China, Taiwan, Korea, what are you going to do about it?

The Japanese have arrested 14 Chinese citizens in Diaoyutai, a group of islands seized by Japan after it defeated China in 1894. But the post WW2 Treaty after Japan surrendered made Japan returned all the land and islands grabbed by Japan to their rightful owners.

The Japanese also claim Dokdo Island belonging to Korean want to take their claim to the International Court. They have nothing to lose as the Island was Korean’s. And they could even win if they could somehow get the International Court on its side. When claiming someone’s island it is always okay to bring it to a third party like what the Philippines and Vietnam are trying to do.

The Japanese are prepared to use force to hold on to their loots of the days of military adventurism. Even after the defeat and surrender, they are not repenting and think they are still the biggest Imperial power in East Asia. Diaoyutai and Okinawa etc are islands conquered and taken from their owners. There were historical records and Japanese acknowledgement that they were Chinese territories. Japan only grabbed them when China was weak and defenceless. Japan has shown that it would not return them unless forcefully taken back by the rightful owners.

Though PM Noda has claimed that Japan would not resort to war during his anniversary speech on the surrender of Japan, Japanese militarism is on the rise. They are unrepentant. In the latest incident they rammed their navy ships against the Chinese fishing boat that brought the Hongkies and Taiwanese to set foot on the island.

Now Japan is showing that it would use force to hold on to these captured territories. What would China, Taiwan and Korea do if they claimed that these are their territories? Japan has arrested Chinese citizens in Chinese soil and even talked about selling the islands among themselves? At least Korea’s President Lee Myung Bak has made a visit to the Dokdo Island which they have regained control. When is China and Taiwan going to do something to claim back their islands for good?

The time is now. Not doing anything when its citizens are arrested in Chinese territory is saying that it is not their island and they are only making a claim for it. China and Taiwan, the ball is now in your court. Allowing the Japanese to get away again this time is as good as giving up your claim. The Vietnamese and the Philippines and the US are watching to see how China responds to defend its land and people. Any weakness would be a sign for more encroachment and adventurism by the Trinity of Evil in the South China Sea.

China, Taiwan and the Koreans should work together and give an ultimatum to the Japanese to return all the lands taken from them and put an end to Japanese aggression and imperialism on their sovereignties. Weakness is sexy and inviting for more trouble.


agongkia said...

China,Taiwan and Korea know when to act so please dun try to kay khiang.
Help solve your country problem before you kaypoh about others.

The only thing you can help is not to buy anonae products like me.

Anonymous said...

Japan joined the Western countries ( England, Russia, France, Germany Spain, Portugal, Holland, USA and Italy ) to carve out China which they called it cutting the Chinese melon and thereafter to share the spoils among themselves. That happened about one hundred fifty years ago when a weak and decadent China under the Ching Dynasty could not even fight back, and that was how China lost about four million square miles of Chinese lands to foreign vicious land grabbers. While the European countries were grabbing and stealing Chinese lands in continental mainland China, Japan took away Liuqiu Dao ( which the Japs renamed Okinawa ) in 1889 and Diaoyu Dao ( Japs called it Senkaku ) in 1910. However after the Second World War, under the Potsdam Declaration in 1945 and the San Francisco Peace Treaty in 1952, the Japanese were allowed to keep only the islands of Honshu, Kyushu and Hokkaido, with the rest of Liuqiu Dao ( Okinawa ) and Diaoyu Dao ( Senkaku ) to be given back to China. Liuqiu and Diaoyu were temporarily put under United Nations Organisation trusteeship to be administered by USA. However after the Korean War, USA breached the Potsdam Declaration and the San Francisco Peace Treaty and betrayed China and the Chinese people by illegally and arbitrarily handing over to Japan the administration of Liuqiu and Diaoyu, instead of giving them back rightfully to China. This illegal act of USA was a sinister evil move to sow future seeds of animosity, dissension, contention and hostility between China and Japan. If USA had correctly followed the letter of intent of the Potsdam Declaration and the San Francisco Peace Treaty, today there won't be any issues between Japan and China. The Americans like most white men in nature are basically evil and they find no wrong in creating troubles and wars all over the world with the ultimate aim to exercise world dominance and hegemony. The Evil Empire USA has instigated the Vietnamese rats and the Pinoy vermins to falsely and illegally lay claims on Chinese sovereign islands and seas in the South China Sea. It is the greed of the vietnamese and the Pinoys that psychologically falls easy prey to evil American trap. What does the Evil Empire, USA care when Asians blood is spilt? Well, with the East China Sea and the South China Sea spat hotting up, the Evil Empire is watching with intense satisfaction as they are happening according to its evil plot and scheming. However, no matter what happens China though should be firm on her rights, it should not be lured into a major war with Japan and the Americans until she has fully build up the strongest and most powerful economy and military which is second to none in a few years later. History will eventually vindicate China's rights and claims to all lost territories which were illegally taken away from China and the Chinese people.


Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Hi agongkia, I spent a major part of my life living and breathing national interests. But never have I ever think of being able to solve national problems. This I must leave it to you and your wisdom to handle.

I only blow hot and cold so people don't doze off in mid day.

The farce of a benevolent and peaceful warmonger like the USA is getting clearer for all to see. See why no western media is talking about this Evil Empire and the wars and killings it is creating everywhere? See why no one wants to talk about the rights of the Chinese as provided by the post war treaties between Japan and the rest of the world?

During the American trusteeship of LiuChiu Dao(Okinawa), the Americans conveniently turned it into their military base to support its wars in Korea and Vietnam. And for its own interests, violated the treaties it drawn up and sold out China by handling the islands under its trust to Japan.

And they conveniently did not want to know about this part of history and acted so innocently in the territorial dispute between China and the wild claimants.

Anonymous said...

What can you do to a country that never wants to admit to committing atrocities during WW2?

The Japs can never, ever be trusted, like a snake. The Americans, the biggest snake, know this better after Pearl Harbour. But, still, Japan is a useful pawn to be used by the Americans against rising China.

The Americans are using the 'borrowing sword' strategy all over the world, to kill their enemies.

Matilah_Singapura said...

Talk is cheap lah. Somebody please start shooting ;-)

Think of it as Political MMA -- Japan, Korea, China, Taiwan -- Karate vs Tae Kwon Do vs Shao Lin

Got UFC?

Anonymous said...

China can work with Taiwan to front the claims for Diaoyu. This will fix up the Americans for good. They cannot attack the Taiwanese as they need the Taiwanese to stir shit with China. But it depends on whether the Taiwanese think they are Chinese or Japanese or Americans.