a proper army and no arms industry to produce even small arms. Today, China is a full fledge superpower that would even hold the mighty US forces at arms length. Would the Japanese dare to trigger any incident and attack China again? A united China with military forces much bigger than the Japanese in all areas is not going take any Japanese engineered incident lightly.

How genuine is this Japanese fear for the safety of its citizens inside China? Over the past decades after China became a people’s republic, there were many incidents of public protest but hardly a Japanese citizen was hurt unlike when Japan was invading China. Are the Japanese plotting new excuses to revisit the days of old Shanghai and old China? Would there be another coalition of western forces in the likes of the League of Nations to attacking China?

Would China take it like it did before, being beaten to pieces? Or would China deal a forceful blow to the invaders this time round? Would Japan be able to run free in China again? Or would Chinese troops be running free in Japan should hostility breaks out?


Anonymous said...

The Chinese today are not the Chinese of yesterday nor are the Japanese of today the Japanese of yesterday. It doesn't help to justify China's belligerence in the waters of this region by dragging up the second world war. For all you know, China today will become more and more like the imperial Japan of the 30s and 40s. - jo

Anonymous said...

so if China reclaims the land so what's next ?

Reclaim Singapore because Zheng He may have bought SinCity century ago ?

China reclaims the world because Emperor Qin Shi Huang may have conquered the world and the world may have belong to China as a result ?

China reclaim some land of Japan because Emperor Qin sent some chinese into Japanese land and live there ?

"Xu Fu, a legendary voyager in Chinese history, was the first explorer to reach the ancient Japan by crossing the East Chinese Sea. In 219 B.C., the first Qin Emperor, Qin Shihuang, ordered an expedition to send 500 young boys and girls to the islands (today's Japan) by crossing the Chinese East Sea in order to collect herbs which could extend his life span. Xu fu was placed as the admiral for the expedition. His voyager started from Ganyu, but his fleet, with all boys and girls, disappeared. Nobody knew what happened eventually or whether he arrived or died. However, some evidences have revealed that a few cities in Japan have the historical relics left from Xu Fu, including Hiroshima, Aichi, Waka, etc. It is possible that Xu Fu arrived in Japan and lived there afterwards. "


what do you think ?

Anonymous said...

The Japs are still stuck in the 1940s thinking they are still able to lord over other Asian countries.

They will become the pariah of Asia in time to come, just like Israel in the Middle East. Hated, shun and despise.

Anonymous said...

Given Japan and China in modern time , which is the most threat to mankind today ?

Did you see Japanese a threat or China people in SinCity ? Did Japanese take over your job and depress your salary or the china people in SinCity ? Did Japanese overflood SinCity or Ah Tiong ?

Singaporeans are themselves living in the past, and blind to see what is happening in modern time.

Why worry about other countries' concern when you can't even address your own country ?

Anonymous said...

"The Japs are still stuck in the 1940s thinking they are still able to lord over other Asian countries. "

You should really read the history of Japanese. At the end of the war, the Japanese choose to invade the world by their product, innovation and technologies, not by violence anymore. That is what Japanese bring to mankind.

Anonymous said...

So RB, what do you think ?

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Anon 1:00, the islands taken over by Japan were through gunboat diplomacy and are fresh in the minds of the Koreans and the Chinese. Diaoyu was handed over to the Japanese only in 1972. And the Japanese are stubbornly and arrogantly holding on to them. Look at how the Koreans and the Chinese are reacting to them and you will how strong are their feelings about getting their islands back.

Anon 1:11. The Chinese are not talking about Qin Dynasty and taking back Japan. If you know your history, Japan was never a Chinese tributary state. But if you want to use your kind of argument, you can also claim God is your father.

You are deliberately forcing an illogical logic to try to win an argument, like the PAP. When Chiam ask for a drum stick they accused him of wanting a whole chicken.

The more aggressive nation today is still Japan. They are trying to return to their military past. They were conquering the world with their products. And that is what China is doing. See any Chinese soldiers anywhere in the world?

The factory of the world is China. And China has conquered the world market. The other aggressive countries are the pests, like Vietnam and the Philippines, wanting to take on China, arresting Chinese ships.

In the Diaoyu Incident, the Japanese coastguard ships were everywhere, arresting and ramming Chinese fishing boats. You see the Chinese naval boats involved?

Anonymous said...

