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Horror story of the week!

This must be the horror story that sends shivers down the spine of Singaporeans. Chiam See Tong and Kenneth Jeyaratnam were seen together in a walkabout in the Bishan Toa Payoh GRC over the weekend. And speculation is that an alliance between the two is in the works with Chaim leaving his Potong Pasir ward to team up with Kenneth in a GRC. This, in a way is good news for the opposition parties. A new urgency to close rank and fight together, providing a stronger team instead of scattering their limited resources. What is so frightening about this news? Bishan Toa Payoh GRC is where Hsien Loong is standing. (Ooops, my mistake, AMK GRC is where Hsien Loong is) Chiam and Kenneth may take the battle to the Hsien Loong's backyard. And if sway sway they won, yes, if they won, you can imagine what will happen? Hsien Loong will no longer be the PM, plus his team of Singapore's best talents. Wait a minute, can the constitution be amended to co opt a PM that lost an election? Still a possibility if the PAP retains 2/3 majority in Parliament. That may save the day. But if sway sway again, no 2/3 majority, then we will lose the leadership of Hsien Loong. This is unthinkable. This is the real horror story that Singaporeans may have to face. Frightening enough or not?


Robert Tan said...

Er, AMK GRC or Bishan-TP GRC? Thot it was the former....

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Sssssh, I got confused. We don't really know where they are going to stand yet. It can still be a horror story, if they stand against Hsien Loong : )

livideyez said...

maybe you should get your facts right before posting dude....the 'horror story' over here is you mistaken the wrong GRC...

Trebuchet said...

Can you be more specific about why 'sway sway'? Not 'swee say' ah?

Why is it a horror story? A) Is LHL that good? B) Is the oppo so bad? C) Will LHL 'fix them' so horrifyingly? D) Will your flat be downgraded? Or what?

I mean, I don't get the horror part at all...

Wally Buffet said...

If you are a bantamweight, it is foolhardy to pit yourself against a heavyweight no matter his merits.

The right move and the way to parliament is to pick on a middling minister, one whose policies have been, shall we say, not so appealing to the masses.

But Chiam and Jeyaratnam is a poor combination and alliance. If Chiam can be ousted so easily from his party as claimed by certain quarters, we want to look for more resolute mettle like maybe Jeya, the scion of JBJ.

This coming election is going to be very very interesting. It is an election like no other in recent memory. Too many contentious issues, too many unhappiness. The ground is definitely not so sweet. More good years but for the foreign talents!


Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Hi livideyez, Welcome to the blog. Ya, that is another horror story of the week. Good that all of you are well informed of Hsien Loong's GRC. The Kenneth and Chiam pair have said that they will be waiting for the electoral boundaries to be confirmed before picking the constituency. No one is showing the cards yet.

The real horror is for Hsien Loong to lose his GRC. It is still a horror story to come true.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Hi Trebuchet, Welcome to the blog. Let me answer all your questions. 'sway sway' is a hokien expression for running out of luck. Nothing to do with Swee Say or swee swee.

1. Losing Hsien Loong is indeed a horror story. Can't imagine the PAP and the govt without him.

2. Hsien Loong is the best among his contemporaries. I think it is hard to dispute this.

3. The opposition is bad at this point in time. Things may change, hopefully.

4. Will Hsien Loong fix them? Only he can answer that.

5. Our flat values will definitely take a big knock for the worst. Hsien Loong's policy is to make sure that the prices of housing can go up. Without him....who knows?

Still missing the horror part? I am worried about no more good years, and all those who bought properties at high prices, and many more....

Anonymous said...

as the electoral boundaries will be redrawn, who knows if PAP will reshuffle their team.

Deapite of your mistake of putting LHL into Bishan-TP GRC, who knows whether the new configuration will turn this mistake into reality.

It will then be really interesting

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

A Freudian slips perhaps: )

undertaker said...

If Lee Hsien Loong loses, it will cause a chain of events.
a) the oldfart's heart will skip many beats.
b) if oldfart survives, he may want to be PM
c) none of the current stooges will challenge him and are too daft
d) oldfart becoming PM again is the horror story, even if it is for a short while......LOL

The second possible scenario:
Oldfart kicks the bucket. Without a mentor, the PAP system will unravel. There will be infighting
amongst the stooges. It will be a horror story for PAP supporters who feed off the system.

Horror stories is a prelude to good business for undertakers.

sgcynic said...

"The right move and the way to parliament is to pick on a middling minister, one whose policies have been, shall we say, not so appealing to the masses." In that case, picking on LHL is spot on.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

undertaker, you are so business minded and always think of how much to make from a situation. you are in the right business.

sgcynic, picking on weak ministers is spoilt for choices.

Anonymous said...

Horror meh ?

With and without him, no difference la !

It is just a head count that cost Sinners tens of million SINDollars, maybe hundreds of millions if we add his approvals to the remunerations to his men.

Very expensive for something not useful at all and that's it.

Anonymous said...

Horror or blessing in disguise? We cannot tell. until we come to it.

As someone said, we keep on putting in smart guys, who are scholars, to fool us all the time. Why not have some wise guys, not necessarily scholars, to do a more down to earth, honest, job of looking after the interest of true-blue Singaporeans instead.

Not too much to ask for, is it?

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

I think the people have seen enough and know what is happening.

Anonymous said...

Will it surprises anyone if it is announced that no election is required or needed because the Leaders found that most Singaporeans are happy with their superlative performances ???

Anonymous said...

On the other hand I think they also have seen enough and know what is happening.

The immortal one was known to have boasted, during a rare session with younger Singaporeans some years ago, when he was rattled by a question, that if you were to ask old ladies 65 years and above, they will sing praises of the immortal one. There you are. He knows the voting pattern from this particular group will be unflinchingly PAP.

After those old ladies passed on, and the tide does turn badly against them, then they may resort to the unsurprising known surprise of doing away with elections.

No horror stories will arise in predictably, predictable, paradise.

Anonymous said...

I think it is good to challenge the pap 'kingpin'. no point beating all the pap bootlicker when the main cause of the singaporean suffering is from the lees. akin the the ant anology. If one want to destroy the ant colony, just seek the queen ant and destroy her. just destroy one person and the rest will just topple.