USA - A dangerous rogue and terrorist state'

          USA in its 242 years of its existence has always been a rogue and terrorist state. Native Americans have warned us never to trust white men for " They speak with fork tongues and can never be trusted." History tells us how the white supremacist of the United States brutally conquered north America by ruthlessly killing and genociding the native population and later by creating border incidents with Mexico providing it with an excuse to invade Mexico resulting in half of Mexico being illegally acquired by the US.

The Evil Empire thinks it can deal with other countries now in the same way it dealt with the native Americans. It has formulated new policies and doctrines to lay a basis for its justification to execute its wars of aggression and conquest and for its motive to dominate and subject the whole world under its total control and hegemony.

US is now using its doctrine of American Essentialism and the Jewish Zionist Wolfowitz Doctrine to undermine China's development and to eventually bring down China. The United States via its terrorist arm CIA is leveraging on creating choas, instabilities and violent street demonstrations in Hong Kong with the collusion of traitors and US lackeys to eventually destabilise and destroy Chin

CIA  planned and funded the Hong Kong riots

USA planned and funded the Tiananmen colour revolution on 4th June, 1989. It was put down by the Chinese government after many months of convulsions. However all the traitors , ring leaders and US lackeys who colluded with CIA were whisked away to America before they could be arrested.

The present many months of riots and violent street demonstrations  in Hong Kong is a carbon copy of  CIA covert plan of the Tiananmen riots.  CIA tries to lure and induce China to take strong action against the Hong Kong rioters so as to heighten tension and turn the riots into an international issue.  China will not fall into this CIA sinister trap but is giving the national traitors, ring leaders and USA lackeys enough rope to hang themselves first. China is letting the Hong Kong SAR's government to solve the problem first. However, if CIA's covert and overt operations is too overbearing for the Hong Kong Administration to handle then the PLA will march in at the right time to clean up the mess. China then may have to arrest some CIA agents and USA NGOs  caught in subversive activities and demand that US curtail its over two thousand consulate officers to just around eighty as most of the consulate personnels are actually spies and saboteurs.

Below I append an article forwarded to me by someone via Whatsapp which tells us how evil and wicked the US will go to undermine and destroy China and the Chinese people.

" We have to forward this message to as many people as possible to expose foreign plot, mainly CIA and UK M16.

Good reason why China is patient and not wield force by sending in the PLA.

The United States creates blood letting issues. Once the PLA comes to HK , CIA will kill some rioters and blame the PLA soldiers . Ukraine was done this way.

The American CIA will select a few rioters for killing  ( send a few sharpshooters hiding among the rioters and police and then start shooting). Then use the dead bodies for anti-China activities.

Escalate the issue and blame the PLA soldiers , and not the HK police, this is the reason why nobody has been killed so far . Once the PLA comes , there would be 100 ways waiting to blame the PLA.

They have already prepared the police uniform and weapons. Some rioters may put on police uniform and shoot people or protesters.

May even select and kill foreigners to raise the matter internationally , then use the Western media under the leadership of USA to push the matter to the climax. This is their operation operandi.

These American-Western pretenders act like gentlemen but plot in other countries to stir up people killing each other to be played again. Some rioters will unknowingly become sacrificial lambs of the West. So sad and tragical.

Everyone of us should work hard and spread this message . Let those blinded by the West know their plot and stop acting for the West  and also let others prepare for such an outcome and not be surprised should this happen.

Also could see the the evil acts of the 5 eyes under the leadership of the USA. The five eyes consist of USA, UK. Canada, Australia and New Zealand , all Anglo-Saxon countries descended from England."

The ultimate motive of the CIA planned and funded riots in Hong Kong is to proactively subvert the unification of Taiwan and China.

There are endless cases of USA rogue subversive activities against other countries which do not toe US dictates or subscribe to US aggressive foreign policies. Just last year 2018, USA tried all ways and means to subvert and destroy President Maduro government of Venezuela.. It failed because Venezuela had strong support from Russia and China as well as from a great majority of Countries in the United Nations Organisation.

