Heart very big 心很大

The big conversation in everyone’s lip now is about the heart, about how big is the heart, not about not having a heart. It is true that everyone has a heart. Believe me, it is true. And this heart grows bigger and bigger as one grows from a baby to an adult, and then it gradually stops growing. Our body can only accommodate a heart of a certain size. Normally the bigger the body the bigger the heart.

In a figurative sense, the heart is used to describe the desire, ambition and magnanimity of a person. When one is described to have a big heart, it is often a good thing. In another sense it can also connotes a negative feeling. A generous man has a big heart to forgive and forget, not a narrow heart. But a man with a big heart can be used to describe a very ambitious or greedy man, who covets for more and more.

The heart grows bigger and bigger, for instance, describe someone who was initially content to earn a 4 figure income, than 5 figure and then 6 figure income. The heart is growing bigger. It can also describe a person who thinks he can do three jobs, 5 jobs, or ten jobs at the same time, something like wearing more and more hats. Or the head is very big. There is a subtle difference between head very big and a big heart when doing more jobs is concerned. Big head is more like thinking too highly of oneself, that one can do a lot of things, very able. Big heart is like being too greedy, just want to have more jobs in the pocket with no regards to one’s ability, a bit like wild heart, 野心. And this kind of hearts can grow to enormous size, and can keeping growing non stop.

So, when we talk about big hearts, we need to know what we are talking about. When we praise people with big heart, it could mean a generous person or a greedy and ambitious person. And this kind of heart is not the same as the physical heart as every big or broad guy will have a big heart. And don’t get distracted by talking about the colour of the heart. Presumably all the hearts are red in colour and in the right place.


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Anonymous said...

Chinese do believe the color of the hearts do differ, some pinky, some red and some dark red(hei xin/evil). Something worse than 'ye xin/野心'.

patriot said...

They talk coc, we listen.
Docs open their hearts, hope
they are mended and returned
to working condition.
We no need big heart, we oni
need good hearts that are good.
No need to be opened or be mended.

Anonymous said...

Religious talk. People are easily misled by such puppy dog words. Case in point is church goers, basically your better educated, who submit to religious pornography(inspired by footloose playing on ch5 lol). They have a veneer of righteousness but don't count on them to stand up to the evil empire - their true master.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

While the heart is opening up and the singles are hopeful of buying their own flat, there is still a big hurdle to cross. Many of the singles are high income earners. They must not forget that because they are deemed to be smarter, it is as good as a crime, and they may still not qualify for public housing as there is an income ceiling which they must not exceed. So don't be happy too early.

High income Sinkies are a handicap and is best they migrate elsewhere to buy their dream homes that are much cheaper. If they want to stay in Sinkieland, they must be prepared to cough out a million for the shoebox flat from private developers.

Should they be happy that they are high income earners or is it a curse?