What is $238m to educate foreigners?

The amount that our MOE spent on foreign students, as mentioned by OYK in Parliament, was $238 million annually. (or was it $340m or was it $680m, after reduced b 50%?). By any standard, that is alot of money especially when this comes from our precious hard-earned tax dollars and are not from some lottery windfall or inheritance wealth.

We should play our part as a responsible member of the international community by taking in and sponsoring some international students. But this PAP government must forever be mindful that Singaporeans are not suckers and the government is not a Santa Claus.

I suggest that our budget for foreign student’s scholarships and tuition grants be capped at S$100 million annually and adjusted for inflation. The leftover balance can be used comfortably to help our struggling families lighten their financial burdens and give their children a better shot at life, instead of their children starting out in life with educational debts to pay.

My daughter is an undergraduate at NTU, and I know the sad reality in Singapore is that many working class families got themselves into big debts even as OYK so eloquently put it that “all Singaporean students who meet the standards have been admitted” and that “no Singaporean is ever displaced from institute of higher learning because of an international student” etc....

Posted by Simon Lim in TRE 

All I can say is to ape some of the super rich here by uttering, What is $238m? Or shall I say it is peanuts. Remember the $200m overspent on the Youth Olympics and the hundreds of million spent annually on the F1? After all spending OPM does not hurt one's own pocket. Spend lah, what is the problem? 

Today Hsien Loong said they are thinking of reducing fees for part time students to reduce education cost for working adults. What mercy! How long have working adults and our students been suffering for paying high fees while foreigners' children were and are still having a whale of a time with our free money to enjoy our world class education without a sweat?

Maybe we need to have GE every year and more such goodies would be made available to benefit out tax paying citizens.


Anonymous said...

A prodigal son always spends ahead Kong's money like water - throwing away at strangers while own family members and relatives starve.

Moral Of the story: Money easy come, easy go.

Anonymous said...

Moral of a pathetically subservient people's story is:

Never put the next generation of a powerful leader as the next leader.

Otherwise, the leaders will be having a jolly good life of a millionaire, while their people suffer in silence or get sued until pants drop.

Anonymous said...


No point kpkbsssss lah!

You don't know meh? Waste time!

Said many many many many many times before, the masses will only kpkbsssss and tcssssss BUT when come to voting....will die-die die-die vote for pap!

Sg loong loong ago already like that liao! Difficult to U-turn! Correct?

Anyway not bad, at least now you still can kpkbsssss and tcssssss.

This is Sg for you!


Virgo 49 said...

Not their monies!!

Taxpayers monies. Using people's backsides for their face skins.

Own citizens want to withdraw own CPF's monies for daughter's higher studies also cannnot.

But can sponsored others children.

Some more guarantee a job upon graduation.

What's daft sinkies we have.

Anonymous said...

This issue of sponsoring oversea students to study in Singapore has been going on for many years. Why kpkb now? Singaporeans obviously consider this to be OK. If it wasn't then the previous GE would have produced different outcomes. PAP government has been in power for decades, so this issue must have been acceptable. KPKB now will be like a fart in the wind, as Singaporeans by and large, think that this expenditure is OK. Prove me wrong by the result of the next GE. Anyone wants to bet on that?

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ RB

>> We should play our part as a responsible member of the international community by taking in and sponsoring some international students. But this PAP government must forever be mindful that Singaporeans are not suckers and the government is not a Santa Claus. <<

Nonsense. For a so-called born and bred Singaporean, you are so fucking naive.

Since when does the peoples'-mandated, multi-decade, election-winning,rockstar-money PAP government ever do anything for nothing tangible in return? Never lah.

For others, $1 spend to get back $1.50 good already. But not for the PAP. They spend $1, they die-die must get MULTIPLES back...5x, 10x, 100x. So if they spend 500 mill on overseas ed scholarships, their expected return will be anything from 2 billion upwards.

This is not "charity" Let's be clear. This is blatant SOCIAL ENGINEERING to change the cultural mix and gene pool of Singapore. There is a good chance that some those who are educated FOC here wil remain here, have families and contibute to the commoweal, driving the progress of Singapore ever forward, to greater heights of achievement, AWESOMENESS, and ROCK-TITUDE (a rocking attitude) 🀘πŸ’ͺ🏽✊πŸΌπŸ‘ŒπŸ½πŸ’°πŸ‡ΈπŸ‡¬

The money-faced people get the money-faced government they deserve!

Anonymous said...

Parliament: No grants, subsidies given to developing India's Amaravati city, says Iswaran


I wonder who is the fucktard MIW (Millionaire-in-white) who betrayed all our Singaporean PMETs under the CECA treaty in exchange for the "opportunity" to invest in India?

Hey fucker.
Yew think it is so easy to make money from the Indians in India is it?
Yew think it is so easy to take money out of India is it?

