The gag order

It is reported in the ST that a local club is going to impose a gag order on its members to prevent them from speaking about club matters to the public, otherwise disciplinary action will be taken against the member. Some other clubs interviewed too were surprised that this kind of thing is happening in this enlightened city with enlightened beings. Gagging means nothing said, nothing heard, so no problem. On second thought, I think it is a good idea. If no one is talking, there will be no issues to talk about, and all will be peace under heaven. It is only when people start to talk about an issue that an issue becomes and issue. Look at the internet, if there is no internet, many issues will be long forgotten. Today it is reported that Indonesia is trying to curb the growing influence of the internet, by gagging I supposed. Let's return to the old world of saying nothing, seeing nothing, hearing nothing and doing nothing. Life will definitely be better, and more peaceful. If anyone got murdered, let it be. Don't say anything, and no one will know about the murder. Then everyone will say, see, no murder. The world shall progress to the world of silent movies.


Wally Buffet said...

Governments around the world tried to gag the internet but couldn't.

Well, I suppose the club members must be very well behaved boys and girls who will listen to their mama and toe the line.

In the words of one clube member, "They shouldn't implement something they can't control".

Me? I don't have such minor irritations. I am just an ordinary member of the Changi Tent Transit Association. The only activity we organize is the regular weekend barbecue in the area, just watching the planes zipping by to land at the world's best airport, breathing in the fresh sea breeze. Not like the skulduggery, backstabbing, treachery in some so called "prestige" clubs.

Pssssst..........wanna hear somethin'?


Anonymous said...

Something tells me that there must be skeletons in their cupboard.

Anonymous said...

Covering up bad, sad and sickening news has a lot of advantages.

There will be no stinky and damaging reputations, leaders will be considered competent, incorruptible and full of propriety.

Singaporeans should not go around and tell others that suicides are common, divorces and drug addictions are not uncommon and bankrupts are aplenty.

Please project good images though the fact may just be the opposite.



Anonymous said...

Could it be that the Club has its members' welfare at heart.
It is very tiring for the members to speak to the public on its club matter.Maybe the members are encourage to blog instead,in blog like my singapore news,de o c etc..
It can serve as a publicity and in return got more new members.