What if there is no Medisave?

We have a first class hospital system that can meet the best in the world. This is something we can be proud of. The point in question is what if there is no Medisave? Why is Medisave such an important element in our health care system that such a question needs to be asked. For without Medisave, many will not have the money to pay. Without the patients paying and supporting the system, can the system continue to operate as it is? Can the system charge the kind of fees if the patients cannot afford the fees? Who shall be thankful for the wonderful healthcare system that we are having? My fear is that if cost is not managed, or if people think that Medisave is the ATM with unlimited supply of cash, or the cash can be increased by passing of legislation, the healthcare system will continue to be world best with world best fees and with the Medisave depleting rapidly.


Anonymous said...

No medisave then resign oneself to fate lo.

'You die your business', sure You must have heard it many times.


Anonymous said...

Medisave...another "POLICY INNOVATION" no doubt

“The public housing programme, the Central Provident Fund system as well as the certificate of entitlement scheme for vehicle ownership are all examples of policy innovations,”- DPM Teo CH

JeffGoh said...

Medisave is citizens money directly deducted from wages.

Why cant basic medical cost be carried entirely by the government, after all Singaporeans pay a lot of high taxes - hidden and otherwise.

Spore dont have to raise additional tax burden on its citizens to carry this costs - cutting down the wastage in this country will be more than enough to pay for basic medical cost for all Singaporeans. We can even include New Citizens if they have been citizens for more than 10 years.

BTW - this - more than 10 years clause - should be extented to - Right to Vote too.

Anonymous said...

Simple. No medisave and no healthcare insurance means the healthcare providers would not be charging so much.

With such things in place, the obvious result is more premiums and more contributions to medisave, so that healthcare providers can keep on increasing charges.

That is the real story.

Anonymous said...

Medisave in Singapore is a very innovative system designed by the PAP to ensure that all Singaporeans have medical treatment when needed. However, it becomes a useless tool when cost is too high and medisave cannot cope. In such cases, relatives medisave would and should be used to supplement. Good system and well thought out. Afterall, you have the most expensive govt and they should come up with the most efficient system. Singaporeans are so lucky to have such an expensive and clever govt. Good luck, and make sure you put the X in the right place when and if you get a chance to cast your vote in the next GE.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

This is the most brilliant suggestion by Anon 5:18. Do it like the HDB, the medisave of all members of the family can be used together if one medisave account is not enough.

Khaw Boon Wan should read this and need not have to fiddle with taking more of the people's CPF money to be locked up in medisave.

In the first place, why are people who are not sick but made to pay in advance, in the tune of $30k or more, for future hospitalisation which they may not need?

Anonymous said...

Is it true that they are suggesting or have already decided that the medisave account of a decease cannot now be paid out to the next of kin, but will be transferred to the medisave/retirement account of the next of kin instead?

Anonymous said...

Indeed some of the most brilliant comments, ideas and suggestions will be gladly pick up by the authority.

After having implemented all these suggested ideas, the implementers will then say that they are suggestions and ideas from the people(netizens). It will then be damn good excuses and for all you know, they(idea/suggestion) were planted into the cyberspace.

Me can't help thinking that some of the ideas and suggestions put up by the people could cause more headache and heartpain.


Anonymous said...

And just to add that even opinion and response seeking inquiry could bear fruits of sinister kind.