The truth about the rioters and arsonists in Hong Kong protest

As the rioting and destruction get more serious by the days, the truth of this fake democracy and freedom movement is getting clearer. The idiots are waving the American flags and calling for Trump to intervene, maybe sending American boys and girls to fight for their fake democracy and freedom cause. Would the Americans be as stupid as the rioters and arsonists to die for their delusion?

The stupidity in the Hongkongers has been exposed. The myth that they are pragmatic and smart people is starring down at them. They were supposed to be innovative, creative and clever business people that would easily grasp what is good for them, not wild imaginations and useless idealism. The prosperity of Hong Kong in pre handover days and post handover days was political circumstances in the earlier case and the generosity of China when it returned to China.

The Hongkongers could not see these and believed that the prosperity of Hong Kong was due to their industry and cleverness. Never have they been so wrong, never have the academics and historians been so wrong in their conclusions. When the Cold War was waged by the West to contain China, Hong Kong was the only window and gateway for China to trade with the rest of the world. Everything in and out of China went through Hong Kong. How not to prosper as a conduit of goods with little value add, little creativity and innovation, no need technology and engineering? Has Hongkong produced anything worthy other than a middleman and overpriced housing?

After the return to 1997, China bent backwards to ensure Hong Kong prospers as a rich city of China and offered exceptional assistance to make sure this happened. The generosity and magnanimity of China were taken for granted, ignored and refused to be acknowledged. The Hongkongers continued with their smugness and delusion that Hong Kong’s success was due to them. And they believed that they could survive and prosper on their own, maybe with western crutches, without China. How silly and naïve the Hongkongers have proven to be.

Now this fake protest that is turning more violent by the day, for what? The Extradition Bill was not an encroachment or erosion of their freedom or democracy. It was a criminal bill, to bring Hongkongers that committed crimes overseas to justice. It was initiated by the Hong Kong govt, not by China. An extradition bill is a normal bill that many countries have signed with their counter parts to ensure criminals did not go free. Going against this bill is protecting criminals, not about democracy or freedom.

The Hong Kong govt has formally withdrew this Bill but the rioting and protest continue with increasing violence and destruction. Maybe this is a good thing. Let Hong Kong burn, let there be blood and carnage on the streets, inflicted by the rioters and arsonists and thugs. Let these be the reasons for the Hong Kong govt to come down hard on the arsonists.

The fake protest and lawlessness must come to an end. Hong Kong and the Hongkongers would pay the ultimate price for exposing their stupidity and silliness and for betraying the Chinese people and becoming the running dogs of the West.


southernglory1 said...

Similar to the Tiananmen riots the Hong Kong riots is planned, organized, supported and funded by CIA working in close collusion with national traitors, ring leaders and USA lackeys. Many of the traitors and American lackeys have already gone to US and Taiwan to escape arrest.

The traitors and ring leaders in close collusion with evil CIA have managed to recruit naive school boys and girls as well as workers through massive toxic anti-China propaganda to be their sacrificial pawns. The CIA through the use of USA NGOs have infiltrated into practically all schools and universities and all tiers of society to propagandize and demonize China and the Hong Kong SAR's Administration.

However, the United States evil plan to destabilize and undermine China through Hong Kong will never succeed for the Chinese people will never allow it to happen. Hopefully all these callous evil plans and deeds of CIA will rebound and hit the United States with a vengeance as it is already happening now.


Virgo 49 said...

Dumplings with revolutionary messages by the Hans to overthrow the Manchus.

Now, the Traitous Hongkies, hope that Sensitive Anon is not offended. Unless he is a Hongkie.

They are now sending Mooncakes with revolutionary messages to Dotard Trump to downfall the Xi Dynasty.


Anonymous said...

China needs another cultural revolution. This time round, the red guards should not be used. Make use of the old guards or silver guards. All patriotic Chinese forces must now arise and take their fists (not arms) to the streets to show their anger and rein in .the innocent young mobsters. At the same time, China should set up a CIA equivalent to counter the US CIA. Name it CCIA or Counter-CIA or China Central Intelligence Authority.

imho said...

