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The ongoing court cases about adults visiting underage prostitutes have thrown out many lessons and the do’s and don’ts for paid lust. The first and most important thing to take note is to ask the prostitute for her age to determine if she is underage, under 18. This seems to be the biggest mistake of the customers who were being prosecuted in court and sentenced to imprisonment. In their hurry to satisfy their animal lust they forgot to ask her age. Maybe their papa or mama did not teach them this. Maybe the school system also failed to teach them this street smart SOP. So you guys wanting to be naughty, this is lesson number one.

There are other questions to be asked but have not surfaced yet. One question is to determine the employment status of the prostitute. Is she here on a student pass or employment pass? I think if she is a student, then she should not be in business. It is a violation of the Immigration law and doing business with her could be an offence.

Another question is her legal status. Is she a legal or illegal immigrant. Obviously an illegal immigrant should not be here. Customers must ask or could be found to be playing with illegal immigrants and condoning their illegal stay.

So remember, ask their age, employment and legal status. Of course must also ask if they are AIDS free or disease free. Compile a checklist to be safe and don’t gabra when the light dims. Caveat emptor.


Anonymous said...

In other words, we want the prostitute to make a statutory declaration before any business is transacted.

Any enterprising lawyer out there able to devise a statutory declaration that can be activated over the internet or mobile phone.

I think statutory declarations have to be notarised by a notary public.
So I guess we will need video conferencing for this.

Anonymous said...

Maybe prostitutes need to set up shop next to a lawyer's office.

Anonymous said...

More PAP Jokes
Q: What do you call an MIW with half a brain?
A: Gifted.

Q: What is the thinnest book in the world?
A: "What MIWs Understand About Singaporeans"

Q: Why does a statue of an MIW cost twice as much as a statue of Albert Einstein?
A: It takes a lot of skill and effort to hollow out the head where the brains should be.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Just trust the prostitutes and the pimps to tell the truth.

Anonymous said...

RB sir...i think we need to form a committee to look into this..what do u think?

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

The daftness of Sinkies is truly enlightening when asking the prostitute her age could be a mitigating factor for lesser punishment under the law. And for not asking one could end up behind bars.

Anonymous said...

Driving taxis is legal.
Taxi drivers need a licence.

Prostitution is legal.
So prostitutes should be given a licence.
name and age can be included in the licence.

This is obvious and simple.
But I know the MIWs.
They will need to form another sub committee to look into this.

Anonymous said...

By the time the customer gets all the answers to all the questions, he would have ejaculated.

Anonymous said...

dont forget to get the girl to sign off the declaration with company stamp and witness signature. then ask your lawyer to get it stamped, THEN you can own time own target, carry on.

OR install video camera on our foreheads like car/plane black box.. then all the evidence is there to show whether you asked the girl's age and what is her answer.. hehe..

Anonymous said...

The suggestion for whores to carry identification card is a very workable and good one. Even the pimps and mamasans should be made to carry one, like security guards. Penalize them if they dont.
Fuckers can ask for the age, but what if the prostitutes gave false one?
With licence, all the customers need do is to check the licence.

Anonymous said...

Will the authority treat the suggestions here as part of the national conversation?

Anonymous said...

"Will the authority treat the suggestions here as part of the national conversation?"

Because this website is not registered with the Pro Alien Party, the views of people contained herein are not real.

To register with the Pro Alien Party, there is a one time registration fee. And annual subscription fees.

Anonymous said...

Red bean, the problem is I think the prostitute is illegal one that is not registered with the local health authority. Plus I think some of them asked but she lied. For the foreign one, unless you check her passport but still she may be on social visit pass. So very complicated so bottom line it depends whether they want to tekan u or not lor

Anonymous said...

Under the suggested licensed prostitute scheme;
You are supposed to only poke the licensed ones.

agongkia said...

They got into trouble becos they dun know priority.Use the wrong spare part instead of using the brain first.
How I wish I can be a sifu for those professors,principals,tuakow etc.
Sad to see talent having their future ruin becos of chabor.
I hope to save them .

Anonymous said...

Maybe we can perform a public service.
Run a register of all prostitutes.
Any brother want to check the age before poking.
Just send us an sms.

What do you think?

Anonymous said...

create an app for the mobile.

Matilah_Singapura said...

The biggest threat to legalised prostitution in Singapore is the growing cadre of unfuckable local women, supported by ugly western progressive Femi-Nazi who want to put an end to this legal, healthy and enjoyable activity, which so many local
guys take for granted.

The health authorities do their best to monitor health checks etc. Of course no system is perfect, and it is difficult to 'police' such intimate activities, but giving credit where credit is due: good job, Ministry of Health.

AFAIK the 'social visit pass' is the legal immigration document used. I think the pimps have to post bonds as well, and they are known to the police.

Of course there are those who work 'outside' the system. You are always going to get that -- in any field. So really it is up to The Sovereign Customer -- who likes their 'freedom to choose', and so it follows they also accept any risks as concomitant with their choices. i.e. 'caveat emptor'

As for the local gals who want to 'stop the legal whore': Get a fucking life girls. If your man or any man doesn't want to FUCK you, don't blame him. Look at yourself in the mirror, and if you haven't cracked it with your butt-ugly looks, get your LAZY FAT ASS the fuck down to the gym, shave off that moustach and armpit hair, and learn how to look 'appealing'. :-)

Anonymous said...


sometimes its not the looks lah.. pretty girls need LV bags before they get into the act.. how sia??

Matilah_Singapura said...

anon 1049:

Unless you are super cute and desirable, and the woman is so horny that the floor under her is wet with her pungent woman juices, you'll have to pay for your pussy sooner or later.

Fact of life. Ugly bastards have to pay the "xi bai" tax. :-)

So I suggest you taxi to Ion Orchard and make friends with the staff at Louis Vitton ;-)

Anonymous said...

come to Sin.
This is the place where
one can get to sleep wth
undergraduate, post graduate,
executive, professional and even
underage whore. Of course, do not
get caught la.

Matilah_Singapura said...
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Matilah_Singapura said...

Russell Peters on Louis Vuitton...and Indians and Chinese business/ sales culture.