World’s most expensive city!

We are the most expensive country in the world to live in. And we are trying to attract our citizens overseas to return to sink root here. I am wondering aloud if this is another wayang or for real. We are so expensive in two big ticket items, housing and cars. How are we going to tell our Singaporeans to come back home to live and work here when they have to pay a ransom just to get a roof over their head and a decent car to enjoy the good life? Or maybe the target group is the low earners that are eligible to buy HDB.

How are they going to tell them that when they returned, because of their higher incomes, they cannot buy public flats but pay a few millions to buy private properties? 
These overseas Sinkies are living in big houses, landed properties that cost less a HDB flat and owning cars that cost a fraction of a small Japanese car here. They could afford two or more cars in where they are living. Why would they want to trade their good life to live in the world’s most expensive city and pay a bomb for a tiny flat and a tiny car?

Are you people real? Are you people thinking? Are you people asking too much from the overseas Sinkies? Are you nuts? Or do you think they are nuts? Or maybe they are so excited to want to live in the world’s most expensive city.

A country that refuses to sell public housing to its own citizens for whatever silly reasons when housing prices are sky high is a SICK country run by sick people. Period.

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Anonymous said...

But in a one man one vote system, are the majority (say 60%) happy and satisfied to vote for the ruling party? And there is also peace and prosperity on the streets.

If yes, then most expensive is not an issue.

A city can be the cheapest but what's point if there are riots and protests and the ruling party is overthrown, tio bo?

And being much cheaper is just across the border yet Sinkies still choose to live in most expensive Sinkieland and vote for the ruling party every election. That says it all.

Anonymous said...

They think the overseas sinkies are daft what with no brains mah or for the love of the party I mean country to come back to sacrifice lor.

Anonymous said...

If at least 60% Sinkies are still able to earn decent wages to cope well with the high cost of living in most expensive city, then it should be OK lah.

In this respect, other countries should learn from the PAP, and not to make things cheaper. Rather make the majority voters (if they have elections) happy and satisfied.

Anonymous said...

Rather make the majority voters (if they have elections) happy and satisfied.
Anon 8:51 am

May not be difficult for 5 million population on 700 sq km of red dot lah.

But if there are 50 or 100 million on hundreds of thousands sq km, how to? So easy meh?

Anonymous said...

We are doomed. Do something! No point become Most Expensive City unless we have th Highest Pay in the world. Guess only the Ministers have that honour.

jjgg said...

Never have so many been screwed by so few...

patriot said...

They have been bloody sick for decades.
But, those who voted for them are more sick.

What say You?

Anonymous said...

World's most expensive Ministers.
World's most expensive city.

Pay more money.
Get less value.

Anonymous said...

Are the world's most expensive Ministers surrounded by equally expensive cronies?

b said...

Old Lee must be very happy that this small island is the most expensive and able to die in peace now.

b said...

No system is perfect. For those who do not like this system, they should take the opportunity to take flight. Only for those who benefit from this system, they will stay put and be milked for the system.

Anonymous said...

don't talk nonsense ok. Even though we are the most expensive city, (please lah, it is also the most expensive country, don't forget that Singapore is a city according to some million dollar clown), we are still very affordable. We have also lesser mortals pay the lowest salary among the developed country, but things are still affordable despite the ridiculous inflation.

We are still the most affordable country whatever it means because PAP says so ,and 60% imbecile still agree to vote for PAP. Ridiculous housing price is still affordable. Affordable, and affordable.

We must continue to be more affordable by raising GST to 20% and town council charge by 50% , and everything must increase its price because no one protest outside the parliament just like "“People support CPF cuts because there are no protest outside parliament.” - Pinky"

Anonymous said...

Most expensive city in the world, and getting better and better with each COE bidding. Waiting for COE to hit $200k. Well done PAP !

b said...

COE gets higher and higher because the tow kays can pass down all the costs to the consumers aka general public. By making it so difficult to buy stuff from msia, sinkies have no choice but to screw themselves. I think there is a conspiracy between the msia and sg gov. They want to destroy sinkies together.

Anonymous said...

To generalise the situation, we became the most expensive because of the mind set of being 1st in everything, but at what cost, almost nearly there but just quite not enough, they build and buy the people, what's a billion or two or even 10 billion, "he just told us, we are not rich", still living in a sampan stage but with a motor attached, with the millions they have gotten and their children well taken care of, would they be worried???????????funny they should spent 8 billion on the old folks if they are so death sure of what they have been doing is good for the ppl, what are the durain buildings good for, instead of talking fine arts....that money could have lifted all the poor ppl off to a good life, period, instead of the domes build to house lizards, insects and trees that you will be caught dead with, education or even transportation could have been made free for all sinkies, the overhead bridge and the 5km bridge for 4.3 billion could have given free medication to all true blue citizens of this island, again, so what if the casinos looses money, we have got it for the show and tell. I wonder how many sinkies is employed to enjoyed such wonders, strange that sinkies are complaining and kpkb about it, with the trillions spend would not the employment be solve by now, is not the livelihood more important than a new state of the art port???????????, is it so immpossible to say, since building all these junk, with the ppl's money that the ppl should be the ones employed and working in them but instead the open door has let in hores of ft's working in them, is not taking care of its own ppl a prioty rather than making sign agreements count, if we do not have the money, then why all these spendings?????????, to show all that we are 1st class and the most expensive so that we can draw investors and so that more ft's can be hired???????,

We do not have to go to school now, just keep on working and bring in the dough, got to keep the fat salaries coming, the children can joint us too, no point studying cause the ft's are bringing in the certs and their degrees, what's a little fakes here and there a majority is real and what's a little riot because sinkies perform more crimes than them????????.

The need to give gifts to ft's for sports, "don't mind if they're has been or third best", and we provide for their brothers and parents too, all paid for with our money???????the need to give free education, don't mind that they default now and then using our money, cause, they perform less crimes than the sinkies, we and they bring in their parents, their children, no more hospital beds???????, funny, again why an indian actor will have place???????you mean to tell me that leaving those ppl out there that there, that there are still places reserved within hospitals?????????.

Is it really necessary to spend soooo much money, is it really necessary to leave any SMC to struggle, afterall even when we are not rich, would 10 billion have help all the SMC's on this island and in turn secure jobs and livelihood for sinkies, rather than to waste it trying to control the dollar???????if all this we are not rich, really want to help....there would not be inflation, there would not be poor ppl, there would not be dis-orented sinkies, there would not even be one person turning up in hong lim park, in fact, there would be no hong lim park.

Pinky poo

The said...

Hooray - Singapore scored another world first!!!

Time to increase ministers' salaries.

Anonymous said...

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