Every once a while, people rebelled against their rulers. The problem lies with the rulers. They just keep exploiting the people until the people cannot take it.

Virgo 49 said...

Off Topic

Rumours had it the GE 2019 is on December 14. A Saturday as usual.

Opposition chiak yew!


Anonymous said...


So..... now you know why pap got 69.9% at last GE!

Someone said last week that now the predictions gone up up up at 85% to pap at the next GE!

Possible? What say you? Anyway we shall see. All the BEST-est!

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

So glad the feisty kids of Hong Kong got at least ONE of their FIVE demands met.

There's more work to be done yet, and th spread the message to Taiwan, and then the mainland of China.

The Chinese people need to take back their lives and rid themselves of Xi and the CCP.

Anonymous said...

Ah Loong
Your father is calling Yew.
Better faster go up the lorry.
For the good of all the Singa-poor-eans Yew created.

Anonymous said...

Hi V49 10.28am

This weekend 4D red numbers must be...1412 and 1214!


Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

Kopi susu...sue sue sue! How many online citizens can Yew Sue? 😂🤣

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ all

This is why they "win". High tech-savvy, organized, intelligent. (Hey, we're referring to Cantonese kid here...they're mo duc ding!)

And The Geeks Shall Inherit The Earth

CIA helped tham? Please lah. Stop it. You're embarrassing yourself....🤣😹

Anonymous said...

Today is 911 no. 18th year (New York World Trade Centre Tower hit by Terrorists) already, the world is still not a peaceful place to live. The next target could be in China or HK, some kind of a Human Terrorists sprouting out in action & the authority can't do anything except to retaliate with force. Nobody understand what the minds of these Youngsters HK ( do they wan Demoncrazy or JoshuaWongangsterism? Nobody knows), only thing is wait & see now.

Anonymous said...

@ Anonymous September 11, 2019 10:33 am

So..... now you know why pap got 69.9% at last GE!

Someone said last week that now the predictions gone up up up at 85% to pap at the next GE!

Possible? What say you? Anyway we shall see. All the BEST-est!///

"What say you?"

Actually the higher the better?

There is a saying in 普通话:


Best is 100%?

The faster to get over and done with, the better?

This is like the law of demand?

Inverse relationship?

Downward sloping curve?

The political yield curve needs to be inverted?

Then political recession can set in?

Bc political aggregate demand would have fallen?

But without substitute the marginal propensity to consume (MPC) = 1?

The Keynesian multiplier is given by k = 1/(mps + mpt + mpm) ?

So it becomes undefined when k = 1/0 ?

The whole Keynesian concept is especially efficacious for political depression?

It is politically irrational for dynamic inefficiency to fester (in the LR)?

When the political yield curve inverts, it means MES sets in early and political diseconomies of scale will occur?

Political decreasing returns of scale (DRS) will lead to political marginal product (PMR < 0) to be negative?

In 普通话, the equivalent is called "生老病死"?





面对一个三岁的七十岁老人, 你说怎么办?


PS: Happy moon cake festival. Btw, can somboLEE tell Viago (yesterday in his Econs answer), he went round and round but never address the keywords and key concept? He said he bought a lot of cheap moon cakes? How cheap? He is supposed to compute the REAL EXCHANGE RATE? Otherwise how to compare or know how cheap? Tiok bor? Viago said his son and daughter study hard subjects like Madh and Sai? But he dunno how to count or compute simple REAL EXCHANGE RATE of his moon cake? Or he trying to evade the issue? He said he bought another 8 boxes moon cakes? Give who? Ownself eat 8 boxes? Do you think this Viago has ruminated and repented? So he is turning over a new leaf and apologising to his zone GR leaders and "porlampa" them with the moon cakes which he has to bring all the way back from Genting? Good boy? Never too late? 浪子回头金不换?

Virgo 49 said...

Hello bro. 30 sin dollars for 6 pcs at sin 5 per pc not cheep cheep?

Genting Grand 5 stars chef made one you know.

Hong kies ordered by the planes loads for the Americunts for the uprising.

Moon cakes revolution.


Anonymous said...