USA terrorism on the high seas.

In the past USA had consistently hijacked ships and oil tankers of foreign countries based on spurious reasons that their owner countries did not follow USA illegal sanctions.

It is reported as in reference to Straits Times, Friday, September 6, 2019 'WorldBriefs' WORLD  Page  A22 of rogue USA trying to hijack an Iranian oil tanker.

" US offered millions to captain of Iran tanker.

Washington: A senior US official personally offered several million dollars to the Indian captain of an Iranian oil tanker suspected of heading to Syria, The State Department confirmed on Wednesday.

The Financial Times reported that Mr. Brian Hook , the State Department pointman on Iran, sent emails to Captain Akhilesh Kumar in which he offered "good news" of millions in US cash to live comfortably if he steered the Adrian Darya 1 to a country where it could be seized."

USA the Evil Empire is getting more and more desperate and dangerous. Its insidious activites and actions may lead the world to nuclear war and destruction of mankind.


Wednesday, 11th September, 2019.



Anonymous said...

Singapore and Malaysia have to be very careful in working with the satanic United States. The Evil Empire may subtlely make use of Singapore and Malaysia to subvert and undermine China. There are far too many Americans working in the USA embassy. Most of these embassy officers are nothing but spies and saboteurs.

Anonymous said...

I think Southernglory1 is right the Evil Empire is trying proactively to subvert the unification of Taiwan and China through riots and convulsions in Hong Kong. Not only that it is breaking up treaties signed with China regarding Taiwan and is now illegally and illicitly selling offensive weapons to Taiwan.

Anonymous said...

Taiwan could have been united with China long ago had it not been due to the interference of the United States in the Chinese civil war.In the early 1950s during the Korean War, America stationed its 7th Fleet in the Taiwan Straits to prevent China from liberating Taiwan so as to unify with China as a Chinese unitary state and country. In the 1940s and 1950s to mid 1970s China did not have a navy in the actual sense of the word. Thus USA and the West could play havoc with China in any evil way as they like.

But fortunately now China has risen like the legendary phoenix from the fire and is now rich and powerful. Let the US and the West try to tamper with China again and it will be courting their own death and destruction.

China and the Chinese people will never be trampled and bullied again.

Virgo 49 said...

One War Hawk John Bolton is DOWN.

Cycle bar Douche, oops Mouche is Down.

4th National Security advisor, another War Hawk.

Dotard Trump : You're Fired! Famous quote.

Kena sacked: We resigned!

imho said...

Trump and Xi is best of friends. They are working together to increase their personal wealth. The next war will be dark skin vs fair skin people.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

Southern Glory is lost in his own emotions.

The main ficht is with the CCP. Chinese people are not the "targets" of the western powers and its lap-dog media.

Xi needs to go, disappear for good.

Anonymous said...


Last 5 months have convinced Xi & CCP to work with USA, or at least tone down their rhetoric & dogma LOL!!!

Whatever ... I've been saying that these few months will be good for accumulating CN & HK stocks for the next 30 years.

Of course keeping my War Stocks strong for the foreseeable future as well!!! Hahaha!!!

southernglory1 said...

