6 Sikhs killed by gunman in Wisconsin

6 Sikhs were shot by a gunman in a temple in Wisconsin on Sunday 5 Aug 12. In the land that prides freedom in anything and everything, freedom to practice religion included, freedom to own guns, hate killings because of skin colour is still common in the USA. Many of the killings and racist bashing of coloured people in the US go unreported. Last month a Sikh taxi driver was beaten and last year 2 Sikhs were shot dead as reported by AFP after this latest shooting.

The hate crimes committed by the white Europeans are pervasive and happened in all continents, in Europe, UK, Australia and New Zealand. It is very rare that hate crimes were committed by coloured people against the white Europeans anywhere. The good thing is that coloured people often regard the white Europeans as gods, as people who championed human rights and equality, and they love and worship them. Unfortunately the white Europeans have this deep seated hatred for coloured people and this would surface at the slightest provocations or irritations. In the US and Europe and many white dominated societies and countries, there exist many extremist racist supremacy groups that are targeting at coloured people.

Let’s hope that the coloured people will take such hate crimes in their stride and live harmoniously with the white extremists in their midst. Don’t antagonize them, integrate with them, try the pacifist way of Gandhi, turn the other cheek, and there shall be peace all round.

But please, don’t call the white European racists. They are the most peace loving people in the world. They only take to shooting or bashing coloured people once in a while, maybe high on drugs or after a movie like Batman. They did not know what they were doing. Make love to them and they will love you in return.

PS. The killer was identified as Wade Michael Page, a war veteran. I am assuming that he is a white American. I may be wrong as I do not think this is an act of a coloured American.


Veritas said...

You never heard Indian talk shit about white people even they get lynch and murdered. In USA, Australia, or Europe, many Indians routinely get abused by KKK, yet they swallow their shit from white man and continue to suck up their ass.

In the meanwhile, many Indians who strike rich in WhiteManLand, they started to bully many middle-class white trash and act yaya.

In recent years, there is a rise of anti-Indian blog in from WhiteManLand, unseen in my whole life. Nothing can be more serious. The political mainstream and mass media keep churning out anti-China propaganda, and yet on the whole, Chinese are deem meek and lawful citizens.

The white elite and their MSM keep on talking good about India and yet I found growing resentment.

And lets look at Indian racist conduct in Singapore. FT Indian kick out every Chinese in Citibank. Although we are still kind to them, these racist dog keep on spaming that Singaporeans are the worst racist on internet. You never see such grateful tribe.

And if the White knew really how much Indian screw them and hatch plot to ship their job overseas, they would be more violent. For your info, Anil Kumar, now criminal, formerly from Mckinsey is the chief architect in shipping service jobs from USA to India. Vikram Pandit is the CEO of Citibank run the biggest fraud bank in the entire universe. The derivative books of Citibanks is the largest among all TBTF banks and these toxic are sustain by QE screwing everyone in the world.

Anonymous said...

The people like to be FBI and asking for more.

Veritas said...


PAP likes whatever racist policies against Singaporeans. Today, despite relatively short history of expatriating in Singapore, FT Indian build for themselves 5 international SCHOOLS, every single one teaching racism. That is despite that PAP keep parroting Singapore has the best education system in the world. And also, the PRC community, the Malaysian, despite of having a larger presence here, uses our public school system. PRC having so many people down here has only ONE international school.

Even the rich Indonesian send their children to our public school or places like ACS. Why Indian so special?

How I knew these cesspool schools are teaching racism. According to unconfirmed sources, caste-ism is rampant in Indian International Schools. Many Indian students are upset because it is not Singaporeans who discriminate them but higher caste Indian students. And also these schools will prevent Indians from mixing with locals. Now, we will have more and more racism.

And we all know that Indians IQ is 81 and Singaporeans is 103 according to books. Why stick to Indian school system while SG system look functionally superior. (at least on the surface, as MOE sucks big time)

Nevertheless however smart Singaporeans are, it is no use, they can only be shit collector. The noxious citibanks shown that low IQ FT Indians can kick out every Chinese they like. Go Citibank at CBP next morning and see for yourselves.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Veritas, you have very strong views on this issue. Is there any Citibankers here who can support your claims?

