Installing a soul into a soulless nation

Talking about soul searching, a Sinkie soul? Do we have a soul in the first place when everything is about money and profitability? Sinkies will sell father and mother and country just for money, or when they think it is a profitable thing to do.

Some were reminding the Sinkies about our immigrant past, about how our forebears came to this little island to make a home and a country. Reflecting and remembering the past, knowing the history, are good. At least they tell you where you came from, where it started and how it started. Knowing history is one thing, learning from the valuable lessons of history is another. And the dangerous part is learning the wrong thing from history is unforgiveable.

When the wise men reminded the Sinkies of their immigrant roots, they are telling the conventional wisdom of welcoming the new immigrants like welcoming their forebears, to justify the influx of immigrants. What they have forgotten were the conditions when our forebears arrived and how our forebears fought to own this piece of rock that we now call home, our country. Maybe there was too little struggle, too little bloodshed, that there was not enough pain to treasure the ownership of this piece of rock. It was given on a silver platter.

But don’t be deceived by the ease of independence and becoming owners and masters of our own land. It could turn the other way and taken away from us. And our forebears could have been abandoned or cast into the sea as refugees. Do not take for granted our independence and ownership of this island.

And don’t be silly to think that we own a continent to be shared with everyone and anyone. We don’t have enough to round. We cannot accommodate the world and neither would the world want to accommodate us. We can be generous to being foolish. To give away something so precious and dear to us and ended being flotsams one day when we are not careful and be cast away, and become refugees with no homes. No country will open their legs willingly to be screwed by foreigners. Try applying to Timbuktu and see if you are welcomed?

A people without a soul would not appreciate what is the meaning of a country, and being citizens of a country. We sell everything for quick profits. We give our citizenships freely thinking that it is good, in the short term, without looking further than the tip of our nose. There is a time to be selective, to be selfish, to protect ourself, our own people, instead of prostituting ourselves thinking that that is the only way of survival. We are not a continent like America or Australia that we can accommodate everyone when the reality is that not many people would want to share their home and land and prosperity with us.

Now, what soul are we talking about? A generous soul of sharing everything we have with everyone? Big hearts huh? Can we afford to do that? Many cannot afford to own cars, no space to build bicycle lanes, not enough land to build flats that don’t cost a hand or a leg. Not enough water, energy, no land for farming and producing food. And we want more and more people to share and squeeze with us in this piece of rock.

A major world crisis in energy, in food, drought or flood, recession etc will plunge us into the abyss in no time if we have too big a population to feed. We are not self sufficient in anything. Our money will not be much use in a real crisis when money becomes just a piece of paper.

Put up Sentosa for sale. After all with 2m foreigners in a 5.4m population here, it is as good as they buying up 2/5 of the island, in a way. Easy come easy go. We got this island easy and can give it away easy as well.


Anonymous said...

PAP Joke
Is PM Lee a failure?

I think everybody should just calm down.
Give PM Lee four more years.
See what he can do.
Then if he's a miserable failure; We'll do what we did with LKY;
and re-elect PM Lee again.

Anonymous said...

PAP Joke
Education Minister Heng Swee Keat said government will engage all Singaporeans in a national conversation about how to take the country forward.

This reminds me of Christopher Columbus.
When he left to discover America, he didn't know where he was going.
When he got there he didn't know where he was.
And it was all done on a government grant.

Anonymous said...

Firstly, Education Minister must be serious about the dialogue. Secondly, he must get real support from the Cabinet. Thirdly the dialogue must be free and away from interference. No grassroot bullshit but views from real Singaporeans. Lastly, government must acknowledge mistakes (discovered during the dialogue)and correct them immediately. If and only if these are the conditions will the dialogue be meaningful. Otherwise it would be the same as another COI. Waste money and time.

Anonymous said...

What new things will be unearthed by National Conversation 2012;
That a 3 hour glance through the internet will not reveal?

Gintai_昇泰 said...

