What defines a Singaporean? Principles or Pragmatism

Ms Ten Leu Jiun Jeanne-Marie has on Monday (26th Aug) informed TR Emeritus (TRE) that she has managed to secure enough funding to bring her case before the Appellate Court.
On 10th August, Ms Ten had made an appeal for funding on her blog and TRE for a sum of SG$20,000 being costs for an appeal she intends to file with the Appellate Court. [ LINK ]
Ms Ten has been involved in a lengthy 12-year legal battle with the National University of Singapore (NUS) over a Master’s Degree which she has earned but has been withheld by the university. [ LINK ]
Of the $20,000 required, an interest-free loan of $6000 was offered by a student with the balance met by proceeds from the online crowd-funding and her own savings.
Representing herself, Ms Ten filed the Notice of Appeal at the very last minute on Monday (26th Aug).
Ms Ten would like to express her appreciation to all those who have contributed and/or offered encouragement.
The Team@TRE wishes Ms Ten all the best.

The above article is posted in the TRE. Ten Leu Jiun is fighting NUS for her masters degree which she claimed was due to her but NUS refused to confer to her because she was a whistle blower on the misconduct of her professor. It has been a long 12 years battle and she is going to court again after raising enough money to fight for what she thinks is right and hers. You can't find justice in Singapore if you can't pay for it like this case. I have contributed my small part to her legal fund.

Some have dejectedly told her to give up as it is too costly both in time and money, like most Singaporeans would do, being practical or being hapless. Some have told her to fight on on the grounds of principle and ideals. It is tough fighting the establishment and hope she gets her justice she deserves. Big question, principles and values more important or being practical more important? This question defines what a typical Singaporean is like.

Below are a few comments on her case in TRE.

Nothing to say except good luck! I hope that you find what you’ve been pursuing all this time worthwhile!
A 12 year legal battle takes a lot out of your productive lifetime. And a lot of money went to feed the lawyers & the court system in the process.
The legal mechanism is an unproductive industry where everyone loses except for the ones holding the court proceedings & their legal players. The only other such industry I know are the casinos.
Would wish you all the best but my gut feeling is that there will be more to come after you take on a system which is not only authoritarian but also unaccountable to public opinion. There can be only one outcome!
Court of Appeal judgement cost are even more prohibitive! If the appeals judges awards 100% cost to the defendants ie. NUS. Methinks that $20k deposit wouldn’t be enough to settle the final sum on the appeal on top of the earlier court judgement amount mentioned which is yet to be settled.

patriot of TUMASIK:
You deserve to WIN…(12 years is a long time and your patience is God-Given)… even if the odds look bad with the current system in place…May the Hand of God & Fair Justice be upon whoever that sits on that Panel and may he/she have the CONSCIENCE of Mind and NOT the CONviction of man to come to a JUSTIFIED decision

Self Check Self:
My own experience shows there are Principled and Morally upright Judges.
Hope you get appeal Judges with these values.
Importantly, provide facts with evidences.
These facts can’t be twisted.
Only hope that the appeal Judges don’t say “it’s not the mandate of this Appeal Court” for what ever reason.
Stay strong, be focus, be and have patience, never loose your cool, be graceful and nice to all including the Appeal Judges.
You can’t go wrong.
May God Almighty guide, enlighten, bless and Justice will prevail
This is the belief that led to the mess she is now.
Your experience is not worth a dime and costly outside the familee.
Wake up.


Anonymous said...

If you take on the establishment in Singapore, you WILL lose your pants. Very very few have been vindicated.

Virgo 49 said...

If Mr Lee Hsien Yang knows about this.

Just a stroke of the pen, donated twenty K.

If he thinks that she is been vinidacted.

Now he fighting at sideline for any disctimated member of public or any Opposition Member supporter or member without showing his full support and battle with his kind.


FL said...

Hope those who always give negative comments will be fore-warned that anyone might need help like Ms Ten in the future when unexpected & crucial issue crop up. Of course, we wish that your life is going smoothly. If you don't fight you never know if you will win. At least, she has tried her best. Be optimistic. We wish Ms Ten well.

Anonymous said...

She is being punished for being a whistle blower, purportedly against the establishment. Now, if she had been a whistle blower for the establishment, the definition and consequences would be vastly different. Maybe a reward. Am I right?

Therefore, it depends on which side you are blowing the whistle.

As for negative comments being warned, well, are we much different from N Korea if that is the norm? We seemed to be moving in that direction. Careful about all those police cameras all over the island. They may appear to have your safety in their words, but the purpose is maybe different in their minds.

Anonymous said...

The Moral Of The Story In Life And In Death

They came for the Jews, I did not do anything to help, because I thought it was none of my business.

They came for the Arabs, I did not do or say anything to help, because I was afraid to offend them.

They came for the Chinese, I did not do, say or even think of anything to help, because my mind was so numb by my accumulation of wealth that I have been pursuing all my life.

They came for my neighbors and friends, I did not do, say, think or even aware that I should do something to help, because I have always looked down upon them and habitually called them losers.

Finally, they came for me, for my family and my wealth. There was no one left to help me. So, I prayed and prayed and prayed to God for help, hoping Justice prevail. Shivering, shaking uncontrollably and urinated on my pants, I kept pleading innocence to the Men-In-Black-and-White.

God replied to me:


I couldn't believe it. I have been pursuing wealth all my life because I thought "God Only Help Those Who Help Themselves?" I hit back at God and kept screaming "NOT FAIR! NOT FAIR! NOT FAIR!" until I found myself in Hell.......

