Things to ponder in this GE

Be Serious to take Action:
Where is this PAPi leading us to?
Why are we suffering like that?
Why must we be sharing away our lands to so many others? For what purpose?
Did the PM promised to make things affordable and look into the problems?
Where is this PAPi leading us into?
We do not need scholars to plans and dig into our accounts and deplete our savings?
What concrete benefits are the CECA signing?
What benefits to us for giving away billions of tax payers money to foreign students, almost 1 million a day?
Are we happier under the PAPi?
Why do we need this PAPi?
Where are we heading? What are we doing?
Deny 2/3, otherwise this country will be flooding with 10M displacing own children future.
We need to take serious action to tell them to stop it.
Print this out and bring it to the ballot box. Read this again and ask yourself, before you volt.

The above is posted as a comment in TRE to an article posted by a supervisor with a $3k income, wife doing part time job and may be losing her job, parents and a child to take care of. The supervisor was asking is the govt doing enough to lower the cost of living.

What do you think?

Here are some suggestions for the supervisor to overcome his financial drags. Be a patriotic citizen, like Trump told his bankrupt farmers, get his parents to clean tables in the food court, good income and good exercise, healthy living and no need to be a financial burden, financially independent. Forget about having a maid. Also, his daughter can stop school at O level or earlier. You do not need to get a degree to become a hawker or to become a taxi or bus driver.  Can start work earlier as a food delivery girl using an Escooter.  QED


imho said...

After casting the votes, the rest of the process are all beyond voters control and transparency. They are all easily manipulated. I have stopped believing in them long ago.

Anonymous said...

Angkol, no need so jek ark la,juz tell the fellow think first prior to vote or juz vote an alternative party for ur voices be heard else after erection u kpkb olso no use la, juz do ur part of a sillizens ho boh.

Anonymous said...


Don't waste time lah!

As said before, the masses will at most tcssssss and kpkbsssss......but when come to voting.....die-die-die-die pap!

Sg loong loong loong loong ago already like that liao!

So.... what for GE? Someone here even predicted 85% for psp at next GE! Possible? What say you?


Anonymous said...

The supervisor earning $3K is an average person in Singapore. With second part-time income in the family he must be better off than some. Why complain? Who did he vote for in 2015? Maybe he did vote for alternatives, and if he did, nothing has changed. If he voted for the MIW, then he will be wise to cast his vote elsewhere in the future GEs. The coming GE will see the same result as in 2015. Nothing has changed and if things continue the way it has for the last 5 years or so, the next GE will show the same result. Singaporeans have this mindset that the devil you know is better than the one you don't know. A few angpows and a few sweeteners before GE will be the tonic to make them forget their troubles and make them vote for the people with silver tongues and temporary helping hands. Sorry for those who find Singapore living costly, just learn to live with it and within your means.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ Dazed and Confused

This, right here is SO telling:

>> Where is this PAPi leading us to? <<

If you ascribe to the idea of Government for The People, by The People, then by sheer deduction---no mental gymnastics required---we conclude that it is The People who are in-charge of their own cuntry.

By making a statement like that above is an admission that the people are not in charge and that it is the government who are calling the shots.

So instead of “government for the people by the people” we arrive at a horrific discovery of People by The Government, FOR The Government.

In that case, you are royally FUCKED, as both your existence and your cuntry are not yours anymore.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 9.27am

So you are expecting same or higher% for pap at the next GE.

But why still so many opposition parties like chances very very favourable to opposition parties...,

Why like that?

Anonymous said...

@ Anonymous September 17, 2019 9:20 am
///So.... what for GE? Someone here even predicted 85% for psp at next GE! Possible? What say you?///

Anon 9.20am,

85% for PSP?

TCB will be delighted?

Anon 9.20am, you spoke your mind?


Aka the "Madam President" episode?


Pls KeeChiu

Anonymous said...

Hi 954am

Sorry sir..not psp but pap lah!

Anonymous said...

@ Chua Chin Leng aka redbean September 16, 2019 3:30 pm
///This social mixing is akin to a feudal idea, relevant only in the past. Today ease of communication, internet, TV, social media, easy travelling, the idea is old and obsolete.

Even the stupid idea that universities must have foreign students, or our students must go for exchange programme, a very expensive and wasteful programme that caters to the rich that do not need them.

The lack of ideas, the lack of thinking stick out like a sore thumb. Just continue with the old ways, like playing marbles and fighting spiders are great stuff.///

Uncle Chua,

In the past, SDP had come out several times to voice concern about several shortcomings?

Last month, PSP also made it clear the problems school children and in turn their parents faced ?

In the Indo haze problem since the 1990s, a lot of GDP is generated?

SomboLEE starts the fire?

Then after the fire caught on and burned wildly, "BRAVE, GALLANT AND HEROIC RESCUERS and FIREFIGHTERS" are sent in to put out a problem that shouldn't have existed in the first place?

After 3 decades, the problem is NOWHERE near to be solved, much less eradicated?

Social mixing?

When a handful or tens of PROMINENT politicians can't even gather together for some "political mixing" to solve such basic problems of haze and environmental Damage, it shows how clueless some people are in this world?

Let's put it this way.

How old are you now?

How old are your grandchildren?

When they reach your current age, do you think the haze problem would be anywhere near being solved?

In their children's education, countless parents who have experienced and suffered deep, excruciating and torturing pains should know better?

