to believe in what we hear or see

We have all the time been living between believing and the truth, between what is spoken to please and what is real. I have posted what Vivian said here just like I have posted many things said by many people. Then it is for them to live out what they said or to dismiss what they said by their own subsequent actions. Boonyang has finally replied. What came out in his reply is as if the govt have been repressed and cannot respond to the public. And respond they did. And with one stroke, they completely wiped away everything that Hsienloong had said for the last few years and during the election. Let me recollect some of the things that Hsienloong stood for. Starting with the slogan, Staying together, Moving ahead. The way Brown was silenced clearly showed that it is a we against them divide. We are the boss and when we do not like what you said, disappear for good. This brings to the second point about encouraging people to speak up, listening to alternative views, have a debate on ideas, the right of reply. Why is it so difficult to debate about such an important issue raised by Brown and generate more interest by getting the population involved, discuss it thoroughly? Would this not encourage the people to be more participative, more involved with national issues and really feel that we are all together in the same boat? The impression created now is a very high up authority that talked down to the people and will not hesitate to brush aside any dissenting voice. This is like taking 20 steps back at one go. Where are we now? And how is Vivian going to go about engaging the people when a comment by Brown is stamped out with so much force? Why is there no confidence to engage the people in a constructive debate? And I think it is very unfitting to demand the people for solutions when they are paid to find the solutions. I have stated this many times before. When you are paid at market price, paid for your worth, you are expected to deliver your worth. There is no free lunch. Now they are being paid breakfast, lunch, dinner and supper. Please deliver. And there is no need even to say thank you when they delivered. It is purely a business contract. Once we take this road, it is no longer a sacrifice for the country and nation. There is no sacrifice. It is all bull. Everyone is paid adequately or more than adequately to do their job. And it is the right and reasonable expectation of the people to demand for the best when we paid for the best.


Anonymous said...

"And I think it is very unfitting to demand the people for solutions when they are paid to find the solutions."

A solution is needed for a problem, yes. However, the govt isn't acknowledging that a problem exists, so they don't need to find one. You say there is a problem, so the onus is on you to suggest a solution. It's that simple.

Anonymous said...

" ... everything that Hsienloong had said for the last few years and during the election."

Hey, don't blame the PM. Blame yourslef for being stupid enough to believe him.

As Nikita Khruschev once said: "Politicians are the same all over. They promise to build a bridge even where there is no river.". Do reflect upon that, redbean.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

the king is never wrong. even when he wears nothing, he can insist that he is wearing his royal robe. so the king is always right. and he will say, 'where is the problem, i see no problem.' case closed.

as for what hsien loong said, we must have faith. remember, he has not said anything yet. and if other people think it is ok to tear down whatever he has pasted for all to see, then lets see how he reacts to them. he could agree or restablish the direction he set.

lets not judge him so fast and wait for his comments. of course if after a while he said nothing then we can conclude that his position has changed and he supports the way brown was handled.

Anonymous said...

you forgot who lee hsien loong is, or rather who his father is. It is naive to believe some of the elder Lee's values have not rubbed off on him and that he will do things his way. Believe his words at your own peril.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

hi anonymous,

why is it so difficult to have a little faith? lets not prejudge a person until he has proven himself.

i am trying to be fair and objective. they also said, wait till the fat lady sings.

Anonymous said...

So how long do you want to wait ? a month, a year, a decade ? by not saying anything thus far, he either believes this is not an issue that merits his attention or implicitly agree with what his ministers are saying.

Anonymous said...

[1] How ironic, the "fat lady" has sung. refer to MICA's official letter to Mr Brown

[2] Dr Vivian Balakrishnan and Dr Lee Boon Yang have reiterated the Govt's position.

[3] Do you need to hear PM Lee Hsien Loong's own voice.

[4] Openness and an inclusive society is a myth. It is only allowed if you do not challenge one iota of the ruling party's infallability and supremacy. You can talk about freedom all you want so long as you do not infringe on the freedom of the state to curtain your own freedom of speech.

Anonymous said...


I chanced upon this from Legal Janitor's blog..... very good example.....of our country...

Anonymous said...

Take reference to how swiftly the 2 Lees brought Chee to court over the usual defamatory accusations, and how quickly it was concluded via summary judgement.

The fact that Hsienloong has said nothing so far, is itself a strong signal that he agrees with what his cabinet and civil servant is doing.

In this situation, silence says a lot more than articulations.

I hereby predict that if and when Hsienloong steps forward to request people to move on, the key message will be consistent with what has been touted thus far.

This and only this, I am confident of the pap government. As to their ability to manage living costs, well I don't think pap has the ability to deal with it - this, I am also confident of.

I am just curious to see how it will be delivered and how he intends to reconcile it back to the "Open, inclusive Society" propaganda.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

hi ornateghost,

welcome to the blog. you made an interesting observation. but things can be looked at from different perspectives. if i am chee soon juan, i will probably behave like chee. if i am the lees, i will have to do like the lees.

just like the rich and poor divide and the myth of mr brown. if you are earning millions, who cares about a little increase in bus fares. but if you are like the poor woman looking about 3 subnormal kids and without water or electricity, it is a world without light.

and there are people out there who live their lives like in paradise.

it is a beautiful world for those who are fortunate, and a living hell for those who are not.

Anonymous said...

Seems a departure from your previous tune there, redbean. What about the "having faith" and "not prejudging" mumbo ?

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...


i can change my position when i find the need for it. remember this is just a chat site and we share different views. i often play the devil's advocate with very provocative views. but nothing personal.

i throw out wild ideas or perspective to be challenged and rebutted, hopefully rationally : )

Anonymous said...

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