Brief history of the Evil Empire's ( USA ) war of aggression worldwide

The Evil Empire, USA takes its intense aggressive spirit of imperialism of war of aggression from its European forebears especially from imperial Britain where it broke away violently to found its independent state of USA which originally comprised of only thirteen provinces of a total land area of less than five hundred thousand square miles. Having founded its independence violently, USA has never stopped in its violent way of life especially in its imperial war of aggression against other states or countries. So far it has got away scot free and unscarce in all its aggression and so it thinks it can continue non stop in the same path of conducting evil wars of aggression against other countries big or small.

From the very first year of its independence from Britain, the Evil Empire ,USA conducted a systematic programme of destroying the several self governing native American Indian states . It began by sowing suspicion and dissension among the several native American Indian states and goading them to fight against each other in their internecine strive. When the native Indian states were thus badly weakened the Evil Empire, USA would step in take control over all the native states. The natives realized too late the evil scheming of the Evil Empire and when they resisted the Evil Empire's encroachment and hegemony they were brutally put down . Just like its predecessors , imperial Britain, France, Spain and Potugal, USA firmly believed that the natives of the two American continents were of inferior race and did not deserve the rich lands of the new world which they claimed that their Christian God had rightly reserved for White men. After conquering all the self governing native states the Evil Empire went on a massive programme of wanton killing and genocide of the natives , claiming it was sanctified by their Christian God and their Christian religious leaders . The native population was almost entirely decimated when about ninety-eight per cent or eighty million native Americans were killed . The only sin of the native Americans was being an inferior non-white racial stock and non Christian and so they had to be killed to make place for the good and godly white men of the militant Christian faith. Subsequently the Evil Empire flooded USA with millions and millions of white immigrants from imperfial Christian Europe.

The Evil Empire did not stop its war of aggression after conquering all the self governing native American states. From 1840s to 1870s it carried out a programme of war of aggression against Mexico. Here it used a different plot and strategy. The Evil Empire purposely encroached on Mexican lands and when Mexico resisted it was accused of aggression and thus Mexico was unsuspiciously lured into a fight. When Mexico lost the war started by the Evil Empire, it was forced to surrender not less t one million six hundred thousand square miles of land comprising the present states of Florida, Texas,Utah, Nevada, New Mexico and California.

The Evil Empire's crave for other countries' lands and thirst for more conquest had not yet been satiated. It took its wars of aggression across the Pacific Ocean to attack the defenseless island kingdoms that dotted the ocean. It attacked Hawaii in 1895 and deposed its queen . After occupying Hawaii, it went on a free spree of killing the native Hawaiians for many years until the native population now comprise not more than ten or twenty percent. Finally it annexed Hawaii in the late 1950s and made it the fiftieth state of the Evil Empire. Similarly it attacked the island kingdom of Guam and after deposing its native rulers , it grabbed full control of the island. Now both Hawaii and Guam are strongly armed US military bases which will serve as a spring board for US further aggression. Its next target was the Philippines . In the early 1900s it fought a war against the Spaniards, the first European colonial master of the Philippines. Having defeated the Spaniards it occupied and ruled Philippine for many decades until after the Second World War when they were forced out by the local revolutionaries.

After the Second World War USA continued its wars of aggression against many other countries around the world. In the Americas it used its military might to depose regimes which did not support US policies of aggression and hegemony. In China it interfered in the Chinese Civil War and stationed its strong seventh fleet in the Taiwan Straits to prevent the unification of Taiwan and mainland China. It started the Korean War in 1950 to stop the unification between North and South Korea. After the Second World War, the United Nations Organisation temporarily gave US administrative trusteeship of Liu Chiu Dao ( renamed Okinawa by the Japanese ) which the Japanese took from China in 1890s and Diaoyu Dao with the understanding that the two island group should be returned to China at a later date. However, after the Korean War, the treacherous Evil Empire betrayed the UN trust for instead of returning the islands to China, it gave them to its semi-colony Japan, Thus this sinister US design was to create seeds of future dissension and strive between Japan and China.

