Let's be honest, its schoolboy debate

There were many clever arguments in Parliament yesterday in particular over the issue of NCMPs. The media lauded it as brilliant debate. I scratch my head and say, huh? Shanmugam told Sylvia Lim, Let's be honest, that the WP was afraid that their arguments in the election campaign could not last the scrutiny of a one day cooling period. I was waiting for Sylvia to say, Let's be honest, if the PAP could not convince the electorate after seven days of campaigning, one day of cooling would not help either. Let's be honest, for those who have made up their minds, one day of cooling period will not make any difference. And if it is really for people to think through carefully after what were said during the campaign, would one day be sufficient? Why not 3 days or 7 days? But I am going down to the level of schoolboy debate. And let's be honest, how many voters would really sit down and review what were said and take out a piece of paper to jot down the points before deciding who to vote for. Let's be honest, I do not see what is the dif with or without the one day cooling off period. No need clever arguments and going to Parliament over something that is so arbitrary. Let' be honest I can't find anything clever in the whole debate.


TracyTan said...

I agree with you. Singapore's Parliamentary debate is school level standard.

I saw Shanmugam last night on TV. He thought he was smart. I was embarrassed by his argument. That's the quality of the PAP

Wally Buffet said...

Cooling off period?

This is how Ah Kow will vote when the time comes to put his cross notwithstanding the cooling off period of 1 day, 1 week, or 1 month.

1. Whether junior Kow can get into poly from ITE.

2. Whether Ah Hue (Ah Kow's daughter) can get into NUS, NTU with mediocre "A" levels.

3. Whether Ah Soh (Ah Kow's wife) can only buy half of what she was able to do 1 year ago with x dollars at the market.

4. Whether Ah Gu (Ah Kow's brother) had to wait 3 years and fork out twice the money for a new HDB flat so that he could get married.

5. Whether Ah Kow's dream of owning the new Honda Accord is going up in smoke because of high COE prices.

6. Whether Ah Kow understand why the fuck he has to pay $100 for before he can place his bets on the "big" and "small" at MBS and RWS.

7. Whether Ah Kow was sober when he staggered into the polling station to do his national duty after last nights KTV orgy.

What the fuck is this cooling off period?

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Hi Tracy, welcome to the blog.

You said it. I got goose pimples.

And Wally, why so work up. Cool down man. They must have you in mind for the cooling period. My recommendation is herbal tea, liang cha for that cooling feel.

Wally Buffet said...


It is Ah Kow who needs the cooling off period and cooling off tea.

I AM cool without the cooling off period.

I AM certain of who I should vote for. Life is good.

It is the Ah Kows that I worry about. For them, we need a ONE year cooling off period so that everything that Ah Kow wishes for can be acceded to within reason so he will cast his vote wisely.


Anonymous said...

Let say that Singaporeans WERE INDEED IMPRESSED FOR THE FIRST 25 years with the Leadership.

Me will take it that after the FIRST 25 Years, the rest till today were all cooling off period.
I just do not understand why there is a need for a day to cool off. It makes no difference to the political parties nor doe it wakes up the electorates.


Wally, You are really needed around here, those clowns need mentor like You.



Wong said...

Whatever the debate is, please do not call others clowns.

This attitude does not win you any credit points

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

hi Wong, Welcome to the blog. I agree that we shouldn't adopt the condescending attitude and calling people names. I am guilty of this as well when I got angry about some issues.

Got to cool down sometime. Another good reason for the cooling period.

Wally Buffet said...

Hi Wong,

My friend Patriot used "clowns" figuratively.

Commentators on this blog if Mr. Bean will agree with me is just bantering in a friendly manner. We don't profess to have any high falutin' ideas or solutions for affairs of the State.

We do not debate in an adversarial manner and go after each other's throat. For this kind of gladiator action, please go to the site where angry bears roam. Highly recommended. Here,if you noticed, "gladiator" is another figure of speech.

Thank you.

Anonymous said...

We seem to have a lot of nonsense for a small little red dot...

GRCs, NCMPs, cooling off period lah, bonk with foreigners lah, redrawing of boundaries lah, exhorbitant deposits for contesting elections lah.

Might as well make elections illegal.

Anonymous said...

Comrade Wally;

a tiny little island with so many managers running it, assisted by hoards of deputies, seniors, assistants, coming out with tons of tweaks and never ending ploys indeed are clowns.

Me makes no apology for saying so; maybe some people feel that those fighting, literally, politicians in other nations are barbarians. Me shall respect that view.

Shall i say with the versatile Lt Col in command, me feels safe. Thank You Comrade!

Just like to say me the simple old man is not interested in credit, otherwise i would have carry the Leaders in the past four decades and got myself some privileges or rewards.