An Immigration Bonus for Singaporeans?

 Making the Foreigner More Acceptable

By Yolanda Chin, Nadica Pavlovska and Norman Vasu


In order to make Singaporeans more receptive to foreigners, it may be worth considering making the benefits of their presence more tangible to Singaporeans through an “Immigration Bonus” for citizens from a revenue pool of immigrant labour levies….

Making Singaporeans appreciate foreigners

While the current efforts to mitigate the drawbacks of the influx of foreigners are steps in the right direction, two issues remain. Firstly, the fact remains that the immediate downsides clearly continue to be palpable while the benefits remain obscure. Secondly, the staunchly anti-immigration camp may not appreciate the potential cost of a closed-door immigration policy.

A way forward would be to introduce an “Immigration Bonus” from a revenue pool derived from the levies collected for the Work Permit and S Pass Holders as well as the possible introduction of a one-off entry levy for Employment Pass Holders. The new levy for Employment Pass Holders should not deter foreign talent from coming to Singapore given that the dual benefits of competitively low taxes and life in a vibrant safe environment are likely to outweigh the cost of the levy….

Yolanda Chin is a Research Fellow, Nadica Pavlovska Associate Research Fellow and Norman Vasu Assistant Professor at the Centre of Excellence for National Security (CENS) at the S. Rajaratnam School of International Studies (RSIS), Nanyang Technological University

The above two paragraphs are the gist of what this high level think tank team from RSIS has conceived after very serious meditation in the wilderness of NTU. Who would have thought of such a brilliant idea, to use money collected from the immigrants to appease the anger of the daft Sinkies who could not understand or appreciate the indispensable benefits of having foreigners to come and help them and provide jobs for them. And if they continue to be daft, the whole country will simply fold up.

The daft Sinkies are so daft that they did not even know the danger facing them and the little island they have built without the help of these new highly talented immigrants. But not all is lost. With brilliant academics thinking for them, taking their advice would not go wrong. And hey, the Immigration Bonus could be used to offset the increasing GST and save them some money as well. It is definitely a win win and win situation. The immigrants win, the daft Sinkies win, the brilliant academics with their clever idea also win.

This is simply wonderful food for thought. I must confess I would never have thought of it. No wonder they said Sinkies are daft. I am also one daft Sinkies. No need further proof.


Anonymous said...

Yea smart alec just sell ths bloody rock and rent it from the foreigners.Spend it now instant gratification.

patriot said...

We are daft, the Army is daft; where got hope!

Just read in Today's hot news, Page 6 on Tuesday 14 August 2012. Quote, "The first two boats carried support personnel such as safety officers, medics and lifeguards,.....". Was that not liked putting the cart before the bull? First World Army? Look and sound like the daftest military training in the whole of history.


patriot said...

Btw, hope that Sin military commanders will not order their men to fire at the back of the soldiers infront of them.


Anonymous said...

What do you expect from daft scholar generals? We are gonna before first bullet been fired.

Anonymous said...

Beside u think they the politicians elite n cronies care? They and their cronies will be on the first plane out the moment sin is in trouble.what first world craps of these n that?

Anonymous said...

They can keep their bonus. Hougangers and Aljuniedgers will not fall for this kind of 'pork barrel solutions' from pig-headed academics.

Veritas said...

I tot Kuan Yew mentioned long time ago FT support the old Singaporeans? We don need bonus. We just need to implement Kuan Yew's perception.

Maybe a 30% income and 5% wealth tax on foreigners, transferring these proceeds to old Singaporeans would be suffice.

Anonymous said...

I propose a 'Fuck Off" Bonus instead.

Anonymous said...

To clarify.
The "Fuck Off" Bonus is for card carrying members of the Pro Alien Party.

I'd take an FT any day, if it means one less Millionaire-In-White.

Anonymous said...

The 3 researchers dare to put their names on this piece of shit? Me thinks it is written by O level students.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, PAP can't wait to give away millions, if not billions, each year to its own citizens. Hold you breath, people!

Anonymous said...

They can keep their sweets,
Singaporeans are no kids.

Anonymous said...

This solution amounts to selling out our dignity. What a shame that they could even think of doing that!

Johnson said...

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