Hillary the hilarious

While China is trading and investing in Africa to the tunes of hundreds of billions, and even offering cheap loans to the African nations, Hillary Clinton is lecturing the African nations to trade with more responsible European and American powers that respect human rights and democracy.

Is Hillary advocating for the return of European powers to colonise the Africans once again in their responsible ways? To loot these countries of their resources as if they belong to these European powers, as colonies, and the people as subjects of the European powers? Or is she telling the Africans that letting the responsible European powers back into Africa to hunt down the Africans as slaves for the cotton fields all over again?

I think the African slaves might be very thankful and grateful for the opportunity to be treated humanely as slaves in America and to enjoy the democracy there with all the rights of slaves. And they would get an education too, and later became Americans, and may even become the President of the USA.

The irresponsible China would never be able to do what the Europeans powers could do to help the Africans. They would not be able to take their resources for free to be processed and sold back to the Africans. They would have to pay cash to the Africans. And the Chinese would not be able to hunt and catch African niggers to be slaves in China, and to give them citizenship and protected under the laws of democracy and human rights 200 years down the road.

So sad that the Chinese are so irresponsible and could not repeat what the responsible European powers did in the past to the Africans as responsible powers. The African nations must be praying daily for the return of the white gods, the responsible powers that will give them freedom, democracy and education. It is so hilarious!

And the Americans are attacking China for setting up a military garrison in its own island while the Americans have set up thousands of military bases around the world for decades, in other countries. The question to be asked is why Australia, New Zealand and so many islands in the middle of the Pacific, Atlantic and Indian Oceans belonged to the Western Empires. And why North America and Canada belonged to European powers? Compare them to China’s claim of islands in the South China Sea, it is like comparing a mountain against a mole hill.

The UN may want to hold a discussion and make a resolution for the return of all the land and countries seized by the used of military force since the time of colonialism and imperialism and western expansion and conquest of other native’s land and countries.

Would Hillary like to do another hilarious act and bring this topic up to the UN. UN Resolution 2012, proposed by the Secretary of State of the USA, that all land and countries seized by military powers to be returned to their native owners!


Anonymous said...

Ironic isn't it!

America has been setting up bases all over the world at will. They really are shamesless hypocrites of the highest order.

Matilah_Singapura said...

President Hillary will do whatever is necessary to attain global domination. Not for the US, mind you. For herself.

Anonymous said...

This women is already drunk with lust for power. I am apt to agree that she will only be satisfied with global donmination.

Anonymous said...

Kidding right?
The Old Dame is passed her prime.
If She can dominate her husband, she
should be lucky.

Anonymous said...

Folks here are more hilarious than Hilary.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Matilah is salivating: )