And the papa cries

A young man dies. He was a jovial and easy going person. ‘He was very active and we would always look out for each other when we played soccer,’ said his schoolmate. Muhammad Fahrurrazi died when on active service as a NSman, in Brunei.

The Defence Minister wrote a personal letter of condolence to his father. A general presented his father with the nation’s flag and his(Muhammad's) beret. He was given a military funeral with honour. But the young man died. These niceties were only awarded when a soldier dies in service.

What would the NSman get in return should he not die and live till is ORD? If he joins the civil service, he may get two increments in salary. Oh, he will get some income tax deduction if his income is high enough to be taxable. He may get some handouts into his CPF which he may not see or touch for a long time to come, or not at all. He would risk losing his girl friend while doing his two years in NS. He will lose two years of employment and the full income he deserves. And if things did not turn out right, he will lose his life, like Muhammad Fahrurrazi.

Has the sacrifice of the NSmen been really appreciated by the policy makers? So many young men have lost their lives for the nation. And many faded into oblivion as forgotten soldiers. In Muhammad’s case his father only had this to say, ‘I regret not meeting him the last time he returned to Singapore…He was just carrying out his duties.’

The citizens have accepted this cruel fate of life, quietly, and their sons making the ultimate sacrifice. Many have taken this for granted as the fate of being a Singaporean man. What should they expect? What do they think they should be entitled to for this sacrifice? No, nothing, no sacrifice. It is part of being a Singaporean!

And the mama cries.


Anonymous said...

"A general presented his father with the nation’s flag and his beret.", unquote.


Anonymous said...

Can the papa or anyone else used the state flag to wipe the flow of tears and be comforted?

Veritas said...

Miliary service should be voluntarily. Israel IDF is a de facto volunteer force. The hard truth is all military training carry risk of fatality. Zero risk training is not effective. The USA military formation often results in constant fatalities. Yet no one complaints. Because all draftee are consensual adults knowing fulling what they are in.

To build a voluntarily and efficient arm forces, PAP is the major hurdle. First, IDF system are totally meritocratic. NCOs are selected from soldiers on peer appraisal. Officers are selected from NCOs on peer appraisals. The officers serve a total of 5 years, 2 years longer than soldiers. The SAF phoney meritocracy put white horse scholar into OCS. These dandee don even have the noblesse oblige. Some even serve shorter than their man.

A real volunteer army requires a strong governmental moral building education and foremost the society need to have certain socialistic element. Today, what PAP cannot have enough is to corrupt Singaporeans-- especially sexually, and materialistically. They tried to degrade Singaporeans into society like India, the most degenerated people in the whole world. PAP manage to corrupt the everyone especially the Chinese beyond their wildest imaginations.

If army is made optional, given a choice, most Chinese would opt out. And then the next problem come in. The Malay due to their Kampong brotherly character and commoradie spirit would prosper better in army. Due to their lower education system and PAP's genocide FT policy, Malay may not find jobs easily. They will join uniform service in large number. Within a few year, the army would be taken over by Malay. (I have no problem with that)

Veritas said...

A society cannot function if leaders keep on creating division and try whatever means to degrade moral values of citizens. A 100% conscription is a ploy to keep Chinese majority in arm forces. This is reactionary. 100% conscription should be abolish and every race will benefit from it.

To run a voluntary army, the elites must make certain visible sacrifices. The toughest and most dangerous units of Israel like Sayeret Matkal, paratrooper, Golani Brigade is over-subscribe and never short of volunteer because Jewish elites set good example buy sending in their sons there.

The Jews do not need to worry Arabs will become majority in Army.

Unitl a decade ago, Israel was building a socialist society. The young man volunteer because not because the government install values like "competition", "you die your own business". Such values will kill martial spirit in any civilization.

Making service in Arm forces voluntary in SG will bring a lot of positive societal change. First, it will stop our elite from degrading and corrupting Singaporeans. They will have to instil values especially in Chinese, to make them volunteer. I see the policy change would bring a stop to FT policy, de-emphasizing materialism, implementation of socialistic values.

PAP would also make sure Malay can find jobs elsewhere so that they wont go into army.

