Trading talents

I read somewhere that one of the terms for more trades with India is that Singapore must take in more of their talents as a condition. I think this is a brilliant idea. Singapore shall use this model to negotiate with other countries where there is an abundance of talents by offering trade in exchange for their talents. There are many countries with a big supply of talents that they cannot make use of and are most willing to export to this talent dearth island. It will be a win win formula. We get all the talents that we need, and they get to get rid of all the talents they don't need. And the cream is that there will be more trade both ways. Great deals. America, Europe, Japan, even China and Indonesia all have plenty of talents that we need. And don't forget Malaysia too. We can change our tourist logo from Your Singapore to Your Talents. Come visit and see your talents working and prospering here.


Wally Buffet said...

99.9999% of Singaporeans would agree absolutely that we need talents to replenish those who left disillusioned.

But please dear God or whoever is in total control of the deteriorating situation, please only let the REAL talents come in and enjoy the privilege of our red passport. Not PMET holding fake credentials, masseuse, fake businessmen, half past six doctors, specialists, glorified bookkeepers etc.

Once, I passed by a tiny mobile phone shop manned by an Indian and his young son. They are new immigrants. How did they come? By "investing" in a business. What's that business? Yup, it's the tiny mobile phone shop selling prepaid and top up cards. How many locals did they employ? None.

I am not someone easily excited but this time, I have to say, "What the fuck is going on?"

Wally Buffet said...

By the way, has anyone seen Robert Tan around?

He seemed to have disappeared from the face of the Earth!


Anonymous said...

Where the hell is the MP who is afraid of the dark, err ex-MP Choo Wee Khiang? He should be able to give a better take on the issue of letting in more Indians.

I think this suggestion is a foregone conclusion, not a condition, since the immortal one has already spoken in support of letting in real talents to make this place more dynamic.

Sometimes you have to read between the lines what they mean when they fart.

Anonymous said...

Peace-loving and well-meaning Robert probably wasn't prepared for the hostility, vicious attacks and baseless accusations against on him at Solo Bear's, especially when he had done nothing wrong.

That is a perfect example of subtle censorship.

Robert, if you are reading this, thanks for your sharing your thoughts, albeit for a short time only.


Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...


Robert probably has gone to discharge his battery to revitalise himself.

At the rate we are absorbing other country's talents and having some of these talents shafted down out throats, we would either be choked to death or become the most talented city in the world. At least we will have the most talented foreign workers and mei meis to prove.

Anonymous said...

The trading agreed to does'nt seems balanced to me and that is no good and not fair.

I am all for the trade if India is agreeable to Singaporeans of all Races; Chinese, Malay, SIN Indian and Others, to buy properties in India. There are beautiful places in India like Pondicherry, Goa, Darjeeling and many more that are underpopulated and suitable for Singaporeans. Many of these ex-ang mo territories have a high proportion of foreigner settlers.

Hopefully, the next time the SIN Government negotiates for trades with any foreign nations, it will think about the wellbeings of the people(Singaporeans) as well. THE LEADERS SHOULD NOT JUST CONSIDER THE ECONOMIC FACTOR AND NEGLECT OR CHUCK THE CITIZENS OUT THE trades that could affect the people very badly. After all, the average Singaporeans hardly benefitted/benefit from our economic growth.

Me just making a request.


Wally Buffet said...

Poor Robert. I evacuated him from Aghanistan and the jihadists and he went back again from my intel reports.

Last I heard he was beheaded by a Chinese Mujahideen masquerading as a Singaporean.

So sad. Robert, you are a real dumbass for not taking my advice not to venture into dangerous territory without an escort of Mossad agents.


Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

I think there are two possibilities. One, like you said, he has been had. Two, he could be enjoying himself so much that he got no time for us: )

Wally Buffet said...

Mr. Bean,

Robert is no Wally. Robert is a staid, no nonsense family man. Simple minded, trying to change the evil ways of virgin loving men, he fought valiantly and lost.

That's why he was a Private First Class and me, a Lt. Col. when we evacuated from that shithole.