In Europe the Evil Empire, USA provoked wars in Yugosalavia and caused the country to be divided into three separate states and eventually all came under US influence and hegemony.

Since the end of the Second World War USA has always been sowing suspicion and seeds of dissension among the Arab states in the Middle East and North Africa. It adopted a policy of divide and rule. The Evil Empire had a total monopoly of the oil business in the Arab countries. It controlled and manipulated the oil prices for many decvades . The Arabs were forced to accept payment for oil only in American dollars. The oil price was held at a ridiculous low price of Five Dollars per barrel for many decades during which time US seized the opportunity to import endless thousands of billions of barrels of cheap oil and stored them at US underground wells as reserve for future use. When Iraq and Libya refused to accept USA dollars as payment their countries were attacked and subjected to regime change. USA is now using pro USA, arab mercenaries to topple President Assad of Syria. The grand design of USA is to hold full control and hegemony of the Middle East through its merfcenaries and Israel. In doing so the Evil Empire intends to deprive its adversaries especially China of access to Middle East oil.

The Evil Empire thinks the whole of the Middle East is now safely under its sway and so it is shifting its warlike attention to East Asia and South East Asia. It is sowing suspicion and seeds of dissension among some ASEAN countries to go against China. It is trying to destabilise the whole region. In fact it has hijacked the ASEAN organisatioon and is sinisterly setting its agenda and direction so as to lead it to a head on confrontation against China. The Evil Empire is cowardly trying to make use of the Vitenamese rats and the Philippino vermins to fight its proxy wars against China. The Evil Empire is also encouraging and goading India to go against China. In the East China Sea it is encouraging its gang member and semi-colony Japan to grab the Chinese islands of Diaoyu Dao. All these Evil Empire's evil designs are geared to contain China and prevent China's peaceful development.

In addition to territorial ambitions the Evil Empire intends to control and manipulate the whole world,s economy and finance . USA is evil and its grand design of bringing the whole world under its control and hegemony should not be allowed to succeed.


market2garden said...

There's a book 看懂世界格局的第一本书, unfortunately written in Chinese, exactly explains the article fully,
plus the entire emphasis is on evil meaning of captalism and the the trend of shifting foreign policy due to circumstances.

Matilah_Singapura said...

Too much religion.

MANIFEST DESTINY. Essentially, a jewish god made white people to colonise planet earth.

300 years later, this medieval religious based belief is still the bedrock of US Foreign Policy, even in an age of growing secularism.

Worse still, the "partners" of the US love it because of all the lovely "foreign aid" they get.

Russia gets US foreign aid. As does China and the Arab world. And Israel. And many other CUNTREES.
As long as the Fed can print, it's an American financed world for all.

Yankee doodle went to town, riding on a Pinoy ;-)

Matilah_Singapura said...

CUNTrees which spread legs and suck cock of generous big white daddy Uncle Sam

Anonymous said...

Red bean is the 80 million killed correct? I don't think the red Indian population reached 10 million at that time?

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

The American holocaust is the worst genocide in human history. Though the number was disputed by parties for political reasons. The European Americans esp the military would play it down to 10m or 20m. Scholars, also Europeans, put it as high as 110m. It was quoted that the population of America was about 100m or more and ended with less than 2m at early 20th century.

The figure is thus nearer to the 100m. Just like the Japanese massacre in Nanjing, the military would write down the number to as little as they wished the world to know.

Just imagine a whole civilisation in the continent of North America was virtually wiped out. Bacterial warfare was also used, smallpox and measles were also applied to infect the Indians leading to more death. Some apologists used this as a way out, that the Indians died of diseases instead of genocide.

Wikipedia has a comprehensive collection of the different numbers used by various authors.

Anonymous said...

