Bullying the young upstart

We are still waiting for the green light to watch the World Cup. Why is Fifa making it so difficult and expensive for us to watch the World Cup? Should there be an equitable formula like on a per head basis? Or are they saying since we have so much money to throw around, they want a bigger share of our money? Did we bring this to ourselves? To Fifa we are just too small a market that they can afford to lose. They probably says take it or leave it. The coverage of the World Cup will still be available live to Singaporeans through other channels, at different cost of course. Now it has become a poker game and see who blinks and who is the big winner. The people who suffer are the innocent consumers. Actually we shall just go and tell Fifa, 'How much?' and dump the cash on their table to show that we have the money. And when they name another ridiculous price, just take the money from their faces. There is no need to waste so much money under a situation not much different from being robbed at knife point. But we must also learn our lesson. Don't go around throwing our money at everyone.


Anonymous said...

Haha, we learnt a lot of lessons, but we fail to remember them when the next load of shit hit the fan and we fail to duck.

Anonymous said...

One lesson we never learn is because we are so bloody cash rich. What is a few hundred million, or $400 million to watch football on tv? If Fifa wants it, give it to them lah. It is just another $400m only what!

Think of it, what can $400m buy? 400 $1m condo or 800 $500k 5rm flats or 1000 4rm flats. Imagine if this sum of money were to buy these properties and give it to the people, lucky draw, so many people will be so happy. But we think of more important thing to spend on, like watch football.

What the fuck is going on? $400m not money huh?

Anonymous said...

Fifa also knows red dot is filthy rich and populated by millionaires. If they don't skin us now, when will they do it? They are just making hay while the sun shines.

Bullying? It's the same everywhere.

thaksin said...

Singapore has been advertising and showing off its wealth, so naturally Fifa or anyone doing business with Singapore will try to get more money.

It is also no secret, Singapore has a habit of buying high and selling low. hehe

Anonymous said...

i almost fell off my chair reading Liu asking older people to be resourceful in case really no world cup coverage for SIN city

Anonymous said...

What seems to be forgotten is that SIN's World Cup probs with FIFA started becos some bright spark said it would pay some super-fabulous amount for EPL games...

So when SIN offered 2006 price for Cup games, FIFA said, Cannot leh... Must pay more.

If anyone should be hantam-ed its the bright spark...

John Byrnes said...

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Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Hi thaksin and John Byrnes, welcome to the blog.

The kind of bullying that Fifa is doing to us is quite different from the bully bullying the weak. This is a case of we inviting the bully to bully us by splashing our wealth indiscreetly, telling people, please come and rape me. So Fifa just took up the invitation. It is a kind of self inflicted problem. If we have not been throwing our money around, Fifa would not be so tempted to try its luck.

Ok John, will make a visit to your blog.

Anonymous said...

When people are kind to sponsor a commercialized sport, You people twist it and say people bully you.

When people used toxic words in a nice way liked Chua Sisters of the STRAITS TIMES people get convinced but later claimed got confused, misled and conned, Sigaporeans are so easy to bluff and slow to realize their own follies.


Matilah_Singapura said...

Soccer, the "real" football (sorry Aussie rules and American football morons) is the most watched sport in the world. The money is big.

FIFA, an old world company is stuck in the 19th and 20th century with the "expensive license" model, instead of leveraging their globally unique and captive-market product.

All FIFA has to do is to give away their matches to TV stations at a lot cheaper, or even free thus increasing dramatically their viewership and up their advertising fees. Advertisers would pay a lot more (they are already paying alot) if the no of viewers increased.

FIFA is dumb -- stuck in the past with a quickly dying revenue model. I hope they fail.

Soccer is a game. FIFA ought to take a free and cheap lesson from the gaming world -- where games are given away free to an ever expanding market -- and the revenue (BILLIONS and growing daily) is derived from giving away FREE CONTENT.