Pig talk and pig logic

This guy was very hungry and he went to the pig to ask for bacon. The pig snorted. 'Wait for my piglets to be born, and another one year they should be ready for the table. Now go away.' So the hungry man went away, hungry, and waiting for the bacon to be ready. The pig had solved his need for bacon, to be delivered in a year's time. Would the hungry man survived while waiting for the bacon to arrive? Or would he find a subsitute to ease his hunger pang? Oink, oink, oink.


JeffGoh said...

It would be interesting if you extend this pig logic to include the caretaker of the pig..haha

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

This is a perfect description of the Chinese phrase, 'ren tou zhu nau' or human head pig brain.

But the pig will get away with it.

Wally Buffet said...

Slaughter the damn pig and you get your bacon straightaway!

He Oink, He Oink.

Anonymous said...

The man got bluffed by the pig ?

Anonymous said...

The man got bluffed by the pig ?

Anonymous said...

The man got bluffed by the pig....


Anonymous said...

Do let me introduce 2 unrelated subjects.

One Deputy Prime Minister had compared SIN to a few cities in Europe. Why did he compare a country to a city ? Is he and his fellow cabinet members governing a city ?

He boasted yet again of the talents of the parliamentarians in SIN despite of the daily scorns and curses from the people. Is he dumb, deaf or blind ???

Three Opposition Parties went for walkabouts at a particular wet market in a constituency. Can the Three forged an alliance to contest the Ward against the Incumbent? Or will they selfishly fight amongst themselves?

Now, back to this thread; the pig bluffed the man....and the people got fooled time and again.....

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Soon there will be roast pork : )

agongkia said...

kekeke...Time has changed.Should say zhu tou ren nau instead.

Matilah_Singapura said...

I don't get it. Is it an UmNO joke?

Wally Buffet said...


No, no, no!

You made a wrong assumption.

Porcine jokes doesn't always point in that direction.

Anonymous said...

Hey Wally, were you censored from Solo Bear's blog comments?

I was blocked for the very first time after posting the following comment:

Anonymous Anonymous said...

This is propaganda by the blog owner and allies using half-truths and distortions. Assumptions are taken as facts, if presented by them, and missing facts not seen in the video are taken as invalid assumptions.

Propagandists do not show you the full picture. They spam you with anecdotal ‘evidence’ to paint an incomplete picture with half-truths. They are quick to condemn, then resort to ‘moral’ arguments when questioned about discrepancies in their ‘evidence’ and proven to be presumptuous themselves. The (western) media are highly trustworthy when it supports their claims, but are lying scums when they don’t.

Defending a balance in perspective/fairness in judgment and putting things in the context of a larger picture is seen as poor moral reasoning. Biased one-sided claims are the ultimate highest moral standard. The troops are devils and their lives do not count. They are nobody's brother or father. Only the ones they defend are actual human beings with relatives. Even those killed but not seen to be killed are in cahoots with the devil with nobody to mourn for them.

It's all the soldiers' fault if 'victims' do not cooperate or take personal responsibility to identify themselves to keep clear of danger. It’s also their fault when children are brought into the war zone as pawns (why else are they there?), hardly identifiable inside equally unidentified vehicles.

There were at least two armed men standing by the pole and none of the media staff wore visible identification while hanging out with them. What do you expect when this is done in a war zone hotspot where helicopters have been shot down as well? An iron dome shielding them from fire?

Sure, Americans have no business in Iraq when it was Chalabi the traitor Iraqi mole of Iran who tricked them into engaging in a war there and dumped them like used tissue paper when Saddam was disposed of, while Muslims have all the right to tell other countries what and what not to do in order to accommodate their own religious practices.

By the way, seen Saddam's execution? Who are the ones with the most of Saddam's blood in their hands? His own people tricked by the murderous mole and ally.

To them, war is a one-way traffic – you must look out for the 'innocent civilians', but the Islamic terrorists can go around shooting like lunatics who escaped from the asylums and suffer no condemnation – because it’s jihad.

Those condemning the soldiers ought to go out to the battlefield and show exactly how they would uphold their highest level of morality in the face of death and remain cucumber-cool level-headed when attacked, and super-precision alert after days of battle with lack of rest.

If you can come back in one piece without claiming any 'innocent victims' or without making wrong moves, then you can have all the moral authority you wish to exercise on those 'devils'. If you have not even stepped foot on a battleground, spare us the morality talk.

Otherwise, it's just hypocrisy. When hypocrisy touts morality, the words ring hollow.

As it is said, no one made a single sound when Hamas/Hezbollah/Islamic terrorists went on their bloody killing sprees targeting innocent civilians and used children and women as shields, let alone be outraged with condemnation.

How many posts are there in this blog that condemn Muslim terrorist acts? How many point the finger, always, at the US and Israel?

No better than TOC and TR propaganda sites for LGBT/feminazi rights. This site appears to be shaping up as a propaganda site for something just as covert.

Beware and do your own homework.

7 April 2010 4:14 PM

Sorry Redbean, need somewhere to store the evidence just in case I am gagged.

If you do not like it, please remove this comment and accept my apologies.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Hi Anon 9:01, You are welcome to place your post here. Everyone will have his take on an issue and the side to side with. I shoot at both sides. Terrorism should be condemned. So must starting war in another country. What is happening in Iraq and Afghanistan is their domestic affair.

I am against the Americans letting its boys and girls to go out there and kill innocent people under whatever pretext. The American boys and girls deserve a better life at home, not to kill or get kill when politicians decided for some selfish reasons to do so.

The terrorism could be justified if they are targetted against the aggressors. But the reckless terrorists got themselves to be screwed for their mindless attacks on the innocents in Iraq and Afghan and also around the world. That cannot be condoned.

I will suggest to the Americans, get off other people's land. It is criminal to go there and kill their people for your own interests. Tackling terrorism has an international appeal. Invasion and occupation of a foreign land is not.

Wally Buffet said...

Hi Anon @9.01

Nope I wasn't blocked but I didn't post much anyway. Like the bear said, for blogspot, he cannot selectively block any comments but I think he can delete in which case, a deletion remark would be seen.

That place where the bear roams is as real a war zone as it can get. He never concedes a point. He is the "Chinese" Salahuddin gunning down the "Crusaders" with his keyboard and showing no mercy. No mercy at all. What a weird agenda!

There is no point in debating with someone who lives in a well and only sees a veiled face smiling down at him before shooting him to oblivion with an Ak 47.

Cheers and good luck.

Anonymous said...

Hi Redbean, thanks for the space. I understand your viewpoints but I think things are much more complicated than that. I'd rather reserve my judgment.

Hi Wally, thanks for the well wishes. I read your exchange with Robert - you guys are so funny, the commando and his man :)

About censorship at Solo's blog, I have my reasons and reservations which I may not be able to substantiate. So, to each his own.

And yes, it is very strange for a Chinese to feel so protective over another race cf. one's own, and be that staunch in one's opinions.


Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

I rather look at issue from the point of merit or demerit than from the racial angle. That is the problem with the Middle East and terrorism. It is a case of European/Abrahamic faith against Arabs/Muslim faith.

Rights and wrongs have been swept under the carpet and people just take sides for primordial reasons.

Anonymous said...

"Rights and wrongs have been swept under the carpet and people just take sides for primordial reasons."

Definitely. In addition, we tend to view issues as isolated incidents, which is seldom the case.