Part 1:

@ Virgo 49 September 11, 2019 1:16 pm
///Hello bro. 30 sin dollars for 6 pcs at sin 5 per pc not cheep cheep?
Genting Grand 5 stars chef made one you know.///

Uncle Virgo,

It is probably indisputable that many might agree you likely have high "GQ"?

Aka "Gambling Quotient"

But sad to say :(((

It would appear apparent to many (readers) that you and Makilah (or Mahgeelah whichever pronunciation suits u) have extremely low "EQ"?

Aka "Economics Quotient"


Just ask readers to vote on the following questions and it would be obvious they too will agree you and Makilah both have low "EQ"?

1) How many think that moon cakes and bak kwa are day to day food items that the masses especially the low income group and lower middle income group would have for breakfast, lunch or dinner?

2) How many agree that Nasi Lemak, Chicken Rice, Nasi Bryani, Pasta, Roast Duck Rice, Laksa, Mee Siam etc are the common food that the masses often have for meals?

Now, in Economics the actual calculation of the Real Exchange Rate is derived from some indexes.

However, to engage readers (many who could be economics illiterate, just like many Chinese sinkies who are bananas and barely comprehend much 普通话), in yesterday comment, the computation of the Real Exchange Rate between SGD and MYR was "simplified" using "the ratio of the prices of common food items/ necessities" in both countries respective currency multiply by the factor of their nominal exchange rate.

The actual computation in economics uses some indexes but in itself have flaws and might not reflect the actual purchasing or consumption patterns of individuals and households?

Nonetheless the concept itself, not withstanding how to formulate accurate weightage of different items to reflect accurate consumption patterns, is valuable to help the masses especially the lower income group to understand the real economic value of their day to day struggles to circumvent or overcome the vicissitudes in life and probably how they could optimise what they have or earn every month?

Uncle Virgo, to prove your point, you and Makilah have been harping on moon cakes and bak kwa.

Readers dunno or are not sure which part of the earth you two live in

But ask yourselves the following question:

How essential and regularly purchased (IF AT ALL) are moon cakes and bak kwa in the low income group daily/ weekly food/ grocery/ necessities list?

Remember, yesterday's comment revolves around the real exchange rate between SGD and MYR, not some unimportant frivolous discretionary spending that the cash strapped low income families can do without.

Really hope you and Makilah's "EQ" (Economics Quotient) will grow over time.

For now, it is extremely low :(((((

Anonymous said...

Fighting poverty in Singapore (ironically about 250,000 afflicted poor Singaporeans in dire need of help in the midst of a first world city hosting and spending multi-million on F1 Grand Prix event this month for indulgence in decadence)

Latest video on poverty in Singapore By former GIC Chief Economist Cum Professor at LKYSPP Yeoh Lam Keong


Anonymous said...

Part 1


"Sole breadwinner of family of six killed in JB hit-and-run"

"Widow says: I don't know how to carry on"

Source: TNP

///All he wanted was to save money by buying cheaper groceries for his family this Ramadan.

But his short grocery run to Johor Baru on June 5 ended in tragedy, leaving his family without their main breadwinner ahead of the Hari Raya Puasa festivities.

Mr Zulkefli Yusop, 47, a driver, was killed in a hit-and-run accident at Jalan Johor Bahru, heading towards Kota Tinggi, near the Eastern Dispersal Link Expressway at 7.35am.

The Singaporean's motorcycle was hit by what is believed to be an orange Proton Waja on the right-most lane, causing him to fall off.

His widow, Madam Rohaya Zainal Abidin, 44, told The New Paper yesterday that the impact was so great that the front bumper of the car was ripped off and got lodged in the rear wheel of the motorcycle.

"He left after morning prayers that day, at about 5.30am, to go to Johor Baru to buy groceries and pass some money to his mother who lives in Taman Pulai," the part-time cashier said in their two-room flat in Marine Terrace.

"I never expected something like this to happen," she added before breaking down in tears.

The Johor Baru (South) traffic police chief, Deputy Superintendent (DSP) Wan Zulfikri Wan Othman, told Berita Harian that after Mr Zulkefli fell, another car hit him and dragged his body for about 40m.

