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The great invitation by SDP

I read in the net that SDP had invited Teo Ho Pin to sign a joint letter in protest over the 30% hike in rent for wet market in Bukit Panjang. Teo Ho Pin flatly declined and said it was his constituency and he would know what to do to help his constituents. I will say nice try SDP. The invitation is as good as a still birth the moment it is conceived. How could Teo Ho Pin agree even it is a good thing or right thing to do? Anyway, the contituents in Bukit Panjang need not worry as Teo would surely come out with something to help them with the rental hike. Maybe some kind of subisidies are on the card. If not the residents going to market will just have to pay for the additional cost, all because of nothing but Sheng Siong taking over the wet market. And now it is market forces at work, for the good of the people. We need to erect an altar for market forces and pray to it everyday. The god of market forces need to be respected and prayed to for the well being of the people. Bow three times at the altar and three times a day, morning, noon and evening.


Wally Buffet said...

What a moronic move!

Without winning a single seat, they already act as if they are the alternative government.

Before you invite anyone to do anything, show that you're even worth noticing, through the ballot box.

Anonymous said...

Moronic indeed, that 30% must have surely got the blessing from Teo Ho Pin or at least sanctioned by him.

Wait a minute... oppositions can still be friendly to each other and there is definitely no harm doing a good deed together.

"The great invitation by SDP" stands.


Salary said...

Chee's has a very simple operation model, drawing publicity. From the hunger strike 17 yrs ago, to letters to ST Forum to this invitation, they all aim to draw publicity.

They video the invitation for publicity sake. Chee sees that publicity alone is a win to his agenda. Anything Teo said is bonus for further publicity spin.

To others, it is moronic act. To Chee, it is a victory.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

In this case they may have scored some points. The rental hike is definitely uncalled for. Our of the blue, change of ownership, and 30% hike. The stallholders may not say much, but they must be angry. And if the hike is passed to the consumers, they too will be angry.

Now everyone will be waiting to see what the MP will do.

Anonymous said...

>>They video the invitation for publicity sake

so?...and i'm not impressed with Teo's "performance". Seems pappies cannot talk nor act...

Anonymous said...

>>Seems pappies cannot talk nor act...

ya lor once they "talk"..shit come out.

They'll best appearing in banners wishing resident festive holidays...nothing will go wrong

Anonymous said...

Of course the MP will say this is a private matter. The whole idea of Sheng Siong taking over the wet market is to enable the Government to wash it's hands over rental increases. They just want to sell land, make money, wash their hands off all responsibilities and claim the credits.

PAP like a child said...

The invitation by SDP to Teo HP is damn good PR, especially when Dr Chee was recently accused of being politically confrontational.

It goes to show this Teo bugger and his political masters are small-minded. Differences should be put aside if the common cause is to help lesser mortals make a living.

On hind sight now, Dr Chee should redraft the petition to include a statement supporting pay hike for the PAP. I am pretty certain this time Teo HP will not only agree to sign but kiss Dr Chee's ass too.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Hi PAP like a child, welcome to the blog.

I think Teo Ho Pin knows his constituents well and knows that they are happy with him looking after them. Don't worry, he knows what he is doing.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

I am wondering in a hypothetical case when a big conglomerate were to buy over the SMRT or Singapore Bus and then raise the fare by 30% without any change in service quality.

Would this still be seen as a business decision, nothing to worry about?