Sheng Siong has done a national service

The many outcries against Sheng Siong may be misplaced. Look at the bright side, Sheng Siong could be doing a good national service by helping to phase out the wet markets. Why go to wet markets when you can shop at nice, clean and aircon supermarkets? It is an outdated way of life. We must progress. No need to wipe hands and holding wet money notes. And the stallholders there are, hmmm, how to say it, anyway, cannot compare with the uniformed ones in the big supermarkets. And big supermarkets can buy in bulk and sell cheaper also. They have the muscles, the financial muscles to weed out the inefficiency of small stallholders. And the quality of life will be better. No more wet and smelly markets. And wearing pyjamas to market, an eyesore, will be a thing of the past. Who dares wear pyjamas to supermarkets? Look at the bright side. The stallholders can apply for work in the casinos or food courts. Plenty of jobs around.


Robert Tan said...

Somehow, I find the fish from my regular fishmonger at the wet market I frequent seem fresher than the ones I can find at the supermarkets. In addition, as the wet market is a short stroll from where I live, it is convenient. In these respects, it will be a pity if one loses this alternative source. (I realise that this comment is looking at the issue purely from my selfish fresh-fish-source angle.)

Anonymous said...

So long there are giant, carrefour and cold storage and ntuc etc, Singaporeans will be spoil for choices.

Don't be too bothered about shengsiong, worry more how you will be sucked dry by the policy makers. YOUR LEADERS ARE THE PROBLEMS, NOT THEIR UNDERLINGS.

Please aim at the RIGHT TARGETS!!!

Wally Buffet said...


When you enter a wet market, be prepared to be fleeced. How? For one thing,you will never get the right weightage for your purchase with the analog scales. These small time crooks will con you at least 50 grams off your purchase because most of the time you can't see the face of the scales.

Fish are not fresh at the wet markets. Unsold fish are packed in ice and salt water and re sold again the next day. In supermarkets, the packing date is marked and the chains have an insurance cover to protect against any claims that contaminated merchandise is sold. You expect to sue the wet market Ah Kows? Hehe.

I am eagerly waiting for the day that these crooks have no choice but to close their stalls.

Hehe, nice to see you here Rob.

Robert Tan said...

Nice to see you too, Wally. As I said, I never really left - can't promise forever, I don't even know myself that well:)

I believe what you say applies to many less scrupulous vendors at the wet markets. I don't know for sure but I sensed that I was over charged by my previous fishmonger. Didn't kick up much fuss - I could always go elsewhere, which I did.

And it's true, there are various level of freshness - my regular fish monger knows what I do for and he normally gives me some friendly advice/recommendations when he deems appropriate. He is also quite forthright(with me at least - can't say one way or other if this applies to all his customers) about the price differential between the more fresh and the less fresh ones.

I like him and I don't mind paying a bit more for his fish - though he does throw in some freebies quite regularly...

JeffGoh said...

Major strategic retail spaces are concentrated in a few hands. Hotels are concentrated in a few hands. Cars/coes are concentrate in a few hands. Banks are concentrated in a few hands

Soon basic daily marketing will be concentrated in a few hands via airconditioned supermarkets. Will we be fleeced or "freeze" to death ?

Anonymous said...

Hmm, money will also be concentrated in a few hands. The more I think of it, the more we will be spoilt for choices.

The question is, what choices are left?

Anonymous said...

Spoil for choices except one.

Sinners will always be ruled by ONE SET OF LEADERS.

Absolutely no other choice!!

Our misfortune.

Anonymous said...

I am forced to do my NS when i was 19 year old.

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