human husbandry

singapore is strategically positioned to be a leading player in the human husbandry industry.. we have everything that is needed to have a flying start.. the infrastructure, the high tech laboratories, the state of the art equipment, the molecular scientists and engineers, research scientists, and an excellent base of talents to provide the semen. we have foreign talents, either from europe, india or china.. we have local talents, all straight A materials.. after farming them, there is a ready market in some neighbouring countries that did not have too many of such talents.. they want engineers, scientists, mathematicians, civil servants, scholars, and even politicians, just name them and we have the stocks.. all pedigree material. i think this is going to be the industry of the future.. and many countries would want to secure the best talents for their future.. actually singapore can also harvest these for its own needs and can be self sufficient in the long run for talents.. then no need to depend on import foreign talents : )

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