To set examples. the elites would need to throw in their sons into dangerous units and officers would server way longer than it is today.

Elites going through real sacrifices will bring more positive change to the country.

Anonymous said...

My son done his NS. The govt refused to sell him a flat to call home.

Anonymous said...

>>It is part of being a Singaporean!

To a particular F(oreign) T(rash), it is part of a job. (hardwarezone EDMW sub-forum)

It's true...FT "create" jobs for Sinkees...KNS

Anonymous said...

Being lau peng, we're asked to serve & fcuk off...being discarded like used tissue paper

For those still got value..they dangle $9k

Anonymous said...

The best and effective way of integrating the new citizens is NS. The rest are craps. Pay money to integrate them with social activities, integration fairs? knn.

Anonymous said...

Only votes count.
If you want to change NS.

Cry no use.

Lim Boon Heng cried over the casinos.
But the casinos are still here.

Anonymous said...

They even don't present the Stiletto Knife to you on ORD after having serve the NSF (if the NS per like to keep the Stiletto Knife as memento they need to dig (purchase) in their pocket for it.)

So this is the kind of appreciation you receive from mindef/state having complete the full duration of NS

Anonymous said...

>> IDF
>> de facto volunteer force

You lost me there.

Veritas said...

Below is by Wiki

According to 2007 IDF figures, the largest single group of young (Jewish) Israelis who avoid conscription consists of women who claim exemptions on religious grounds. This group made up 35% of all women eligible for the draft. Amongst males, the overall percentage of non-participation was 27.7%. This figure included 11.2% for Torato Omanuto, 7.3% for medical and psychological grounds, 4.7% because of criminal records and 4.2% because of residing abroad.

There are many ways someone can dodge draft in Israel. And Israel is a war zone. The government make it seems that going to army is mandatory but in reality its really voluntary.

In SG, its almost 100%.

Veritas said...

When idiot and ignoble Goh Keng Swee set up SAF with the help of IDF officers, he never have in mind to have a organization of "real meritocracy", honor, courage, noblesse oblige...etc. He never want the IDF culture, where how best army in the world are trained. What idiot Goh want is to open a back door for the rich and privilege, and put as much white horse/scholar into OCS as possible, never mind these may be the most selfish, sissy, coward character. About all, Goh want to put Malay out of arm forces. Goh's wickedness would have long term implication for Singaporeans.

All conscript officer serve longer than their man in every army-- a shown of sacrifice. SAF is the only arm force where officer can serve shorter.

A good example is LHL. In 1970, SAF futher rigged the system by giving LHL the FIRST SAF scholarship. In total LHL serve around 14 years in SAF. Out of these 14 years, around 7 years were spend in various western university or military academy. LHL prove to be the worst leader post 1965.

The elitism, phoney meritocracy and white horse system hurts SAF and Singaporeans

Anonymous said...

u forgot to add: if u managed to STAY ALIVE and survive 2 years, they disturb you for another 10..

and if you, by any chance in the course of your hectic pace of work and struggle to survive in a high cost of living environment, turn unfit, they charge you like a criminal and thrown into DB the third time.. cheers.

Anonymous said...

Every NS man who paid the ultimate price for serving the country in the line of duty should be comforted by the fact that should the unthinkable happen his NOK would be paid a compensation of $1M which is chicken feed to the govt. Every Ns man who sustain serious injuries in the line of duty should be compensated up to at least a quarter Million dollar graduated according to nature of injury and have all his medical bills relating to his injury fully paid for by the govt. Those who become permanently and seriously handicapped affecting his employment prospects should be paid at least a half million dollars plus treatment and medicare for as long as he needs it.

If you can pay foreigners to win sports medal, you should pay the sons of the country who paid with their lives in the line of duty.

How many of you agree or otherwise?

patriot said...

To: Anon August 15, 2012 7:59 PM

Well said and very agreeable.


Anonymous said...

@Veritas. And the son of the ignoble Goh, Goh Kian Chee, was a draft dodger! What's good for other people's sons is not good enough for his own.

Anonymous said...

he future sole breadwinner son died but father was given a state flag .the PRC olympic winner were given thousand of dollars, a grand welcome ,celebrations and tv broadcast news.

Brown said...

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