Would the next GE be different?

Last week we have heard some of the familiar responses to the opposition walkabouts. We are ready, we will keep in the touch with the people, we will not be complacent. Last Sunday Eng Heng spoke and welcomed the effort put in by the opposition to engage the voters early. Is there any difference in his comments? My first impression is that he appeared to be earnest in what he said about the opposition. No signs of wanting to fix them up. And no one upmanship comments. Is this the first indication of change, that our political culture is maturing and the abrasive style of the third worl is passe? I hope so, but would need to see what the other ministers and MPs have to say as we close in on the GE. Then of course we still need to see the real stuff during the campaigning and election proper. It would be nice to see the two camps engage in a contest of ideas to win over the people, and less of those nonsensical vitriol of the past. The people deserve a higher level of democracy, a political culture that they can be proud of. If after all these years we are still sticking to the styles of the past, then we are not progressing. The electorate has matured and will not tolerate monkeys and gangsters any more. Respect the electorate by showing them your best and not by knocking down the opponents by unfair and unethical means. The politicians owe it to the people to raise the level of political contest and to make themselves respectable and highly regarded by the people.


Anonymous said...

"The politicians owe it to the people to raise the level of political contest and to make themselves respectable and highly regarded by the people".
Posted by Redbean aka Chua Chin Leng.

It had been claimed throughout the four decades of Independence or was it mere autonomy, that this once primitive fishing village is what it is today, because of the talented leaders. And because of that, the voters were impressed and gratified to choose to have them elected in all the past elections.

Now, who owes who is not important; the important question the voters have to ask is: Are You happy with the developments in the last ten years or so. How well are the people able to cope up with the ever rising cost of livings? And the hikes are likely to be relentless base on the policies on housing, coe, utilities, education and what not.

The projection Singaporeans can easily see for themselves is that the vicious cycle caused by the importations of aliens to become citizens is going to grow larger. There seems no way out of the saturations of population and consumption due to lack of space(land) and natural resources.

Is it wrong to say SIN is fast reaching its' end due to the vicious cycle ? The importations of aliens has used up much of the space left and caused some most damaging divides between the Leadership with the Citizenry and the Citizens and the Newcomers.

Will the result of the next election change the fate of SIN ?


Anonymous said...

I will say that it will be different only when the immortal one is no longer around. Right now, he still has too strong a hold on the party, to afford anybody else to effect changes. Change must come from the inside of the establishment.