Boiling the daft Sinkies

Believe it! Only $99,999. This is the price for a 1,600cc saloon car, inclusive of COE. And Sinkies are rushing to the showrooms because COE price is cheap, down $2000 from $75,000 to $73,000.

They cannot remember or did not know that such a car would likely cost not more than $30,000 in many countries or the cost is only $20k to bring in. Cheap, cheap, cheap because yesterday was priced at $100k.

The same mentality is the thinking about housing prices. Cheap, cheap, cheap cause it is 1% down.

Don't forget CPF withdrawal age and minimum sum.


Matilah_Singapura said...

Wah lau. What an ingenious scheme to relieve people of their hard earned cash.

The present cost of a Singapore COE can buy 2 new 'decent' cars or a nice new sports car here.

Cannot compare cars and housing lah redbean. They are not the same. They are expensive for similar reasons, but also different ones.

Anonymous said...

Cars including COE were sold for $40-50,000 not too long ago, Japanese ones.

HDBs were sold for half the price around that same time too. Nobody wanted to buy. HDB was worried about ghost towns, where they built and nobody stayed. Private homes were half price as well.

Why rush to buy now when everybody's excited ? Can't wait for the next down cycle ? If you cannot wait, then why complain ?

True Patriot

Anonymous said...

Matilah, have you measured the length of your mom's pubic hair?

Anonymous said...

Singaporeans should spend like no tomorrow, this is the way forward. Singaporeans have no alternative but to live day to day. Nothing wrong with living it now; for what's tomorrow?

You know?

Anonymous said...

To be boiled
is preferable
over to be skinned alive.

Anonymous said...

Even with high COE, LTA will not be able to control traffic. What has government got to say this time round? Is the quota excessive or the population increased too fast. What do you think?

Anonymous said...

Not congested enough. They are still increasing the population. So can expect prices to go up and up. Any small dip is time to quickly grab whatever as a bargain, including housing.

Padaly said...

Lol! "Mon's public hair!" I wonder if it's not clean shaven?

Anonymous said...

Since they are daft, they obviously cannot feel the pain, so, why shouldn't the Government continue to boil them?

Fools rush in where wise men fear to tread is very apt.