Punching above our weight

We punch above our weight in the international arena. We speak louder and carry more weight than countries of bigger sizes. Now we are faced with a third rate European country called Romania whose Charge Affair knocked down and killed a pedestrain and hurting a couple of others and ran away. Can we bring justice to the culprit? The culprit has been found guilty. But he had feigned illness and hiding in his home country and questioning our legal justice system, even claiming that he is being framed. And the Ambassador is resorting to telling us how difficult it is to bring him here. And he is covered by diplomatic immunity. In short, there is nothing we can do about it.b Diplomats are above the law! Let's see if we can punch above our weight and bring this rogue to pay for his misdeeds. How about breaking diplomatic relations with Romania? We don't really need them. Send them home packing.


Wally Buffet said...

Like I said before, if we had the military clout of the US, we should send an expeditionary force to extract the motherfucker back to have a taste of our Changi State of the Art "Rehab Resort".

Frankly, I am wondering why we even need to have this third rate Balkan country represented here. What trade? All they probably do is to exacerbate the high property prices in an already crowded island.

Just wondering that maybe this asshole needs to have a glass of brandy every night so he can sleep without hearing the screams of the late Mr. Tong calling him a dog for running away with his tail between his legs!


Seriously, the only penalty he paid is that he will not be allowed to come back to try our two Integrated Resorts. What poetic justice!


Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

I think he misses the exotic women more. No more partying in Selegie, Orchard or Mohammad Sultan or Clark Quay.

Ban from paradise for eternity.

Anonymous said...

We only have the clout to fix our own citizens and oppositions.

Outside of Singapore, people don't care two hoots about how much we choose to brag.

Got it?

Anonymous said...

Me doubts he will ever miss SIN or care two hoots about it.