Anonymous said...


So your forecast pap=74.9? or pap=79.9?

imho said...

Majority of the people voted for pap again and again so they accepted it loh.

Anonymous said...

"What is $238m to educate foreigners? - redbean

Singaporeans are equally bad.

Every fucking 5 years for General Elections.
Singaporeans keep voting for the same millionaires into parliament.

What is $200 million dollars to pay for the annual salaries of all these Millionaires to "Talk Cock and Sing Song" in parliament?

"sex in small places"
"GST is to help the poor"
"Reduce train frequency to reduce maintenance cost for trains"

"Youth Olympics"
"MRT breakdowns"

and etc.

Seriously, Singaporeans.
You don't get sick and tired of this shit is it?

Anonymous said...

@ 10.09

" So your forecast pap=74.9? or pap=79.9? "

Neither !!!!!

PAP = 85%

Only Singaporeans can make this happen. Sheeples will always be sheeples. HAHAHAHA !!!!!

Knn said...

10.25am u not tire of repeating same stuff? u need to be sodomized lar

Anonymous said...


Wah! Your forecast PAP 85%! 85%! 85%!

If accurate the Opposition parties See Pai Siong! Eat ownself!


Virgo 49 said...

Going on for years yes.

You think Sinkies knew of these?

Most boh chap, boh hwee.

Until some OPPO members brought up the issues and yet all still boh chap.

So many give away our hard earned tax payers monies you think they want to publicise in Parliament?

Until someone brought up.

So must have more Opposition to ask issues

Virgo 49 said...

Now CAT out of bag.

They blah blah subsiding Sinkies children education more.

No one asked. Just kept mum.

Anonymous said...

@All, @Virgo, @RB,

///Until someone brought up.
So must have more Opposition to ask issues///

Already got MPs ask many years before --- PAPpy MPs somemore. But sinkies all fuck care lah.

You see .... as long my own kids get into local Uni --- who fuck care?!?!?

As long my kids can get high paying job after graduation --- who fuck care?!?!

Only in the last 3 years, more & more sinkies kena fucked --- then care.

Even so, my estimate is that only 10%-20% of sinkies kena cannot go to Uni or Poly.
And only 30% of sinkie grads kena cannot get good paying jobs.
These are in danger of falling into the long term loser class in Sinkieland.

For the record, I'm all in favour of spending hundreds of millions $$$$$$ in grooming foreigners --- most will just end up as average execs in Sinkieland.

But many of them will setup or be involved in businesses in their own countries (mainly ASEAN but also Cheena & Ahneh) --- e.g. startups in their own countries, JVs with Sinkie companies, HQ-ing in sinkieland while manufacturing in their home countries, heading expansions of Sinkie companies into those countries etc.

All these will help with investibility of Sinkieland, Ahneh, Cheena, ASEAN --- major geographical areas where I would like to put my $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ over the next 20-40 years.

Anonymous said...

@ 1025 am

You are off the mark. Yes, you need to be sodomized.

This cuming erection, pee and pee, will get 100% erections' results because all their candidates have been taking $Viagra, each Viagra pill costs more than a peanut, @ least $500,000 each. Otherwise, they will be known as Mediocre, according to the Old Deadwood.

Anonymous said...

Owing to the shit-uation in Hongkong, Papaland's Pee-Aim will use this as a selling point to scare the daft Sickies into voting for Pay And Pay. And the stupid cannot cure Sickies will vote in droves, flocks and swarms.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 320pm, you are very very very descriptive!

Recommend you for next national awards! XPBM!

Pls wait! Sure can get!

Anonymous said...

Anon 3:36 pm, I happen to own a shop that produce plaques and medals. I can "reward" myself with any type of medals I want, any day. Don't need to wait for National Awards.

Unknown said...

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The prolonged war of ideology and dominance also resulted in more than 50,000 US soldiers and civilians dead and more than 1,000,000 injured, maimed or traumatized for life.

Anonymous said...

Alamak! More grandfather stories! 9 more to come!!

Virgo 49 said...

There a saying:

To earn a cent FROM the Indians, you have to shed a pint of your blood.

Ever see the Indians ever bullshits even want to buy an article of less than a dollar?

The poor salesman or lady had to explain drinking three glasses of water of how this article works.

Then, in the end just simply walked away and said will consider.


Virgo 49 said...

Hi Anon 4.30

Are you the Supplier for the NS Long Service and Good Conduct Medals as worn proudly by our Guards of Honour which are given to us with ribbons just ripped off when we just want to inspect them.

Some more wah piang go on stage to collect from Commanding Officers.

Sinkies soldiers all wore what's bullshits medals of Honour.

Just good conduct round ones and star studded Long Service Medals so proudly on their chests.

Kalong guni also don't want.