Imagine Sity Singapore

We have more than one million new citizens over the last ten years. And they are mainly from PRC, India and the Philippines. Imagine if a big number of them choose to join the police force or the military. And the forces cannot refuse them as they are rightfully citizens of the country, they are Singaporeans. Right?

Then the Sinkies walk into a Neighbourhood Police Post manned by a team of PRC made Sinkie Police, or Indian Indian Police or Pinoy Police officers. Would it be simply hilarious or would it be frightening? Imagine a Sinkie walking on the street and confront by a team of PRC or Indian Indian or Pinoy police officers and wanting to search or check on him.

My God, I can never imagine what this sity state has become. Yes, I spelt the word sity, no mistake.


Anonymous said...

Dear Mr Chua

Do you not know that the termites from LTA issuing summons are mostly from PRC... issuing tickets to parents waiting for their kids at school...

Anonymous said...

we need more Opposition voters in GE 2016.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

On one hand we talked about nation building, one united people, this is my country. On the other hand we diluted the people and accept anyone freely to become Sinkies.

We have built an identity among different people over several decades thru national service and national education. Now you walk around, you just do not know who is a Sinkie and who is a foreigner.

The troubling part is to be searched by foreigners in uniform when you return home at the entry points. This is my country. We are and were NSmen, donned uniforms, carried arms, trained to defend this country.

Now we have creeps from no where searching us as if they own this country and we are foreigners or dangerous terrorists.

What is going on? This is my country, not theirs. When the leaders lost its way, it is going down a slipper road to self destruct.

We are being occupied by foreigners without khowing it.

Anonymous said...

Yeah.. vote more Opposition. Vote Reform Party.

Let the fun begins..

Anonymous said...

Xenophobia is getting too intense. So long as any settler is willing to keep our land safe and sound, must must appreciate and thank them. Gurkhas protect our Ministers and their homes, so that they can have sound sleeps and be healthy to serve us at their best.
Our seaport and airport are effective secured by Malaysians, so we can swim and fly with no worry. Mas Selamat got no chance with his plan.

Will it not be good if alien settlers make our land clean and safe for all of us? And remember that our dear leaders are racking their heads to give us the greatest comfort by making aliens to work for us. No need for us to labour for our comfort and enjoyment, no?

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Just don't get carried away and ended up like the USA where whatever natives left ended in the reservations to be protected by the immigrants turned citizens.

Anonymous said...


Gurkhas protect the politicians from the citizens.
Otherwise, why not use Singaporeans instead?

Anonymous said...

When is the people going to wake up and realise that this is already the Kingdom of Lanfang and the King, to increase his potency, is enlarging the base of his subjects without consideration as to the colour or creed. If the original peasants and serfs are unhappy, they can always move elsewhere and make room for the King to bring in more of those who are happy to be here. Subjects are subjects, whatever their colour or culture and the King rather have more than less. So bang your bollards and cry your hearts out.

agongkia said...

Bank already have FTs to harass those sinkies here who cannot to pay up in time.
You are still sleeping if you have not met a FT police officer here.

Talk too much they lock you up with the FT serving sentence or guarded by FT guard then you know.

The said...


Then we can have cex in the sity!!!

virgo49 said...

Last Monday went to JB. Two freshly minted PRC nationals now become Singaporeans holding freshly minted SIN passports just out from the oven.

They also have the Malaysian MACC (fast clerance) label on the red passports.

Wow not so smart even applied the Malaysian MACC clearance.

At JB side, while we are waiting on the yellow line for an empty slot to go in and make the clearance, these PRC man and woman simply go to the front of us and when any slot becomes empty simply dashed in and cut the queque without an eyelid.

With the SIN passports and their few found freedom, they are now on top of the world.

Anonymous said...

Just got back from holiday in Penang -- guess what? I don't feel as foreign there as in SG, few PRCs and Indians from the subcontinent. It's really time to make plans to pack up and leave this place...

Virgo49 Biggot said...

OMG Virgo49 - they had no eyelid (s)...weren't their eyes very dry?