Bloggers unite

Blog this shit: Open source information scares the pants of governments April 1, 2010 · Leave a Comment “If you bloggers self-organize and attach yourselves like leeches to specific issues, corporations, organizations, challenges, you will be the intelligence minutemen of this century. The power is in your hands. There aren’t enough guns to kill us all, and Haliburton can’t build the jails fast enough to keep us down.” I copied the above from Temasek Hedge. This is a video clip of a speech by Robert D Steele, a former intelligence officer, who said a lot of things that needed to be said. Other than the power of the internet, blogging and the role of bloggers, he talked about how govts treat its people as commodities, how govt benefitted from sponging the people's money, how America is committing war crimes and profitting from war, how central banks needed to be closed, how bankrupt America is today and awaiting to break up, and how you and me and every blogger can contribute to a better world. I strongly recommend everyone to listen intently to this video clip posted in Temasek Hedge.


Wally Buffet said...

What has this "spy who says that spying doesn't work" said that we don't already know. He asks lots of "whys" but doesn't come up with much plausible solutions other than lots of rhetorical rants.

He intones, "Your government is stupid". Now haven't we heard that one before and almost on a daily basis, of each and every government on this planet.

The only thing that I might concur with this ex spook is that there is going to a secessionist change in the US based on his "spike theory of change." When will that happen? Now, as an ex spook, he knows but maybe he doesn't want to reveal too much for the time being.

If the American public swallows every bit of his drivel, China will be running towards the goal post as the next single superpower with almost no opposition whatsoever.

Blogging rules? Now that's imbecilic because you can rant, blog until your face turns blue and nothing will happen. You may even cause a change at the ballot box but sooner or later, it's back to square one, whoever rules.

You don't go against the system, you work around the system to your advantage.

Anonymous said...

There are no genious and there are no fool, the cycles of live and activities are destined to work the ways it did, it does and it's going to be.

About 2600 years back a Lao Zi said it all 'just live' and me says; only just for while. Need not be too ambitious, so to say.

The US is having a wealth divide that will gets wider by the day. It is a creation of the American System which the American Leaders believed could allow them to control the World economically.

Now, the US is suffering from their hegemonious ambition and its' people become victims for allowing their leaders to have gone wild in their short history of about 250 years. It is damn short for a country of it's size. However, i will posit that if the US of A is broken into more smaller nations like that of the USSR, it will be much easier and better for the inhabitants of that vast land. The Americans should found a way to break up and divide that land with people of similar ideology running their own state and living their own live. That will be ideal.