One point I disagree with you is that the IQ numbers you quoted should be reversed, Sinkie 81 and Indians 103. If Indian IQ is lower, then they would not be able to boot Sinkies out of the bank.

And this can only be confirmed if all Sinkies are booted out of Sin. If Sinkie is rated at 103, then it should not happen. It must be the smarter booting out the daft, not the other way.

Veritas said...

IQ and the Wealth of Nations
By Richard Lynn

There is no contradiction of low Indian IQ and high numbers of alpha Indian overseas, If you understand how the culture works.

In Chinese society, the there are much few salient tail end IQ but the average IQ of society will be high. That got lots to do with our culture.

And also, the Citibankers in CDP are definitely not IQ 81. They are a selected group not representatives of the whole population.

Anonymous said...

Indians should retain their 5000 years culture anywhere they are. They should be proud of that.
Do not see anything wrong, in fact, as a non Indian, I salute them.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

I would say that the Indian Citibankers are among the tops in the Indian diaspora. If they could replace the European Americans to take control of Citibank, put them in any banks, they would be able to do the same. Put them in DBS, UOB or OCBC they would be just as succesful.

Anonymous said...

This is a new kind of commercial warfare where the top management would take over the company as the minority shareholders are powerless. It is a winner takes all situation.

GIC, Temasek or even countries like Singapore, could be easily taken over by a small group of people. The most at risk countries are the western democracies, including the USA. While the Americans are out there taking over Arab countries, they may be in for a rude shock when their own country is being taken over.

Has that already happened in Singapore?

Anonymous said...

Who would be the new owners of Sinkieland?

Veritas said...

To be frank, I like India or Indian very much. Many of the lower-middle caste Indian, are quite nice. I am sympathetic with the plight of many Dalits. I have spent some time in India.

There is a lot of problem with the elites and high caste Indians even if their IQ is darn high. They I saw them imposing racism on everywhere they go and I am very disturb by what I saw in India.

India Untouched: Research Documentary! (Screened in Satyamev Jayate 8th July 2012)

When I see so many high caste Indian in SG, I smell trouble. (Forgive me for my possibly unfounded phobia)

I have no problem with Indian biologically or racially. But I have problem with their culture. When I was in Iran, who are the same race as high caste Indian, in the big sub group of Indo-Iranian, I love them 1000%. They are the most honorable people I ever seen, because their caste system was neutered 3000 years ago by Zoroastrianism.

I am also disturb by the arrogant and extremely bias attack of FT Indians on internet forums against Singaporeans.

Anonymous said...

Anybody proud of their own Race must be of superior stock with solid foundation.

Anonymous said...

And that's the reason why people are envy of them and try to rid them. But, as superior in culture, they will prevail.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

It is good that people get to read the vicious racist comments in the net. That is a truth that you don't get to hear in the politically correct gatherings. The revelation in the net disclosed the deep seated animosities in the minds of racist bigots. How many are there, how real or unreal, how vicious, at least you have this window to look at them.

Without this, you will be kept in the dark and the devil will pass himself off as saints and gods. Now the devils have exposed themselves thinking that anonymity could veil them.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Anon 2:22. Don't agree with you. A person is born what he is and it is natural that he should be proud of his own identity. To despise himself is self defeating. No one can choose what he is going to be born as.

To be proud is not necessary to be from a superior stock. Fools are often very proud of their own foolishness but they did not know.

And superior stock has its dafties and laggards too.

Veritas said...

I agree that you find many salient Indians than Chinese in many fields. I am not going to be like racist Indian, who over-sell snake oil. (You never see high caste Indian saying anything bad about India or repenting their social sins)...

This is some of personal experience. When I was younger, I backpack India, Pakistan, Iran, Syria....etc... I travelled like a begger often beg for food and lodging, and I saw pretty much of the real world. And to be frank, I like Syrian very very much (Iranian also). I have no problem with their society.

Initially I was in India, I enjoyed the exotic initially. But after sometime, I am extremely distress. In 20th century (years ago), there are still TEMPLE PROSTITUTE (devdasi). These are girls from the low caste. Their tribe was exploited thousands of years, and their proceeds went to Brahmins, the high caste Indian who pimp them.