What is The moral of the story for those who have no moral and for those who trampled upon moral, and those who belittled others who raised issues on moral grounds?

You can't always win!

Anonymous said...

I think Ms Ten is just like another Chee Soon Juan, although she is not a politician.

Why can't Ms Ten learn the lessons from Chee Soon Juan?

And the lesson is: Never fight against the Establishment because 93% chance one will lose.

One may have the stamina and perseverence to fight but will still lose.

Unless one is doing that also to earn a living through sponsors. LOL

Anonymous said...

If you don't fight you never know if you will win.
FL 10:03 am

It depends lah.

For instance, if you fight PAP in election, 93% chance you will lose if your party is not ready to be govt like every of the Sinkie opposition parties now.

If you can win, I will cut off my kkc. That's my bet. LOL

Anonymous said...

For instance, if you fight PAP in election, 93% chance you will lose....
11:14 am

Even if can win, most likely will also end up kena tekan jialat jialat by the PAP as govt.

Don't believe, just ask Low Thia Khiang. And some more, Low Thia Khiang even praised PAP as a competent govt but still end up tekan jialat jialat with a $33M "ownself Town Council sue ownself MP" lawsuit.

That's why smart Sinkies never join Sinkie opposition one.

Has Lee Hsien Yang, a smart Sinkie, announce he will contest next election as a opposition candidate?

Anonymous said...

My advice to Ten:

Go see Shamugam and plea to him for help. Legalistic approach must also be accompanied by political approach. This is what your opponent is doing. They have an extra weapon to fight You. That's why you lost. You have to do the same like them.

Present your case with facts. Don't keep blaming the other party.

Search and find a NEW Reason why NUS must confer to you your degree. If you keep going along the old grounds that have been travelled already, you will not get anywhere except the same verdict.

Anonymous said...

Do you think this is typical of the Singapore PAP has created?

There is no justice if you do not have money.

Vote Opposition for an alternative Singapore.

Anonymous said...

There is no justice if you do not have money.
11:45 am


But then hor, even if u have money doesn't mean u can win hor.

It depends on your case but most importantly, WHO u are fighting against.

For instance in GE 2015, the Sinkie opposition have money to contest 100% seats but lost 93% of them. Why, u tell me lah?

Knn said...

Rb not that I don't support her but it's throwing good money after bad lar. U know it's impossible but still wNt to do

Anonymous said...

I cannot afford to support her with my money.

So I will support her by voting Opposition.

An attack against a Singaporean by a PAP-linked organization, ia an attack against all Singaporeans.

We should all take this personally and vote Opposition.

Anonymous said...

Ms Ten
can engage lawyer from Ministers Shanmugans' or Edwin Tongs' Lawyer Firms to fight for her case.

Virgo 49 said...

Bro, can only pay for their photstat court's documents.

That's all for 20K


Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

Quick and dirty definition of pragmatism: The ends justify the means...i.e. if what you set out to achieve is "true" then you have to be AMORAL --- i.e. no moral compass, flexible/ situational ethics apply. All Nation States are PRAGMATIC varying only in degree and the contexts where pragmatism is applied.

@ FL 1003

>> If you don't fight you never know if you will win. <<

UNCERTAINTY. Even if you fight, there's no guarantee of winning or losing. HOWEVER... let's assign PROBABILITY of outcomes, given what we know about how "the-powers-that-be" operate in Singapore.

Her chances of winning against the all-powerful State-Machine is SLIM, to near-zero.

The longer this drags out, the LESS chance of winning...why?

Because they will "dig in". It's now past the point where there is no way they can relent, or else they will LOSE FACE and lose credibility...so they have no choice but to stick by their original decision.

Should she keep fighting?

Many have signaled that it's a waste of money". Maybe. Whatever the case, win or lose, it's going to cost money, time, effort, energy...resources.

And it is quite evident that winning is not even a long shot. It's practically improbable. Thus is it worth continuing?

Tough question to answer. It'll depend on Ms Ten, for her reasons alone. sure, we all have our opinions, but we're not the ones being directly affected...and once you hand over your money for a "cause", please don't complain about it later...it is reallybad form if you do.

If I were her, I would probably fight it...even though I would not get my degree because these fucks are dug in so deep and they'll have more resources than I, regardless of what I do. But I'd rather die standing on my feet then on my knees begging for mercy....

Fuck them. Good luck, Ms Ten

Virgo 49 said...

Wah, Frog Outside Glass.

Gonna print this in bold and have it displayed in frame on the main hall wall.


Anonymous said...

TOC kena jia lat. Article in question taken down already. But not yet apologise.

Must be careful not to any how hantum without basis lah. Talk also must agar agar. Don't get carried away lah.

Check whether your words got impinge upon other people's character and integrity or not lah.

Like that then can exercise Fake-dom of Speech mah.

Anonymous said...

This is no such a thing as Freedom of Speech because there is no such thing as "Freedom" in the first place.

So all those who are gullible enough to fight for Freedom of Speech are actually fighting for Fakedom of Speech. Because they are fakes. Usually politically motivated.

imho said...

Better spend the money and do a master degree in aus/uk/can and migrate there. Singapore is a soon to be doom place. Can write off in 100 years like jakarta.

Anonymous said...

What defines Singaporeans?

- if you die, it's not my business

1 nation
1 country