The core policy of the Evil Empire, USA is one of vicious aggression,
conquest, domination and hegemony . This satanic policy has been in
place since the first year of USA independence from Imperial Britain
and has never changed but instead the policy exceeds or surpasses all
other European imperial aggression and conquest in its cruelty of
decimating native populations through mass killings or genocide. The
Evil Empire, USA has no right to talk about democracy and human rights
and when they do it is to undermine and destabilise other countries
which do not accede to USA dictates.

Eagles Eye

Matilah_Singapura said...

Speaking of death and destruction... I just got a phone call from trusted source in Hotel Singapore.

It seems that rumours are saying that Lee Kuan Yew is DEAD.

I'd better go chill some champagne ;-)

Of course, they're only rumours. And even trusted sources can be wrong.

Still... imagine... The possibilities :-)

Happy happy happy national day!

Anonymous said...

ML as usual u writing nonsense again. On this type of news the trusted source if any should be from the hospital where got from hotel type. U mean when you are sick, u go to hotel. Marbok lar knn

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

For several generations, the English educated have been fed with news written in English written by westerners and published in western media. In the process they read what the writers and media want them to read, and see things that they want them to see, and from their perspectives.

They would not write how bad and ugly they were and the crimes they committed. They only talked about other countries, particularly Asians and Africans as the bad guys.

Today, with internet, the Asians can tell their stories and tell what the West have been doing in the past and present to balance the picture. The world view of Asians and Africans must be their own world view, not the world view of the West that are tainted with their agenda and lined with toxins.

How many Asians would have known the wicked deeds of the European Americans and the millions of native Indians that they massacred in the days of beasts, robbers and theives. In western literature they called them conquest, imperialism, colonialism, civilising the savages when they were outright killings and murders, robbery and lootings.

While the West are still at it daily, feeding the unthinking Asians and Africans what to think and how to think, what is good and what is bad, the Afro Asians can also do the same, to show the other side of the coin, to provoke the Afro Asians to think for themselves and to see the whole truth, not fabricated truth or half truth.

Today, the reckless bombings and killings of innocent civilians, young and old, are called collateral damages. No one dies, no one got hurt.

Anonymous said...

They just killed the Red Indians, men, women, young and old. Millions of them got slaughtered in the untold stories of how the West was Won.

It was a very tragic story of millions of bodies gunned down in the prairies.

Anonymous said...

I was told that thanks giving in the USA is a celebration on how the west was won and the killing of red Indians? Is that the truth?

Anonymous said...

To take revenge, I plan to pay to screw the white girls lor

Anonymous said...

To take revenge, I plan to pay to screw the white girls lor

Matilah_Singapura said...

Alamak people, Asians, Africans and Red Indians were killing each other long before the white man and his Jewish zombie saviour - jesus- came to "save the savages" by infecting them with germs and colonising them with weapons, religion, laws and then WELFARE.

Look it up "white man's burden".

Matilah_Singapura said...
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Matilah_Singapura said...

We're essentially monkeys with big brains. However the neo cortex is not large enough to overcome the aggressive nature of the mammalian brain, specifically the PRIMATE mammalian brain.

Killer Ape Theory

Killer Chimps

Sooner or later one group of powerful apes emerge. In this thread, it is the current "victor" the USA.

However in the past there were the British Empire, The Holy Roman Empire, The Spanish, Portuguese and Napoleonic French...all human-ape imperialists which had their day in the sun. Going further back there was Ghengis Khan and Alexander The Great.

We are a hostile, conquering and power-seeking species. Plus we are driven by brains which are clever at justifying and rationalizing what objectively might be very bad decisions.

Whichever the dominant empire of human apes happen to be at any time in human history, there is likely to be good and bad.

America might dominate and corrupt its conquered and occupied peoples, but it also has a stabilizing action to ward of potentially dangerous lunatics who would dare to bully its neighbors, because of the likelihood that the USA will eventually enter the fight, and things will get messed up for everyone.

Never forget that all of us are -- at least in a large part -- APES.

Beat your chest, and be happy ;-)