It is NOT TOO LATE for some of the more responsible opposition members who are GENUINELY concerned to raise EDUCATION ISSUES going forward?

If parents still tidak apa and continue to adopt hack care attitude and simply borchap, then when the rotting fish has spread from its head downwards, whatever they try to do would be TOO LITTLE TOO LATE le?

Coming weeks maybe the last chance to solve the root cause and underlying problems our children are facing?

If the more responsible members in the opposition camp don't take up such issue, the last chance may be lost and there is no turning back le?

This is similar to the widening and worsening inequality problems? It is like cancer spreading? When cancer spreads to the vital organs and into the blood stream, still got hope meh?

The problems in education is worst than cancer?

It is a brain tumor type of time bomb?

When it implodes or explodes, the effects on patients have been shown to be DEVASTATING?

Let's NOT wait till then?


PSP and SDP, are you listening in?


Forget about those DEAF FROGS?

Raise the awareness of the EDUCATION ISSUES (in the coming GE)

Let the parents decide

If they still borchap, tidak apa, hack care, not their problems, then TOO BAD?

Let the sampan rot and sink to the bottom of the Melaka Strait bah?

At least someoLEE will be DELIGHTED?

No prize for the correct guess.

Hint : More than 90-yo. Name start with a "M". He is known to be the SMARTEST man in his own country.

PS: Virgo, how is the ride to the cloud (so far)?

The exchange rate still the same?

Great DEALS?


Anonymous said...

Anonymous 10.22am

The haze issues will not be solved forever and forever and forever

Don't hope!

Everyone is just wayanging!

Your only bestest hope is your good friend Mr Wind!


Anonymous said...

What's there to ponder?

Every general elections, I vote Opposition.
Every general elections, PAP wins again.

Every year, things get worse for Singaporeans.

All I can do is pray everyday for the Dragon son to die early.

Anonymous said...


As of 17 Sept 2019 11.33am, https://sgthinkbig.blogspot.com has "passed on", PEACEFULLY



The last chance to make a difference "has been lost".


Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...


Once a bucket of shit and genocide...which the world didn't care, behold.... Rwanda, the up and coming SINGAPORE of AFRICA

...and the numbers indicate they're on their way!

Are you sure you want to give up your "benign dictatorship"?

Anonymous said...


Why keep talking about haze?!?!

No problem for me --- just 24/7/365 aircon lorr!!! Hahaha!!!

Worst case just relocate temporarily or permanent also can ... No need expensive atas place some more e.g. boring Perth, Vietnam Dalat cooling highlands or Danang beach paradise, Thai Chiang Mai or Chiang Rai.

With $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ and investments located in various secure 1st world places with strong property rights & shareholder rights & ability to trade and invest from anywhere in the world --- NO PROBLEM LAH!!!! LOL!!!!

This is the beauty of NOT being tied down to 1 country or 1 place ... either in terms of job, savings, investments, livelihood, even housing. I treat my HDB as merely long-term rental --- luckily I never hold on to other property investments here!

My centrally-located HDB can also rent out to wildlife here for extra pocket money --- afterall PAPies have been saying & psycho-ing in recent days that S'pore needs to open legs wider for even more wildlifes. Hahahaha!!!

Anonymous said...

Things to ponder ....

When will Ah Loong die from cancer?

Anonymous said...

@anon 3.20pm

The Longer better, he will see the downfall of his dynasty sooner or later mah.

Anonymous said...

@ 3.36pm

If he die tomorrow.
He will die knowing.

His son will never be able to succeed on his own merits.

Anonymous said...

@anon 4.27pm

Not to worry L9ng san cud even live longer than anyone imagine with the advent of medicine, he wud pop pills to stay awake & ensure no one demolish his throne mah. His son will be installed as the next leeder after seat warmer leave la.

Anonymous said...

The Lee Dynasty shall likely ends in the next election. Everywhere the people are swearing, cursing and shouting expletives at the papies.
Seems like an expected upset is veru possible. At least PAP shall be denied Two third Majority.

Anonymous said...

@anon 5.56pm

It's too early to tell.
All these kpkb as we all know never translate into votes. In the end still the PApies win & win big due to many foreigners converts voting in their white masters. Leegime change is a lost cause in tis tiny island, a HK protesters alike in Sinkieland is unlikely as most r tamed sheeple with a few scare here n there they votes the whites men or with few goodies they votes them in, to ask them vote otherwise they r very scare of serial no. on the vote paper .

Anonymous said...

An asteroid will definitely stop haze,and

People cooking children.

Anonymous said...

@Anon 8:48pm

Asteroid strike will solve all problems, but chance is only 0.0000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000001%.

Frankly you have better chance of striking Toto every year.

OTOH chance of you becoming older tomorrow is 110%. Chance of you having to drive taxi, grabfood, clean toilet, wash plates, sweep HDB, security guard in your 60s, 70s, 80s is also 110% or 200% IF you don't prepare now.

Anonymous said...

Even if it's a monkey.
- I'm voting for the monkey


Anonymous said...

Singapore had progressed into family

BOILING stage.

Anonymous said...

PAP has become too cocksure of its brand that its getting too arrogant (as depicted by the over-cocky Woodenhead) and too ruthless (as depicted by the blatant abuse of legality and legalistic processes by the Sickenhead).

It's time (if fact, overdue) to send a clear and strong message with the only tiny bit of power in your hands. Don't just TCSS, ACT!