Of course, we can stop talking about Qin dynasty as it may not be relevant but who to stop China from pursuing past feudal history to reclaim the land ? Right now, the China come for the island using some ships to test other countries's patience.
We know absolute power corrupts, and China is growing very strong, and who to stop them from giving nonsense like PAP ?

Just in case you think I talking cock of how China will test your country's patience, did you not recall how chinese boat comes into Singapore and the govt has to issue sovereign nonsense to warn China ? Did you forget that ? Are we native to think that this boat somehow blur blur come into Singapore water without the China government not aware of that ? If so, why didn't we have influx of china boat come illegally to singapore everyday ?

Anonymous said...

Eh, you siao? What are you talking about?

Anonymous said...

What happen in the past is already in the past, and land dispute should be settled long ago. And if brought in, we should not be concerned their affair since it is between them, and who to say that China is right and Japan is wrong and vice-versa ? We should just mind our own business, and just focus on our own country issue.

You see. The world is a funny place to be in. There is a reason why Yin And Yang exists to balance each other. And there is equilibrium to balance each other. May I know how does it benefit the people if China grow too powerful to be controlled just like PAP ?

Anonymous said...

"Eh, you siao? What are you talking about?"

Are you brainless ? Don't have any independent thinking or just simpleton thinking ?

Anonymous said...

Those who are ignorant of Chinese history should spend some time reading them and not jump by basing on what they read from western media. The Chinese 天下 had an accepted imaginery line that they would not go beyond except during the times of Genghis Khan, a mongol Emperor.

They did not go into Russia, Eastern Europe, Persia, India, Burma, and Laos in the south. The old China acknowledged that they were other countries. It initially included the northern part of Vietnam but since Vietnam gained its statehood, like Korea, there was no further attempts to realign the historical geography of 天下 to include them。 Vietnam and Korea were more like tributary states than China proper.

Matilah_Singapura said...

Talk is cheap lah.

Please, will someone commence firing?

Please drag up the bad blood of WW2.

C'mon Japan and China. You know you want to see each other's blood.

So what the fuck are you waiting for?


Anonymous said...

"The Chinese 天下 had an accepted imaginery line that they would not go beyond except during the times of Genghis Khan, a mongol Emperor."

Please lah, Greed and power has no limit, no fairness and no law. And by the time you realize that, it is too late. We see that happen to Singapore under PAP, so why hsould we think human nature can be controlled given absolute power ? Are we really that gullible or naive ?

Anonymous said...

MS making his grand entrance into the discussion with a big bang as usual.

Pssst, please remove that thing in your mouth.

Anonymous said...

"Pssst, please remove that thing in your mouth."

Why ? So afraid of second opinion , so why come here ?

Anonymous said...

simply no one should give fuc@#$k damn on what happen to china and japan. We are singaporean , not ah tiong or japanese. Let them resolve the issue in their own ways due to their complication. I don't understand why hampering on this china/japan issue.

We hear it mention too often by redbean that it become so irritating. Is redbean going to be ah tiong ? If not, why keep hampering in this issue ?

Anonymous said...

The resident appears to see his neighbour's race as being the problem and the overt prejudice is quite troubling.
So lawyer concluded that the guy must be racist. Logical right?

The illogical part. If this complainant is a racist, why would he made these racist remarks to an Indian Minister and think the Indian Minister will not think otherwise? Is there any reasonable doubt that the complainant is a little loose in the head or something like that?

The said...

/// In those days, the Chinese citizens were victims of foreign soldiers in their own country. ///

Signs outside clubs in Shanghai - "Dogs and Chinese not allowed".

agongkia said...

What is the moral of the story?
We need a strong SAF and NS is therefore a necessity and compulsory.

Anonymous said...

"What is the moral of the story?
We need a strong SAF and NS is therefore a necessity and compulsory."


may I ask you this simple question: Why do you need SAF and NS when the potential enemies could just be in Singapore long long long long long ago, preparing to disable any military facilities any time , anywhere in singapore since the foreign policies are so lax ? It just like we are been trained to fight invading foreigner enemies but yet those foreigners are already invading the whole SinCity already.

Please give a thought.

SinCity need to rethink what has NS is for since it no longer serve its useful purpose of protecting the country due to massive number of foreigners already in Sin land, and some more increasing at incredible some more.

Anonymous said...