I thought our soul was lost long time ago? Everything here is based on costs and benefits, bottom line, every cents counts! No more empathy!
Let me substantiate what I said here. In the year 1994, when my father bought this 2nd flat - 4A direct from HDB at only $101,000, he was already 57 years old. This is no typo error. Yet he was given 20 yrs loan direct from HDB at subsidised interest rate - meaning lower than bank rate.
You see, my father was more worried than the HDB that he might not be able to pay that 20 yr old loan since he's about to retire. My father drove trailer. Class 5 licence will be removed once you hit 65 yrs old. By the time, he finishes paying off his loan in 20 yrs, he will be 77 yrs old! HDB in those days, don't bother about your age. Even if you are 60 yrs, they still loan you! Are they "stupid" or not? I say they got a heart. Not being stupid.
When my father expressed his fears and reservations about not able to pay off the loan as he's getting older, the HDB officer told him not to worry. If he really not working, he could always rent out one room or the whole flat and stay with the children, use the rental to service the housing loan. Or sell off the flat after 5 yrs, get a smaller flat etc. There are options to solve this issue says the HDB officer!
If you or me at this age were to take a loan similar to my father, HDB or bank will never approve due to your age and working lifespan. BTW, he paid 20% of the $101,000, with 80% HDB loan.
From this example, you will notice the huge change in mindset. It's now very difficult to get loan from them and they will tell my father to get studio apt instead. You know now they screen you upside down before they give you any loan.
That is why my father is a die hard PAP fan. All his life, he NEVER NEVER voted opp. If PAP put an idiot as MP, my father will still vote that idiot!
I understand him. If the PAP is still like those days, like the way they treated my father, do you think their support will erode?
I've spoken the truth here from an example. My name is here. It is no fabrication. This example can tell you a lot about our rulers not having the heart for its citizens thereby losing hope without any resemblance of a loving sweet home we call Singapore.

Anonymous said...

Fully agree. The PAP of today is not the PAP of yesteryears. WYSI NOT WYG.

Anonymous said...

Right, why dont allow foreigners to stay in Sentosa, Pulua Tekong and Ubin and confined them to that area.

Matilah_Singapura said...

A Hotel doesn't need a soul. It needs to run efficiently and be well managed.

That's all.

Singapore can never have a soul because Singaporeans do not deserve one.

The idea of "soul" is concomitant with the idea, and presence of humanity.

I am saying that Singaporeans lack humanity?

A resounding: YES.

1. Too much fear,

2. Too much ANALysis of the so-called "fear"

3. Too much victimhood: blaming "uncontrollable external forces" or other Singaporeans...or foreigners, or America...just pick, and demonise. Not enough personal responsibility.

4. Too passive -- waiting for a "fix" to cum forth, gushing from heaven, or from the end of jesus's dick...

Until there is a RADICAL cultural shift, best think of Singapore as a HOTEL.

Got humanity...yet?

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Now I have to agree with you, hotel guest.

Anonymous said...

Hotel is fine. But please keep your national day message to 5 mins

Anonymous said...

Not true. I say PAP is not the same as yesterday because of the quality of people it attracts. No people from the business world but civil servants and military men. Can they think? I believe they could after all these are all scholars. Can they contribute? This is the problem. They follow orders, good or bad and that all folks. Now you know why they analyse every damn thing and come out with shit decisions. No one is a risk taker.

Anonymous said...

After the devil has taken all our souls, it is preaching the zombies how to be humans again.

It will not work.

Anonymous said...

It is a well know fact inbreeding is not good for the human race.

When all the scholars that the PAP took in all think alike, talk alike, and just follow the leader, that is just as bad as inbreeding, with no new ideas ever being put forward.

I am sure this wayang about national conversation is just another effort to gather feedback that they want to hear and agree with, while tossing aside those that differ, just like letters to the State Times. How sad!

Anonymous said...

What is PAPism?
SOCIALISM: You have two cows. State takes one and give it to someone else.

COMMUNISM: You have two cows. State takes both of them and gives you milk.

PAPism: You have two cows. State takes both of them and sells you milk.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps PM is serious tghis time round. Just that many of us a sketical after so many disappoitments. Swiss standard is gone, World Best city is still a dream, COE and ERP is nothing but a money making invention, welfare is near to non existence, health care is costly and everybody fears to fall sick, minimum CPF balance is ever increasing and withdrawal age is moving further, cost of living is increasing at alarming rate with no salary increase to match. How can he expect people to believe all being said in the rally?

Anonymous said...

Don't forget....taxes going up or the noose around your goose neck shall be tightened further...

Not happy? Go sue them lah. Go to court lah...they are trained to judge you because you too bodoh to judge or know what is right and wrong.

Under there stand or not?

Anonymous said...

Everything ends in court? You stupid or what?

Anonymous said...

Bunch of fucking idiots :)

Anonymous said...

If the PAP government seriously want a national conversation to chart a road map for the future of the country,the citizens want certain pre-conditions to be met.
These are some of the following pre-conditions and concerned netizens can add in more.
1.A frank and honest admission to some catasphorically wrong policies.
2.The National conversation must be a live TV telecast.No delayed telecasts as Singapore citizens do not trust these.
3 The immediate abolition of ISA.
4. Opposition politicians are equally concerned for the country's future and they cannot be denied to participate.
If the PAP can meet these pre-conditions,My children and children's children can call Singapore,HOME.

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