Re: Matilah: 10:36am

Matilah, please don't delude yourself. I think you have lost your independent mind and thinking. They are now under the control of American white supremacists and American Jewish Zionist Illuminati Deep State whose powerful toxic propaganda is poisoning the minds and thinking of many naive people in the free world. I am shocked and surprised that an intellectual man like Matilah can be taken in by the American Deep State to think and and say what they want him to do. Matilah, please take note the CCP has the full and genuine support of almost the whole Chinese people whether in China or elsewhere. The CCP has brought dignity and self-respect to China and all Chinese people. The CCP has rejuvenated China and helped China to rise like the Phoenix from the ashes after over one hundred fifty years of Western and Japanese brutal aggression and exploitation. During the spand of those gruesome years China was a total wreck and the country was like a totally dilapidated house with no roof and walls. The CCP has guided the Chinese nation through wisdom and wise planning to bring success to China and the Chinese people. The CCP has brought over 800 million Chinese out of poverty and enabled over 500 million Chinese to become middle class within a spand of 30 years. The Chinese whether in China or overseas are proud of the CCP. So please remember CCP is snynonymous to Chinese and China and vice versa. You can't separate and detach them. So an attack on the CCP is an attack on China and the Chinese people. Matilah, wake up and don't fall into the delusional evil USA imperial trap.


Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ Southern glory 1

Please lah uncle. There's no "grand conspiracy" afoot. The real world is actually quite mundane and boring.

But if you need some "conspiracy theories" to spice up your life, I'm not going to stop you!

Good luck. Please don't suka suka throw around the word "DELUDED" 🤡🤣

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

Southern Glory is lost in his own emotions.

The main ficht is with the CCP. Chinese people are not the "targets" of the western powers and its lap-dog media.

Xi needs to go, disappear for good.

The above is what a typical unthinking banana would utter without knowing that this idea has been planted into his subconscious for good.

What, the fight is with the CCP and not the Chinese people? Don't be so naive lah.

Why must Xi go, disappear for good? For whose good, the banana's good, or the Americans' good? Xi has been extremely good to China, Asia, Africa and many parts of the world, even good for the Americans.

Why must he go?

Without Xi and the CCP, the West would love China and the Chinese as the Sick Man of Asia, to be kicked around, and the Chinese to remain as cooks and laundryman.

Without Xi, the Chinese would still be bullied and killed in SE Asia and many parts of the world with no recourse to justice, simply because they were poor and hungry Chinese and no strong China to tell them that China would not sit idly by when they are being killed.

Without Xi, where would the developments in Central Asia and Africa come from? From the white former colonial masters?

Without Xi, North Korea, Iran, Venezuela and many smaller countries would end up like Iraq.

Tsk, tsk, tsk.

Anonymous said...


You sing praises of Xi, CCP, & China ... yet don't have the integrity to invest even just a measely $50,000 in China. But instead to collect money from them via Global Times.

"It is difficult to get a man to understand something, when his salary depends on his not understanding it."

This goes for all other China balls lickers too.

Anonymous said...

Excellent essay thanks Redbean


imho said...

Angmos is the lesser of two evils. Imagine what the world will be like if rule by non angmos.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ all

The best defence RB and the "pro-CCP" lobby can muster is the tired, old (like them) "banana thinking" ad hominem attack.

But as WSG has pointed out, One fucking dollah they dun even put down...so that gives me some idea how to value their "outlook" on things.

I remain LONG CHINA, because of the people, the spirit of enterprise and the motivation to "go for it".

As far as the CCP are concerned, I hope the top people meet with assassin's bullets, real soon.

Then, you will see China take off as the "good guy".

Anonymous said...


If this is not advocating and instigating violence and crimes, what is?

As far as the CCP are concerned, I hope the top people meet with assassin's bullets, real soon.

This person should have been banned from your blog long long ago.

And you should already know why.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ 338

One man's violence is another man's liberation from oppression to freedom.

No doubt if I said Trump deserves to be shot, the likes of RB, Virgo, SG1 and the rest of the "great leap forward ver. 2" would have got cock stands and swifty cum in their pants, or all over their computer. 🤟

But lord have mercy on me if I DARED to insult their (Winnie the Pooh lookalike) "god" 😂. Talk about being "triggered" 🔥

Today, the Tree of Liberty is in need of nourishment. And we know what it likes to eat and drink: the BLOOD of PATRIOTS and TYRANTS ⚰️💀😂👍

It's feeding time! Nom Nom Nom ,😋😋

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Hi JC, the above article is posted by Chinese scholar SouthernGlory.

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