Another avenue for speculation

Yes, another opportunity presented itself for speculators to make money. Other than speculating in properties, the latest is COEs. With the prices going up dramatically, many people are making big money from trading COEs. And don't forget the market for second hand cars. Back to the good old days when a car's value appreciates over time, like properties. Buy now, use it for a couple of years for free, and sell at a profit. Fantastic deals. Now Singaporeans should rush out to buy properties or cars to make instant money. And if COEs go back to $100k, wow, bee tang again. Reinvest the profits in more cars and more properties and leverages, the more leverages the more profits. Making money is so easy here. Time for celebration.


Wally Buffet said...

Wow, we really are one of the top gambling capitals of the world.

2 Integrated Resorts where the kids play with Bugs Bunny and assorted juvenile superheroes while their parents play with dice and assorted vice.

Buy a certificate entitling you to drive a car and you could end up with the car free. Whoeeeee.....what a deal!

Buy "subsidized" housing and you can end up a millionaire. Yahoooooooo.........what a dream!

Buy private properties and you can end up being an elitist, rubbing shoulders with the creme de la creme of Singapore society........Call your butler to get ready the Merz S class.

Buy Toto and you can be a millionaire, 10 times over.........Yippee, now where's the blooming Lambo salesman?

Buy 4 D and you can be a few tens of grands richer every week........Now, where's Ah Kow who is supposed to accompany me to the KTV?

If you are still short on your luck or don't have the wherewithal to play the above games, just go to Geylang's back lanes and try your luck with the disappearing ball trick. The sleaze has been cleaned up somewhat but you never know when the thugs want to set up shop.

Singapore a dry, uninteresting nanny state? Only if you don't know where to look for a piece of the action!

Anonymous said...

Join MIWs...millionair

Anonymous said...

Didn't they tell you more good years? Believe them!

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

There is a forumer writing to the ST trying to teach the govt how to manage the COE problem.

If everyone starts to solve the problems for the govt, they will soon run out or things to do.

Anonymous said...

The Leaders in SIN have a host of specialists and experts giving them advices, suggestions and ideas.

But all credits go to... You know who.

Anonymous said...

The truth is, these specialist don't solve the problems. They capitalized on it to create avenues for them to monetize the problem, all the time.

Matilah_Singapura said...

Aiyah, embrace the unique cultural aspect: find a "lobang" and exploit the hell out of it before the govt spoils the party.

Remember when folks were going to JB to buy cheap fuel and SAVE MONEY? Then the govt "pechah lobang" and introduced the half-tank rule. Just to be extra spiteful, they soone raised it.

Party poopers.

Anonymous said...

Which brings us to the question - Is the Government smarter, or those who exploit their system?

I agree there are no foolproof systems, so do we need to pay so much for such talents to devise such systems that will ultimately have loopholes to be exploited?

Those that have the ability to exploit the systems will obviously not complain, rather they will praise and thank the Government.

Those that do not have the means or ability to exploit the systems will of course complain and whine.

It's human nature.