"After the collision, (the driver of the Proton Waja) did not stop," said DSP Zulfikri.

"He (Mr Zulkefli) fell on the right-most lane where another car, a Perodua Myvi, could not brake in time. The body was then dragged for about 40m."

Mr Zulkefli was pronounced dead at the scene.

Told of her husband's death within the hour, Madam Rohaya broke down after breaking the news to their four children - two sons and two daughters aged seven to 16.

"I got a call from my relatives in JB at about 8am. They told me that my husband had died in an accident," she told TNP.

"When I woke my children to tell them, they said, 'Don't joke,' and then started screaming and crying."

Madam Rohaya said the Johor police told her relatives that a third car had crashed into the Perodua Myvi, which brought both cars to a halt.

The RM600 (S$200) meant for Mr Zulkefli's mother, as well as his mobile phone, were missing from his body.

TNP understands that the driver of the Proton Waja is still at large.


Enraged by the driver for not stopping to help her husband after knocking him down, Madam Rohaya said: "I wish I could strangle that person. My husband is gone. I don't know how to carry on."

Told that pictures of the accident were circulating on Facebook, she found photos of her husband's motorcycle with an orange bumper lodged in its wheel.

She said her husband had bought the second-hand motorcycle in January and was still paying the instalments.

"We were on our way to a better life. Two days before the accident, my husband, who was taking home $1,300 a month, had gone for an interview for another driving position that would pay better," said Madam Rohaya.

"But now, I don't know how we're going to manage."

After his death, the company her husband had applied to called to say that he was being offered the position.

The new job would have given him an additional $200 a month, a tidy sum for a family that depends heavily on financial assistance schemes to get by.

The children make do with $5 a day, often eating their meals at home to save money, Madam Rohaya said.///


Anonymous said...

Part 2

To former GIC Chief Economist Cum Professor at LKYSPP Yeoh Lam Keong:

Your latest video as attached below on helping the poor in Singapore is very encouraging.


Thank you for putting in all the efforts in your research on this deeply troubling issue in Singapore and creating more awareness about it than some people pretending to be deaf frogs or blind and hearing nothing and seeing nothing but sitting on cushy jobs using their mouths to (do) work and pocketing millions in salary and bonuses.

Some people choose to be parasites?

Some are like you who choose to be the unsung heroes working diligently but quietly behind the scene to champion the needs of the unfortunate in our midst.

We salute you and whoever are in your team for all the selfless efforts and sacrifices put in to help those in need.

Please keep up the good work and in one way or another keep Singaporeans updated from time to time.

Once again, thank you Prof Yeoh Lam Keong for tapping on your expertise, experience, network and talents in extending help to those in need in our society.




枝枯花落蜂不窥, 鬼哭狼譹鳩啼鸣。
求之未显弃之弗, 人间正道是沧桑。

Virgo 49 said...

Bro, once a while you have to tamper yourselves or you will go insane in Sinking Land.

Just like scrooges WHO just simply kept hoarding their monies and became so miseries that they do not even know how to keep themselves sane.

These are just simple joys as compared to the Papies who had already had millions.

That's why in Parliament they can joked and talked about diapers and menopause.

For them you starve, we a still have our millions.

Gambling Quotient.?

Un life you gambled everyday. Walking on the road even waiting for buses at the bus shelters you die when some imbecile drivers crashed their cars into you.

Gambling people are the MOST generous people.For they are NOT negative people WHO always believed in tomorrow.

That's why they are mostly bosses who took risks like us to create jobs for the less adventurous.

Who in the World will give you 4.2M or more in Today's Toto draw if you do not put an effort to punt some monies.

Little fortune no out Big Fortune No in. How's else to beat the Papies in their WEALTH?

Some countries you do not even have a chance to try your luck.

So don't be a hypocrite and like many of the hypocrites kept screaming that it's a bad idea to frequent the City Above the Clouds.

This is a Paradise when once you go, you will have a piece of Heaven that you will always want to go again with with walking stick.

These jokers do not know the joys that they are missing.

No wonder most faces lian hei hei like dark clouds as though the whole world is against them.
Or someone has died in their families.

