China is doomed. What about Europe?

Everyday one cannot escape the deluge of doomsayer's reports about the imminent collapse of China. China is plagued by all kinds of enormous problems and troubles that it is only a matter of days before it falls down like a house of cards. Not only western media are at it, even local media are also at it. These are the China experts and their intelligent opinions. What about Europe? What about America? Nay, these are the world's best managed countries, and they are all in the G8 and the G20. What about the PIGS? It means Portugal, Ireland, Greece and Spain, what's happening there? Oops, I think PIGs should be spelt PIIGS, to include Iceland. Heard that these countries are at the verge of collapse, just like the US? And some are talking about a dominoe effect when one by one, countries in the EU will just collapse. Maybe some are already except that they are not discovered, or still kept under seal. Maybe they are waiting for China to collapse first. If China does not collapse, none of the European country can collapse. China must come first.


Wally Buffet said...

The "collapse" of any area is staged and timed for a "shorting" market. Like musical chairs see? This gives great opportunity for money making. You can also use it to buy low and sell high when euphoric recovery suddenly takes place because someone, somewhere pulls the plug and say enough, let the market reverse!

We have come to the point of no return. The world can no longer afford any major economy to collapse in the true sense of the world. It's all wayang ok? When China is on the verge of collapse, it's erstwhile "enemy" the US will come to its rescue and vice versa.

The PIGS or PIIGS will not collapse because pigs are marvellously self healing animals ie if they are not attacked by swine flu. In any case, a jab or two of mullah will certainly kill off any viral infection or at least mitigate its effect before affecting a full recovery.

Anonymous said...

While the World got alarmed by the crises in Greece and some scrambling to make use of the situation to make more sinful money, some people have witnessed how Greeks are enjoying their live.

One early morning, me was listening the BBC Broadcast and some participants in the call-in programme were telling the World that the Greeks were/are having a good time, materially that is.

They were saying most Greeks were/are speding way beyond their affordabilities and living their live of luxuries despite having little or no money. Me thinks the people of US of A were/are also doing similarly for decades. Everything can be got on credits, big house, big car, branded goods and expensive foods, no problem when there are multiple credit cards in their purses.

Their governments will print money or create some notes to sell to other nations to loan for money or good, no problem. These perverted means of spending and solving money problems caused by unneccessary and sinful materialism will only accumulate and snowball into a calamitous end.


The Leaders of the CAPITALIST World would rather face one FINAL END then to solve the 'smaller cases' that they can handle with some gimmicks.


Wally Buffet said...


It's the people who spends when they have no money that drives the worlds' economies. Their stupidity or cleverness depending on how you look at it provides downstream stimulants for economic activity.

Bondage just don't only mean being locked up physically. It can also mean financially.

Every young family in Singapore is in hock for a big part of their lives slaving for just two "C"s. The Condo and the Car.

Anonymous said...

The Chinese has always known their fate which is never to be decided by others.

Since time immemorial, the Chinese spirit will live for thousands of thousand years, therefore wan sui, wan wan sui. Or simply put; long live the Chinese which includes me.


Anonymous said...

Is there a crisis in Greece? The news seems to say that one day good, the next day bad, then good, then bad. And the stock market goes like a yo-yo in tandem.

What in the world is happenning there? Or should I say what in the world is the western media trying to interpret the situation there?

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

You may also want to ask if there is a crisis in the US with US$2 trillions of debts and mounting daily.

Anonymous said...

China is simply another capitalist economy. When the capitalist Western economies collapse, so too will China.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

When the western economies collapse all will be affected. What is likely to happen is that the weaker and troubled ones will go down first, one by one.

And those countries with a bigger reserves would feel lesser pain and may even benefitted on a turnaround, and recover faster.

Anonymous said...

Only reason USA is collapsing is because sneaky Asians like Chinese and Indians have been robbing it blind for 13 years. China and Infia did well as long as there was a healthy host to leech off of. Now that the host has been sucked dry, China and India are goong down. Don't mistake real wealth creation like in USA for mere bank robbery like achina and India. Only 25% of USA's economy is exports, most of China and India's economies are. Americans have simply stopped buying your crap and so now you are doomed. Asia desperately heeds US's market but we can do without Asian bandits. Goodbye Asia, you're going diwn fast.