1819 revisited

Doreen Everitt: "I'm not on holiday, I live and work here. And like most overseas people we are here at your request to make sure your country makes money from our expertise."
She also says:
"Your government brings us in to work here because you don't have the skills. Don't knock us because believe it or not there is more foreign money in Singapore than anything else. If we all pulled out you would be a very poor and lonely country. Be grateful that there are people like us willing to give up our country, our ways to actually come and work for you and your government. Singaporeans are not the most friendly of people to be around."

When the British came in 1819, they saw a fishing village. They were so friendly and helpful. They took over the island from the native and turned it into their colonial outpost. They also honoured the native and made them richer by making them subjects of the British Empire. The native were so happy with the recognition and new status, and more jobs to work as cooks and maids and suppliers to the British soldiers. Some were given the title chief clerks. Hell of a big deal then.

Then came 1969, the British were bankrupt and could not help the poor native anymore as they too did not have the money to live the lifestyle of the colonial masters they used to be. So they left, leaving the native in the lurch. And everyone will think the native will become poor and lonely and ended up like any third world country.

But the native did not become poorer and lonelier. The native turned the little trading post into one of the world’s financial centres and its native one of the richest people in the world. But for some reasons, someone told the world that the native were daft and needed the help of foreign talents to help them to build a better life and to give them jobs.

So the millionaire and half millionaire native are now being helped by half baked talents who believed that they are the saviours of the millionaire native. The truth is that many of the half baked foreign talents are poor church mice and average workers in their home countries, could not get a better paying job. Still they really believe that without them the native will be poorer and lonely.

Who created this silly myth? And with the half baked foreign talents and half baked minds, it is expected that they believed so. And sadly, the daft Sinkies also believe that they are daft and willingly give up their professional jobs to drive taxis and become part time agents here and there while the half baked talents look down on them.

It is like a new phase of colonialism. The foreigners came, they saw and they conquered. In this phase, they were invited to do exactly what the native feared and even built up a citizen army to protect such an eventually. What is happening?


Anonymous said...

Knn most of the expats I worked with did not have special skills

Anonymous said...

The problem is knowing which is more serious.

Bipolar or senile.

Anonymous said...

Seah Chiang Nee
[Anger against open door policy]

"... the country needs immigrants for long-term survival, but only if their quality and numbers are controlled – not taking in large numbers of workers with dubious quality as has been happening here."

http://thestar.com.my/columnists/story.asp?file=/2012/7/28/columnists/insightdownsouth/11741124&sec=Insight Down South

Anonymous said...

Without the basic foundations that the natives have built in the 50's to 70's, the contributions of these so called 'expertise' will amount to very little. By foundations is meant not only the physical infrastructures but also the social, cultural, racial and financial and others.

Anonymous said...

I overheard from coffee talk in Kopitiam that 300,000 Indian farming talents will be forsaking their farms to emigrate to Singapore. True or not true, I don't know. If it is true I don't know what to say.The Pappies have turned a beautiful place like Singapore into something of a shitty alien country. Just can't wait for 2016 to get rid of the Pappies wholesale.

Eagles Eye

Anonymous said...

Talking about talents, I think there are more than enough of them globally to replace the whole of our work force and even all our cabinet ministers. Just pay them enough and they will be more than willing to come, I am sure.

Matilah_Singapura said...

Until Singaporeans can face the world's competition square on, Doreen Everrit is right.

Sometimes the truth hurts, like a bitch.

There's also an ongoing brain drain of capable Singaporeans.

Matilah_Singapura said...
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Anonymous said...

It is a business entity, deal with it.

Anonymous said...

When this news first broke out. It was stopped dead in its tracks from going viral. I mean literally, it was stopped. I dont want to mention who these people are. They were quite abrupt. Now they are all looking for the person who started it all. Last night at around 3.30am. I heard they found them. This will get very interesting.

Anonymous said...

doreen's comment is so ridiculous, it stinks of a troll. if she isn't, she forgot to bring her manners to town with her, and forgot to wipe the arrogance from her attitude. she is welcome to leave. we managed rather well without her before, we'll manage without her again.

what is senseless is that we have 2 million foreigners here NOW when we wont even need them till 2045 earliest - abt 25 years down the road! we wont even need that many people either!! so a gross case of over-enthusiasm? of being unable to count? think? plan? worse, the people who made this decision are Still making decisions!!

meanwhile, we are adding to the number of oldies we will have to support in 2050.

so it's a good thing that many of these guys who are here now, who have taken up PR or shitizenship or watever, plan to go back to their country of origin to retire. i hope they keep their promise.

as for the farmers coming here, that sounds wonderful. there is a growing food crisis and perhaps they can help us stave this off a bit by growing our food, instead of us having to do it furtively on govt land or on very inadequate patches or balconies. and when they're done that, they too can all go home and retire.

while waiting for 2016 to DO something about the sitn - rather than doing s'thing Now - it would be good if us sporeans pulled up their socks and showed all the transients that we're a strong fighting force as workers, Despite govt and foreigner efforts to prevent this and put us down.

Anonymous said...

Talk cock

Matilah_Singapura said...

Here's the facebook thread.


She's right about one thing: the amount of foreign capital in Singapore is enormous.

There are people paying $800k - over $1 million per year in RENT on Sentosa whilst waiting for their homes (castles?) to be built.

Welcome foreigner. We'll look after your money :-)

Anonymous said...

SINGAPORE - NTUC FairPrice Foundation is giving $1 million worth of food vouchers to 20,000 low-income families and individuals.

They will receive the vouchers through all 87 Citizens Consultative Committees and selected welfare organisations.

"Including the current donation, the FairPrice Food Voucher scheme has contributed $10 million worth of FairPrice vouchers to meet over 200,000 requests from the needy for financial assistance," it wrote.

Despite the influx of foreigners to bring in the money, there are still so many needy people out there.

Pull the plug on foreigners, the number of needies will double and even triple.

The said...

Doreen, Singapore got from third world to first world in 2 generations without parasites like you. You are here because Singapore took pity on jobless people like you. You are here because you are CHEAP. Period.

Anonymous said...

"You are here because you are CHEAP. Period."

Doreen is here because of the Millionaires-In-White.

Don't blame the FTs.
Focus your anger on the real cause.

Anonymous said...

Aiyah...foreigners are parasites from your perspective and from their perspective...you are the parasites ....so....both correct lah.

Moral of the story....when fuck holes, don't fuck your own backside. Let others fuck it, you feel better(ask matilah, he knows best)

Anonymous said...

"What is happening?". Unquote

You got sold by yr own leaders.


Anonymous said...

"Knn most of the expats I worked with did not have special skills"

Expats who do not possess special skills yet are extraordinarily paid so well do require "special" skill, don't you think so ? A food for a thought.

Asia Singapore said...

This looks like a troll so no need to take it seriously.

Every foreigner is here to earn more than they can make in their country, to write SG to their CV or just for the chance to experience Asia while working. This is not a bad thing. None comes here at Singapore's request to make sure Singapore makes money from our (I am also foreigner) expertise.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Hi Asia Singapore, welcome to the blog. You may be right that this could be a troll. But it is also very possible as some foreigners are still quite stuck in their past.

Working overseas for the young is a very exciting and great experience, living in a new environment, gaining experience, and seeing the world.

And if there is any fault with foreigners thinking that they are here to help the daft and lazy Sinkies, the blame should be placed squarely on those Sinkies that perpetuated such a silly myth.

And really, some of the third world FTs really believe so, that this first world Sinkies are so untalented that they needed foreigners to help them.

Anonymous said...

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