Hope this enlighten your scholarly lecture.


Virgo 49 said...

Bro, if Mr Zulkefi is able to spend his meagre salary in Sinkieland he would NOT like thousands of Singaporeans bearing both sides inconveniences of a few hours torture by the ICA and Imgressi who took delight upon their bosses instructions to torture them.

This is because they have to expend their earnings to have food on the table for their families.

Also as filal son gave some monies to his mother.

Singaporeans had to find all sorts of keng to survive.

Unlike the Papies and their cronies and balls carriers and stooges who sponged on the masses.

Then he won't have to depart so early.

So make sure you vote TCB and parties as a hope for you and your children's future.

I don't give a damn but empathise with you.

Anonymous said...

@ Virgo49 7.09am 912
///So make sure you vote TCB and parties as a hope for you and your children's future.///

Why must (listen to you and) vote for TCB?

Cannot vote for CSJ?

How about LHL?

Election is a democratic process.

Voters choose who to vote.

Will (have own mind to) decide who is the candidate to serve the people BETTER when inside the election booth and mark accordingly.

@ Virgo 49 September 11, 2019 10:28 am
///Off Topic

Rumours had it the GE 2019 is on December 14. A Saturday as usual.///

There is this parasitic PLP JLB political analyst who openly predicted the date to be Mar 2020. Dunno whether he is Hsian Tao or purposely blur fark to sidetrack the opposition. But dun think people are so stupid like he think to believe in him cos his face is those type one look (cannot be trusted) need to siam (and cannot go near with a ten-foot pole de)

However, according to 2 uncles talking last weekend in their table over their lunch about punting 4d and horse racing, their topic veered into the odds for next election date (dunno how they get the info)

Can't really hear what they said cos the place was quite noisy.

But roughly one guy was telling the other that according to is source (dunno he got anyhow bullshit or not) , the payout for next year 2020 Jan, Feb and Mar are much higher than Oct, Nov and Dec 2019.

He said the lowest payout is Oct, followed by Nov or Dec (can't really hear what he said)

Uncle Virgo,

Can you teach us what is pay out?

How the system works?

If Mar 2020 has the highest payout means what?

The chances is the highest (will win $$$)?

Not punting or anything.

Just curious cos not many frens or relatives are hardcore gamblers or take it as hobby to relax.

Don't feel so sore or offended about your GQ...

It was a complement :)))

Couldn't fathom why you seem to take it as an insult and went on so much on it.

Don't forget to explain what is payout and what all the odds mentioned above really means, ok?

If NOT, next time also won't bother to share anything in MSN le if yall oldies also so selfish like those millionaire JLBs and grassrot pple ...

@ Virgo49 6.50am 912
///So don't be a hypocrite and like many of the hypocrites kept screaming that it's a bad idea to frequent the City Above the Clouds.

This is a Paradise when once you go, you will have a piece of Heaven that you will always want to go again with with walking stick.

These jokers do not know the joys that they are missing.///


You eyes pasted stamps

Which word or sentence mentioned anything bad about going to Genting?

You forgot told you before also love to go Genting very much when time allows?

Thought previous years there like we bumped into each other once at the MC high tables?

You eating your Atas bak kwa sandwich?


Mb dream about it but seems quite real leh....

Dunno dreamt or got bump into you.

Anyway fyi Genting is favourite short getaway place in Matland every year.

Will try to walk around all the casinos next time when there in case u also enjoying your time there.

Can buy u a drink and your favorite atas sandwich and eat at your favorite "老地方"

Virgo 49 said...

The Papies are conning the Opposition but they are NOT fooled by them.

Long ago, alreday have the Electoral Boundaries all drawn out.

Then recently called for them to draw up the boundaries..Next day see tender for marking booths and tables and computers and laptops.

Cannnot use old laptops and computers meh? Or already brought home by the Evil Serpents like the SCDF director.

This is to distract the Oppositions that Erection Next year.

Nov collect your Bicentinal credits.Dafts happy happy.

So sure Dec 14th still school holidays and caught the Oppo off guard.


Virgo 49 said...

I said TCB and parties.

Parties means CSJ, PJ, TJS etc.