Ah Long to the rescue

The on going tussle between Fifa and our telcos does not seem to be going well. How could it be when one party has so much money overflowing out of its pocket and the other with salivas dripping all over and can't wait to lay its hands on the loot? Today the ST has reported that many parts of Singapore can receive the same broadcasts from Malaysia and Indonesia. That would mean part of the problem is solved or can be solved. No need to be held at ransom by Fifa anymore. And since we have the money, and money can solve all kinds of problems, let's see if our side is ingenious enough to seek the assistance of Ah Longs. No need to pay Fifa hundreds of millions of dollars. Just pay the Ah Longs $20m and he could easily come out with an amicable solution. Let me guess what $20m could do in the hands of Ah Longs. One, he could place them in the hands of his associates in Malaysia and Indonesia and get them to boost up the power of their broadcasts to enable Singaporeans to have good quality reception during the World Cup. Alternatively they could buy a booster and park it somewhere in the island to boost up the broadcasts of Malaysia and Indonesia during the game. Either way, Singaporeans will be able to watch their football live, at marginal cost to all. Win win solution the Ah Long way. Ah Long can be useful sometimes: )


Anonymous said...

Do we need the ST to tell us? People have been doing that for years.

During the last World Cup, when Mediacorpse only broadcasted the later stages of the tournament, some Singaporeans, including me, were catching most of the other games broadcasted by Malaysia.

For sports events, I really admit that Malaysia is far ahead of us in trying to promote sporting activities. Here, they have to wait for sponsors, see whether tickets are sold out, this and that.

Tak boleh tahan!

Anonymous said...

A most wonderful piece of useful write up.

Have ah long to do football fans and punters a favour.


take leaves from works and go over to Malaysia or the Riaus Islands and watch the games for free and enjoy the holidays concurrently.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Actually we are big sponsors of sports. We just sponsored $400m to the EPL. This Malaysia cannot compete with us, I mean throwing money to a sporting event we truly love.

Anonymous said...

PAP can throw millions of dollars to pay foreign 'sport talents' who can't seem to win any medals. That kind of money could have been used to pay the FIFA extortion, broadcast over free-to-air channels like ch12 instead of cable tv.

Soccer retarded Sinkies would be so ecstatic they might just vote for PAP in the all so near GE!

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

So far no body seems to bother that $400m is spent on a footbal programme on TV. We are so rich that throwing $400m away is really like nothing. Give it to me and I will use it to buy 400 units of private condo and give it to the people on a lucky draw.
Or make it 800 units with a 50% subsidy, the buyer paying $500k each for a million dollar property.

Would that be money better spent?