Stupid and mindless Singaporeans at it again

Singaporeans, sad to say, are unable to create their own identity. They only imitate, anything, from anywhere, good or bad. The Ang Mohs like to go pubbing, so Singaporeans go pubbing. The Ang Mohs like sarong party girls, so our girls all want to be sarong party girls. I must say going to pubs is any time better than going to bars. But wait till the Ang Mohs find out what's inside the new and revamped bars and the China Mei Meis in them. Ionescu has found out. Just wait, when the Ang Mohs flocked to these new bars, Singaporeans will all be rushing madly to these bars as well. Then we can say good bye to Mohammed Sultan, Club Street and Holland V. Today, the mindless Singaporeans have caught up with a new trend. They are now sitting in any empty spaces available on the streets, under MRT tracks, to have a drink, and party, just like the foreign workers. 40 or 50 years ago, the poor Singaporeans used to do that, for they cannot afford to pay to sit inside kopitiams. Neither were there nice aircon places that sell expensive but nice food and drinks and be served by waiters and waitresses. They made do along five foot ways, back lanes and besides longkangs or under any trees. So our young now think sitting on the streets, along pavements are cool. Hey, those are what the poor foreign workers are doing, for free. The smarter ones have already parked themselves in the casino. Ok, I know, casino is a no go for Singaporeans. Have to pay to enter. Oh, I forgot, the foreigners are to replace the locals from their places of comfort, and the locals will replace the foreigners, this time on road sides and street pavements. Now that is cool.


Wally Buffet said...

This is Retro imbibing of intoxicants. And free. No showing of ICs at entrances, no service charge, no 7% cess on the bill. But the age of the participants and the ease with which they can get liquor is unsettling. Some of these youngsters will grow up to be alcoholics and it is a given that from alcoholics they may graduate to something more obnoxious.

It astounds me that the MSM has to always be the one making exposes. Whatever is going on underneath bridges, flyovers and other... ahem, shady places should have been nipped in the bud and not left to fester into a problem.

Now, the teens may have to find other places to have a congenial gathering without putting their hands out to their parents for more money.


ed said...

It is more of a Chinese trait, than a 'Singaporean' one, to do as you say.

If one was to look at, and compare, both India and Singapore, one would find innovators, critical thinkers, and popular intellectual individualism to be more of a feature of the former than the latter.

What is interesting is the cause. That, I would put down to Legalist-Confucian culture. Hence, the 'Singaporean' traits of today are actually, more of a 'Chinese' trait as they were the first to be socialised into Confucian culture given the association between said culture and the Chinese, and other cultures were both diluted-cum-ignored. Hence, the perspectival infrastructure that has been built up over the decades leads to the aping that you speak off. When popular intellectual individualism is undone by traditionalism, conformism, subservience, etc, the critical propensity required to innovate, etc, is certainly compromised.

Wally Buffet said...

What the heck is he trying to say. Maybe my English is not bombastic enough to understand the message that is, the Chinese are damn useless, troublemakers, compared to the browns and blacks?


Anonymous said...

It certainly is difficult to understand, however, i could decipher that it is a post of one Asian attempting to sneer at another Asian Race.

It would be better if it is writtened in Sanskrit and i can get a foreign buddy to interpret it to me.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

There are many truths in what ed is saying about legalistic Confucianism. There are many good Confucianist philosophies and principles but also some very bad ones ie blind loyalty, accepting one's fate and station in life, not challenging the authority even when it is downright corrupt and immoral.

The aping part is not so much of Chinese or Confucianism but of a people that have lost confidence in themselves and always think that other people's culture and way of life are good and superior.

The years under colonial rule and domination also robbed away the pride of ancient civilisations, and the legacies linger on till today. Dressing and behaving like other cultures are some examples. But with the rise of Asian countries, slowly they will start to rediscover their roots and origins.

But don't bet on it here. We are too adulterated to have any real identity of our own except rojak. Orang cina bukan cina, and I am not sure what they say in Indians and Malays to describe such characteristics.

We even invite foreigners to screw our backs and pleaded with them not to be too harsh on us.

What rubbish is it that in our own country we have to repeatedly assure the foreigners that we respect and love them instead of the other way?

Wally Buffet said...

Walau, Mr. Bean.

You're really intelligent man.

I was scratching my head the whole morning and couldn't get his drift until you came along and say it in simple enough English. Thanks.

Now I know I am not that inferior to the Malays and Indians, just that my Confucian values and belief system got me into a whole lot of shit. But then, I'm a proud Han Chinese. For better or for worst, I think my forebears were already conquering warriors, liberating scholars,great inventors, rich merchants etc. whilst the natives of Nanyang were still apes foraging for grub in the jungles.


Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Wally, the Asian countries, including Asean, should forge a closer relationship and decide their own fate and future. The lesser they quarrel among themselves, the lesser they will be exploited by the west. Hope they have learnt this lesson and put down their little pride and lessons. All the misgivings were created by the western media for centuries to drive distrust and division among Asian countries while Europe quietly keep themselves in peace.

The easiest thing to create mischief among Asian countries is to play one against another on fear and pride.

Wally, you have just contributed to this game.

Wally Buffet said...

Mr. Bean,

For the record, I didn't contribute, I just joined in the fun started by a known chauvinistic troll.



Anonymous said...

Hehe...Who say they are unable to create their own identity?They name themselves Foyce instead of the typical Joyce ,Rony instead of Tony etc etc.....
But sitting anywhere at open space, longkang and under the tree lately is because our local smokers are more considerate .The enforcement of no smoking at the kopitiams also result in more people sitting anywhere outside the kopitiam at open space.And they are not mindless.While interacting,they have a betting slip on their hand,thinking of what numbers to buy for Totos and 4D.They are considerate,productive and law abiding..That's the local singapore way...

agongkia said...

sorry, earlier posting at 0620 hour is me,agongkia.clicked wrongly

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

The considerate smokers are a different group that stayed in open spaces. I was looking at a photo in the media of young people sitting on a bridge in the Clark Quay area, obviously enjoying themselves basking under the moonlight.

And there were several groups, including of course our beloved foreign workers in their own groups.

Anonymous said...

Somehow Singaporeans just find no warmth in their own homes, no feelings for their kins, no friendliness with the crowds and no love for their leaders. They can hardly breathe in SIN.

Smokers are despised, discriminated, accused and punished. Sinners might as well behave like other animals.

Matilah_Singapura said...

Here goes redbean again hanging labels on people and treating them like gropups of animals.

What a sad cunt.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Hanging labels is a modern game to play. In the past the game was more vicious. Once you are branded at communist you are a dead duck.

Today we have the axis of evil, terrorists, quitters, losers etc etc

Matilah_Singapura said...

redbean, what is really weird and so characteristic of you is that you defend your label hanging position by hanging more labels.

I underestimated the amount of sad-cuntiness you exude.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

I don't mind your admiration, but just stop smellig will you?