Gong gong do NS without knowing the purpose is the folly of Sinkies.
Fathers and mothers gave birth to their gongkias to become gongpengs to protect the fortunes of the top 20%. And risking their lives in doing so. Who is to know that one day these gongpengs may be order to point their machine guns at their parents, siblings and frens?

agongkia said...

anon 409/420
You all oredi lost the battle with this thought lah..The more you must do NS so as not to let enemy infiltrate and resulting in you become the minority in the platoon.We can then protect our love one.Not too late.Go for your NS voluntarily and ask for more reserve service ICT and act as eye and ear.For safety reason,priority MUST be given to SINgaporean ONLY.Others should be exempted.Should treasure the opportunity.
Can oso ask and volunteer to station at Connie Island since you got no DiaoYuTai to guard.

The said...

Agongkia - the enemies are already within the gates. The fifth column are already serving or have served NS.

Matilah_Singapura said...

I think the 5th column has already bought property overseas and stuffed the stolen money into Swiss Banks ;-)

Matilah_Singapura said...

I tell you, it is a glorious day when when heartfelt wishes come true.

Also, I predicted this. Asian's cannot make it lah. Must hold grudges for generations. Cannot let go. So tribal. So racial. So delicious.

I want to see shao lin vs samurai. These 2 cultures -- forgiveness is not an option, total annihilation of the enemy is the only acceptable outcome.

"Either I die, or You die". Sino Jap War #2 - ~35 million casualties. WAH LAU EH!

Come on, what are you waiting for...start shooting lah!! Start getting those numbers up!

Got new record?

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Matilah, you know why the Europeans are not tribal and can afford not to be tribal? They killed the tribes first, then no tribal problem left.

Got injuns?

Matilah_Singapura said...

Alamak redbean, those smelly Injuns were killing each other way before the jesus-centric white man and his Injun-killing germs and guns came onto the scene lah.

You should expand the boundaries of your historic knowledge a bit more. ;-)

At least the west more or less toned down their tribal nature. As for the Asians, they just can't help themselves.

As soon as there is a problem, straight away the barbarian Asians divide themselves into racial or cultural TRIBES.

Got identity-crisis? (sure you do)

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

The injun and nigger issues are something that the Americans have hidden and buried and hope on one will know or talk about it while they go around the world talking about freedom and human rights, like God's angels. And silly people like you would also look the other way.

I expect many for not being well informed but not you. But then I over estimated you. The books you read and quoted were all western.

The most tribal people are the Europeans. And they are simply following the same formula of divide and rule and get the silly Asians and Africans fighting and cursing at one another.

Go read a bit about Asian or Chinese history. Even at the peak of the Chinese empires, they have a self limiting external territorial limit which they would not venture, acknowledging the foreign land and countries. Tibet, Taiwan, Vietnam and Korea were part of China with the latter two of Sinic culture. But once they broke away as independent states, they were accepted and there is not a single word of them being part of China.

Did China attack Thailand, Myanmar, India, Bhutan, Nepal, the Philippines, Laos, Cambodia or Malaya and Indonesia? No. But the West kept telling these silly countries that China is a threat when the West was the one that colonised them and robbed their countries. And the West is still ruling them and dictating to them on what is good or bad for them. And all living in perpetual fear of regime change. Look at Middle East.

In Africa, China is trading there on equal or more favourable terms to the Africans than when China is trading with the developed countries like Australia. And no interference in their countries' domestic politics.

Even this is a crime that the West used to hit at China for non interference while they are talking about regime change, about supporting dissidents and imposing sanctions.

One day the Americans will support our dissidents to upset the govt.

Matilah_Singapura said...

Fuck the books redbean.

You forget, I've lived and learned in the US. Amongst niggers and injuns. I eat their food. I've fucked their women. I've fought with the guys.

And whitey too. Many friends, a few squabbles. Lot's of shooting...at targets, not Mexicans :-)

The fuckers I avoided in the US are the Asians. Except for Korean girls, because I love their pink pussies ;-)

I've also lived in Thai villages, Malay fishing communities and Iban long houses. Try to fuck the girls there too...not so easy.

My point is, throw away the books. Grab the passport, and live in as many cultures. Then you can understand better. And can laugh at their sillyness.

All cultures have stupidity embedded in them. ALL. NO EXCEPTIONS.

Anonymous said...

There is One Asian Species that stays in Hotel Matilah Singapura free of genetic defect and fearless of gods.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

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