Prices of resale HDB flats are stabilising

They have solved the problem of high prices. The resale price increase is getting smaller. COV increased from $12k to $24k in the previous quarter. The last quarter the increase was only $1k, at $25k. Good, more people now can afford to buy resale flats. Just prepare to fork out $25k first. And they are going to build another 12k flats this year and maybe more. So problem solved. Or is it? These flats will only be ready in 3 years time. In the meantime where are these people going to stay? And there are still several hundred thousand new citizens and new arrivals coming in daily. How are they going to add to the demand? How many out there are still waiting to buy their first flat and cannot afford to? And with this kind of indecent prices, is it supposed to be good? Have we reach a satisfactory equilibrium? But no need to bother now. Problem already gone. Everyone happy already. Job well done. BTO is the way to go.


Wally Buffet said...

And MBT strokes his paunchy tummy and smirks that it's a job well done!


Anonymous said...

let's go to the hastings now since they are so confident that problem is solved

Anonymous said...

Got to say this to people complaining about housing problems, or is there any problem in the first place.

Are You having no house, if You do; why do You complain so much. The Leaders see no problem and yet You claim to see so much(problem).
You doubt the competency and ability of your leaders??? They are no good?? And yet are voted in, election after election.

Your leaders meet their constituents and whatever events they organized are fully attended by the people. Why are the Leaders so loved by them??

One thing me is very sure, the SIN Leaders are definitely very much supported by the people. Whereas bloggers, political activists and oppositions are shunned(by the people).

Prove me wrong, Sir!

Anonymous said...

Should prices of housings, public ad private stabilized at the present time. All non property owners in SIN are screwwwwed.

Back in the Early Seventies, me then a lorry driver and odd job labourer and Mrs had a combined income of about $2500. We were resettled from a village which we paid less than $25 a year to live in. The piece of land my family occupied was about the size of 4 football field. It allowed us to generate a lot of foods and some incomes from husbandry, vegetable and fruit farmings. We lived then with abundant of fresh foods including seafoods harvest from the nearby shore, at little or no cost.

We got an HDB 4 Rm Flat at Bedok South for 18.5K. Based on our total incomes and the cost of the HDB Unit, we were able to bring up three children. Our paye were also raised annually. Although living was far from good and never as good as in the village, it was still okay before the Year 2000.

Imagine having to pay something like $250K for a 4 Rm Flat now with most people earning an income of around $1.5 on average or less.

Draw your own opinions with regard your future in relation to your housings(homes) in SIN for your futures. Me, for one says, leave the hell out of here whenever and wherever possible.

Before the 80s(in general):
Average combined incomes of two $2000 or more(as was usually the case with my peers), 4Rm Flat average below 20K.

Typical combined incomes: probably no better than the 80s and that is $2000 to $3000.

Anonymous said...

Me forgot to mention that the prices of utilities, educations, healthcares and transportations foods and other neccessities were also a lot cheaper before the 90s. Electronics and other non-essentials and luxuries were however much costlier than now, BUT THEY WERE LUXURIES, MIND YOU.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Electronics like mobile phones and computers are not luxuries anymore. Neither is a TV set. The children need to be tuned in to the world news to pass their exams.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

I thought it was stabilising at $900k. Sunday Times reported an offer for $950k in Strathmore Avenue but the owner refused to sell.

For a 99 year lease it will cost less than $10k a month. Worth every cent of it.

agongkia said...

Prices stabilising meh?Base on SMS report?
Willing seller and willing buyer.I dun understand why are we only looking from the buyers'point of view.If you are a seller ,you hope to sell low?
While there are many people like me struggling for my 3 meals,you all are complaining about the expensive flats that you are eyeing and willing to pay.Stay with your parents,rent one or get a smaller flat.No?then build tent but dun go to Changi or Sembawang.