Is there a choice between smaller and bigger population?

“If Singapore depends on the talent it can produce out of three million people, it’s not going to punch above its weight. Lee Kuan Yew

We were 1m, then 2m, then 3m before we added all the foreigners to 5.6m. When we were 1m and 2m, we were already producing the talents that built the foundation for our economic miracles. We were producing talented Singaporeans even then. Unless those were not talents, then we are just slapping our own stupid face.

Now we are more than 5m. Did the increased population with foreign talents, throw out any great talents? The only foreign talent that is worth mentioning is Olivia Lum of Hyflux. The rest were plain employees, sitting on their fat asses and getting fat pay which any Singaporeans can also do so given the chance. Many of the CEO positions can easily be filled by Singaporeans and you will not see any difference in performance, maybe even better.

The three local banks were built by Singaporean talents. Without local talents there would not be any big local banks to think of. SIA, SMRT, Creative, Singtel were also locals. Not sure about Temasek and GIC but their startup fund is definitely local. The hospitals with their specialists and state of the art equipments were mainly run by Singaporeans and Malaysians. By the way, I think Singaporeans have never regarded the Malaysians as foreigners historically.

Did we produce lesser talents when we were 1m and 2m than we are now? There are some great talents in R and D. But these are instant trees. Would their offsprings be more talented than the offsprings of coolies and labourers, washerwomen and salesmen? What about the risk of offsprings from fake papers and fake talents?

If we have not over aspired to go for 6m and more, we would not be pressurised to create more jobs and ended with the two casinos. We would not be so desperate in our need for water and power and flirting with the risks of a nuclear solution to our ever growing need for more and cheaper source of energy. No need to talk about hyper inflation, high cost of living, high property prices, congestion, inability to own a car etc etc. All these problems are the negative effects of high population. Growth is good but not by increasing population indefinitely. It is a time bomb that must blow up if we don’t stop the population growth. It is not only a time bomb for this little rock but for Gaia, if population growth is not stopped.

What is so bad about a smaller population with lower growth, but real productivity growth, and a better quality of life, with more space for everyone and a lower cost of living?


Anonymous said...

Tho ever in power has the loudest voice. No one says that the voice is always right. We are lucky to be in the info age. Such voices cannot fool us anymore.

Anonymous said...

Is there a choice between a Pro Alien Party and a truly loyal Singaporean party?

Of course!
Just vote wisely in GE 2016.
Follow your heart and your anger.

Anonymous said...

They will give you a million reasons why more people are needed... Just vote them out in 2016, nothing let to say...

Anonymous said...

The Pappies don't worry about the Time Bomb. They have already prepared for the possible future event which they themselves have created. They have allowed the Evil Empire, USA to operate a military base in Singapore without the people's consent to create trouble, choas and destability in the South China Sea. They have openly and ostentatiously invited the Evil Empire, USA to come to Asia to contain China's peaceful development. They are happy to see that the Evil Empire has hijacked ASEAN and is actively creating suspicion, dissension and conflict in the South China Sea and the East China Sea by openly goading its underlings the ungrateful Vietnamese rats and the Pinoy vermins to go against China in shamefully and illegally trying to claim some of Chinese South China Sea islands, shoals and islets and the surrounding seas. They are confident the Evil Empire is here to stay and should Singapore falls into the opposition parties rule they will find excuses to call in the Evil Empire to carry out regime change and put them back into the government under emergency rule. But they should not forget the people will not be silent by force . They should not forget the dictum, Man proposes but God disposes. So no matter what evil they plan, heaven is watchiong above.


Anonymous said...

Why should they worry?

If You talk too much, one day they
will let you rule yourselves and they will just move off to Switzerland or Sweden to enjoy Swiss Standard of living. Then you will know what is you die, your business.

Anonymous said...

Iceland is a country with a population of only 306,000 - and they DO NOT need to import 2 million foreigners, than you! Yes, the HAVE talent.

Anonymous said...

Iceland is doomed if it does not raise its population to 5m. So will all the European countries. The need to double their populations as well. Sinkie School of Thoughts.