A medal of contention

Feng Tianwei and the women table tennis players were battling their guts out at the Olympic Games representing Singapore. Feng has won the much awaiting Olympic medal for the country. No one is denying the effort and hardwork the table tennis players have put into the games for the glory of Singapore. Yes, Feng won and another medal from the team event. It is time for celebration to welcome our Olympic medalists home after a victorious outing.

What is unexpected and uncalled are the vibes, anger and unhappiness expressed by some Sinkies. Some said there was nothing to celebrate, some said they were ashamed of the medals, some even worst.

The medals were to do us proud, and to happen just before the National Day is opportune to be a reason to stimulate more patriotism and pride of being Singaporeans. But this is not going to be, at least in a large section of the population. For those who disagree with this buying of foreigners to win sports medals, hope they should not take it out on the players. They are just sports people, playing their sports, their profession. They are not politicians and only doing their job, to make a living. Spare them the personal attacks and let them enjoy the fruit of their labour.

The key issue is the scheme that led to these contentious medals. Is it worth it, to spend so much to bring about a hard fought medal only to be met with so much criticism and division among the people? Is it something the people wanted or something the govt or a few individuals wanted? Or is it a medal that we can do without?

This National Day may be time for reflection on this national glory and the justification for it. A medal for contention in the Olympics or in the world arena is not really the same as a medal of contention among the citizens of a country. I think it is money not worth spending.

Would there be a rethink as to how to continue down this contentious road of division. No need to say it was a mistake. Just do what Boon Wan did on the housing policies. Keep doing what is right and overturn whatever is wrong. He still has a lot of stones unturned as the damage against the people is severe and the lives of many were aversely affected, including delaying marriages and not giving birth to babies. Shit, who wants to make babies when there is no roof over his head? And when is the price of 99 year lease flat coming down? They cannot go up forever as the lease must surely expire. Is this another gimmick, that the price of a 99 year lease flat will continue to appreciate forever?

By the way, spend that kind of money for the medals, is it prudent and spending within our means? I think with so much money around to splash, it is definitely within our means to do so. What about being prudent?


Anonymous said...

I believe one reason why people are not proud of our players is the fact that after years of being Singaporeans, they still do not speak English during press interviews. We are not expecting more but a few broken English might apease many angry souls. Is that so difficult? Or are they just arrogant?

market2garden said...

Gold medal beats silver beats bronze. Colour of the medal counts, not quantities.
2012 results is worse than 2008.
I'm neutral and base on facts.
2016 Olympics? ..... .......
Majulah Singapore!

market2garden msn 2012.08.08

Anonymous said...

I agreed with red bean that sinkies should not focus their frustration on the players but when provoke like throwing flowers to china man crowd, alamak how not to get upset then cow pei cow Bo and swear knn

Anonymous said...

I do not think we should judge a person's worth by he/her ability to speak English,Malay or Mandarin,that is not the issue and those fellow citizens who think so are wrong.
The main issue here is that about 40% or more Singapore citizens are not happy with our Olympic medels and could not be bother to put up national flags on national day,the power that be should find out why?

Anonymous said...

"I do not think we should judge a person's worth by he/her ability to speak English,Malay or Mandarin,that is not the issue ..."

You are speaking for yourself right?

You are not saying the Party Against People also agrees with you ... right?

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

There are many angles to look at an issue. Not everyone will see from the same viewpoint.

Some think throwing money for vainity is good. Remember, it is OPM.

Some will get very angry when other people treat their money as OPM.

Some are so happy giving away OPM and careless of what the owners of the OPM feel.

Anonymous said...

I do not know whether the power that be agree with me,yes,it is personal opinion.Thank you

Anonymous said...

Anyone knows of any more import after the aging trio?

I think they may get the message by now?

Anonymous said...

Don't fuck with the property market when you don't know what you are talking.

Matilah_Singapura said...

>> The medals were to do us proud, and to happen just before the National Day is opportune to be a reason to stimulate more patriotism and pride of being Singaporeans <<

Aug 9 is the day the world can blow Singapore.

Suck it bitches!

patriot said...

My salute
kudos to
those who honour
their origins and cultures.


Anonymous said...

Aug 9 is the day the banana republic stands erected.

Anonymous said...

the last laugh is China who now proud that they won both gold and bronze medal in women table tennis. Does not matter how Singaporean been hoodwink by govt to believe otherwise, it more important that how the world view otherwise. Where else can you find all competitors of a country come from another competitor's country ?