Is it so difficult?

Is it so difficult to forecast the number of doctors needed here? Hospitals are not built overnight. I think it takes much longer time to built hospitals than HDb flats. Why is there a sudden shortage of doctors when the numbers can easily be calculated with a pocket calculator? We don't produce enough doctors from our universities, not enough capacities. And many of our brightest have to get their medical education overseas. The sad part is that these students who went overseas were not part of the planning process to meet the demands of our hospitals. They went completely on their own motivation and may not even want to return if they can find jobs elsewhere. In the meantime we went on a recruitment blitz, grabbing anything that comes by while many of our best were scattering away from our shores. Is this another jamban case?


Anonymous said...

Got to chide You this time Mr Bean.

The Leaders have never fail to oversee nor did they ever overlooked how they went about and should guide their youngs in educations.

From what age our kids have to go to kindergartens and what kind of kindergartens. What to be taught and how the teachers are to be selected to propagate our young citizens to be patriotic, smart and pragmatic. To how many should be educated in which faculty and how to go about regulating them, the Government has never failed in its' duty.

And how to project when we are catering to the clients from all over the World? I dare say that even this total 750 kilometres are built into hospitals, it may not be enough to cater to the global customers. Singaporeans need only worry if they could afford to pay their medical bills, worry whether they are placed at the corridors of the wards or in the ward itself.

If one(patient) is placed at the corridors, how are they attended to and how they are charged???????

Are high paying foreigner patients accorded priorities over Sigaporeans? Is payment of fees more important than healing the discomforts of Sigaporeans.

Me can go on and on and it will cause more worries and disappointments. However, in order not not make Sigaporeans more sick, me shall stop here.


Anonymous said...

>>Is it so difficult to forecast the number of doctors needed here?

What u expect when they have an old man doing the forecasting.

Anyway Mah also have difficulty forecasting the no. of public housing needed

..and mind you, they're the best talent money can buy in the whole universe

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

actually everything has been deliberated and planned. never underestimate the supertalented.

Anonymous said...

The most unfortunate fate that man(kind) has to face is that, none, no matter how talented or genius, he/she cannot decide his own destiny(Hanyu Suming) or that of his country.

Anonymous said...

The only thing they have been on target in their forecasting is their pay. Their eyes are never off the benchmarks. Never fails to amaze me.

Anonymous said...

Lately there has been much focus on the remuneration of the top dogs in the private sector. Does this tell us something?

Anonymous said...

The last time the Straits Times wrote about the incomes of bankers and some other businessmen. The Politicians benchmarked themselves to the Merchants Incomes.

Before they embarked on the Casino Project, a female Straits Times journalist did a write-up on casinoes elsewhere.

Based on the above, something must be stirring, but due to the impending election, me doubts they have the audacity to raise their own remunerations.

Hope, i will be wrong this time.


Anonymous said...

Aiyoh, take too much also pai seh, so must wayang wayang increase CPF contributions for workers also mah. We get whole chicken you also get chicken wings and feathers mah!

Anonymous said...

Mr Bean...

"Politics ought to be kept out of health care policies..."
-Malaysian Ah Gu

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Hi Malaysian Ah Gu,
Welcome to the blog. Yes many things should be kept out of politics. But many things are part and parcel of politics.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, planting trees is politics as discovered by Chiam. Cycling is politics as discovered by Low. Four people wearing same coloured T-shirts is politics as discovered by Chee. Upgrading is politics as discovered by people in Hougang and Potong Pasir.

Building hospitals is also politics because a new hospital was part of a promise during the last two elections.

How can Ah-gu say that health care should be kept out of politics?

Talk like a cow! Do you understand when they say 'moooo'?

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

I think Ah Gu meant differently. Though practically everything can be made political, there are things that should be dealt with as they are and remove the political element to free them from more complications.

Health and education, housing, cost of living, should be as apolitical as possible.