A social economic system that disadvantages Sinkies?

Two key factors in our economic infrastructure will doom whatever that were built over the last 40 years. The first is high pay at the top, both private and public. With everyone at the top demanding and expecting to be paid in the millions, the money must come from somewhere. No need to guess from where or who.

The next most crucial factor is high property price. All the professionals would need to make more to feed this property bubble, to buy that multi million property. The average Sinkies too would need more to buy their flats. The professionals would need to charge more for their expertise. Who pays? No need to guess.

The average Sinkies need to get better paying jobs to cover the high cost of living. They have no choice but to shun lower paying jobs. Why blame them for asking for higher pay? Employers would thus not want them as they could substitute them with cheaper foreigners. The average Sinkies would find themselves more difficult to get the jobs they want to be able to foot the bills. They become unattractive to employers and ended up unable to make ends meet if they accept a lower paying job or not getting a job while waiting for a higher paying one.

They are then told to lower their expectations, live within their means. The reality is that living within their means with such high cost of living is still difficult if they don’t get a job with a decent pay. The only real option is to downgrade everything to the level of the cheap foreigners to survive.

And Sinkieland has just been crowned the richest country in the world and will stay there for the next 40 years with average income of US$56,532 in 2010 and US$137,310 in 2050. Shouldn’t Sinkies be the richest and happiest people in the world? Shouldn’t the govt be praised to sky high for the great job it has done? Why are the daft Sinkies so unhappy, and so angry?

Shouldn't all Sinkies be popping champagne and celebrating the good life?


patriot said...

Despite the high economic growth and the brilliance of our talented Leadership, most NATIVE Singaporeans will be folded up.
The reasons can be found in the many Blogsites that record and reflect the developments of Sin in the Last Decades to the present.

Some people have told me that we are living in evil time and not to hope for changes of the World getting better. The consolation me gives meself is that me had some good old days. BUT, this consolation will never be able to provide any comfort when I look at the future of our younger generations.

Do like to tell Singaporeans to consider seriously before bringing any new life to Sin.


Anonymous said...

When one earns $3m and another earns $10k, the average will be $1.505m.

Anonymous said...

Sinkies should be happy that they will stay on top,at least till 2040 when PAP probably is no longer in existence.The confomation that Singapore will stay on top without PAP is good news for all.

Anonymous said...

Remove the top 5% from the averaging formula, the average Sinkie income could be less than $30k pa.

Anonymous said...

Russian (Sinkie) joke

Two Russians (Sinkies) meet.

'How's life?'
'Do you read the papers?'
'Of course! How else would 1 know?'

Anonymous said...

Do the daft Sinkies know that the millions paid by the top earners to buy that dream house comes from them, the consumers? When these buggers charged higher fees or draw bigger salaries, it ultimately comes from all the Sinkies, passing the cost down the food chain.

catherine's blog said...

This is great news. Frankly, there are jobs aplenty but many Singaporeans especially the young ones are choosy and only want jobs that can fulfil their aspirations. Let's face it, who don't? We must be realistic and put monies in our mouth first before we put them in our hearts. I know of youngsters who simply refuse to take on permanent jobs but prefer to do free lance because they value the freedom and no stress environment. I also know of older adults who simply refuse to take on jobs and choose to live off their aged parents - nevermind if their parents are flnancially well off but some of them if not most are so old that they have to downgrade and downgrade their HDB flats just to pay off their children's debts especially credit card debts.

So it is not fair always to blame the government (not that I am a PAP sucker) but I see such things happening before my eyes and most often, parents are to be blamed. They always portray to the children of their affluence, pamper and spoil their children so much so that when they reach adulthood, many do not have the drive and desire to push themselves. But please la, money in the bank can also dry up especially when their parents grow old and can no longer bring in income.

So my advice to all parents is to incalcate the right values to their children including helping out with housework. How many children do help when maids are aplenty and many also expect their parents to do the housework, cooking, ironing, cleaning etc.

Believe me, IT IS VERY REAL and it is happening in our tiny country.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Sure there will be the pampered, some who need not have to support families, etc. While the cost of living is high, the cost of everything is high, can't blame
Sinkies for demanding higher pay. But they will have to pay for it if they can't find jobs that will pay what they demanded. There will be a point when they will have to work, or parents have to pay, or someone has to give them the money to live.

Those who can't get the jobs they want would have to come down to earth, and feel angry for sure. The money must run out.

patriot said...

Today's kids and youngsters are the products inculcated by the system since the day they are born.


Veritas said...

This is great news. Frankly, there are jobs aplenty but many Singaporeans especially the young ones are choosy and only want jobs that can fulfil their aspirations.

Hey, there are plenty of jobs in Singapore, but if they pay $5/hours, I believe we have lots of structural unemployment. Its a joke to say Singaporeans youth are choosy when our income inequality is highest in the developed world. You raise the pay for janitor or to $100/hour, I will be able recruit PHD for start his career there.

If we close our door, I bet janitor job SG will really hit $100/hr. PAP like to talk cock about demand and supply. When supply is low, price level will rise.

Singaporean youth are already tolerant about 1% stealing everything from us. Put it this way, capitalism cannot exist without exploitation of workers. When SG youth refuse to get exploited, thats where FT came into picture.