There are many many things I saw....etc and rendered me extremely disturb. Yes, they have an extremely clever elites, but these elites sucks big time. They have no qualms in exploiting the poor and treat them worst than dogs.

These are their culture.

Gintai_昇泰 said...

Go to our very own Expo area called Changi business park or Bangalore park, lots of Indians there - different from our own local Indians. The different type of Indians found in Little India. Even the Chinese there are out numbered. We are now becoming a minority in our own country.

Veritas said...

I would say that the Indian Citibankers are among the tops in the Indian diaspora. If they could replace the European Americans to take control of Citibank, put them in any banks, they would be able to do the same. Put them in DBS, UOB or OCBC they would be just as succesful.

I will reply this question and add some more insights. The highest caste Indian are indeed smart. The reason is these are scion of Brahmin priest and some of their family studied Sanscrits for thousands of years. In short, these people engage in scholarly activities for thousands of years and they intermarry with their own cabal. Its not easy to outgunned them intellectually. But that is just probably the top 0.X% of people. And we have to ask ourselves, if they focus on study, who is going to feed these parasite?

Simple, its those low caste Indians. For 3000 years, the Dalits in frequently ban or forcibly evicted from their land, so that Brahmins can "create jobs" by employing Dalits to tend their fields. These high caste Indians devise ways and ways to make people as stupid as possible. Today, despite a long civilization Indian's average IQ is just 81.

The Chinese IQ pattern has roots in its culture. In Chinese system, all salient students are hammered under the Confucius system. Everyone are force to conform. Hence, it kills a lot of genius. And the high average IQ of Chinese IQ got to do we Confucius ideas of spreading literacy among the people. Average IQ of east asian is highest in the world on some ranking.

And Indians working in Citibanks at Changi Business Park are definitely NOT alphas. ALL their jobs can be replaced and perform better by Singaporeans. Average Indian IQ is just 81, what do you expect?

But they are definitely good at playing their ancestors' racist trick, by excluding all non-south Asian. In, short, a crooked and stupid racist Indian can get a job from Citi while Chinese are marginalized.

And how I knew some many things about Citi @ Changi Business Park? Because I hatched a plan to verify the rumors myself. I made them invited me for a tour in their departments. I write a phoney resume to them. I attended a interview from them fully aware that I will never be accepted .

Anonymous said...

The biggest banks of the world are controlled firmly by the illuminati,whether Europeans, Americans or others.

Anonymous said...

Veritas no need to go changi business park. Just go to orchard road and u see many of them decorated like Christmas tree with the blink blink and gold cause sinkie land is safe enough for them to show off.

I was at a private hospital few weeks back and one young Indian girl was paying the bill for her father. The bill was like 20 plus k and she took out a stack of 1000 dollars bills to pay by cash. Why pay cash and not credit card unless it's dirty money?

Matilah_Singapura said...

What? Only 6? He should have worn body armour and carried a more powerful weapon ;-)

Anonymous said...

Red bean FYI DBS is run by ex citi guy and also from the higher caste

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Good, then DBS can be as big as Citibank, and sophisticated. Hear and see only the good stuff.

The said...

What I fear is that this killer Page could have mistaken the Sikhs for radical Muslims. He, and most Americans can't tell the turbans from the Muslim head-gears and both the Sikhs and Muslims sport beards.

Killing out of ignorance really takes the cake. Not that we should condone killing in the name of race or religion.

Veritas said...

Re The

You are right. I hate killings and the angry white nazi may mis-understood Sikh for Muslim. And I do not support communist revolutions. However.......

From other website.

This is the argument put forward by Maoist types that the only way forward in India for the Left is via armed struggle. I am not sure how much I believe in it, but India’s problems are so horrific that I figure it’s worth it to take up arms to try to change things. And the Maoists are probably the only people in India who can really change the country in a progressive and start to tackle some of its horrible problems.

Up till today, high caste Indians has no will to rein their atrocious and predatory behavior. I think letting their blood flow a little may be worth it.

Veritas said...

The above postings refers to India ONLY. Not overseas killings by anti-Indian racist.

Anonymous said...

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