A miracle happened

Yes, I was told a miracle happened last week. Many were living witnesses to this one in 2000 years event. I was told that someone died. Everyone knew about it but would not say it out. But news spread like wildfire through words of mouth and the new media, twitter etc. It was the biggest open secret. It was no hoax.

He died and was resurrected on the third day! Then again no one was there to witness the resurrection. Then he walked into a big party to the surprise of everyone. And it put to rest all the doubting Thomases and the disbelievers, he has risen and was seen by many. 

He is the One. He has come. The second coming is here. Go forth and spread the good news. The One shall henceforth live forever.


Anonymous said...


You defy age.

Anonymous said...

You meant there is another "happening" after 2000 years?

Anonymous said...

Singaporeans are really pitiful.

T-shirt colour change from white to red ... signifies a new direction in government.

The mother of all hubs.
1st class in everything country.
Comes to a standstill on a rumour.
Seems like everybody cannot make any plans or decision.
Until the inevitable takes place.

We are fucking hopeless.
Not worth dying for.

Anonymous said...

The resurrected one then proceded to issue a strong warning about falling birth-rates.

You see, he had already warned, years ago, that he will rise from the grave if anything does not go according to plan.

The prophecy came true like real!

Anonymous said...

Let's hope cremation is still an option.

Lenin's mausoleum is bloody expensive to maintain.


(I'm talking about the funeral arrangements my family is making for me)

Anonymous said...

Some rumors are useful, some hoaxes and some self engineered. This one brought tears on a special day.

But the resurrected one brought nothing new to the table or has not for the longest time.

Old bottle can't handle new wine.

Anonymous said...

This was probably self-engineered to add joy to our 47th National Day Celebrations, because I heard many lap-dogs were heaving sighs of relief according to the beholden press.

A little bit like 'Little North Korea' and its great leader.

Anonymous said...

Human dies. Immortals don't die.

Anonymous said...

You are right. Only lesser mortals die. Vampires are different.

Anonymous said...

The Vampire was brought back to life with fresh Alien blood.

Anonymous said...


We are getting closer the culprit with all the clues falling into place.

Anonymous said...

More like a zombie or the living dead.

Anonymous said...

You are a bit late on this redbean. I saw some postings that the person who was rumoured to have died may well have, but had risen from the dead as promised. He was glowing; he looked really good.

For those in the know, the resurrection is followed by the ascension, into errmm heaven. That happens 40 days later. And that will then be followed, much later, by the 2nd coming.

Anonymous said...

Please be respectful, this ONE will be remembered for long by Singaporeans liked Hitler was and is to the Germans. Hitler has got the Jews to remember him harder and longer. The Sin One has many Singaporeans missing him before He is gone. Many are prepared to mourn him with champagnes and vigils at pubs and coffeshops.

Much Eulogies are already penned in Internet and it may even cause a Tsunami of outpouring grieve when the time actually arrived. He will be a giant in the History Of Sin.

Anonymous said...

i was told by a wine supplier the sale of champagne peaked during the rumour.

Anonymous said...

The One will not go so soon. Only the good die young. This One, long long story.

Anonymous said...

Remember the Return of the Jedi? Yoda lived for many generations, outlive many many generations. Young Luke was probably 5 or 6 generations after him.

Wilsonjejg said...

Hahaha We are getting closer the culprit with all the clues falling into place.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Hi Wilson, welcome to the blog. The One is coming, or going?