Singaporeans, a people numbed

All the signs of an impending GE is there. The PAP MPs and ministers are starting to be seen walking around to show their faces. The electoral boundaries are under reviewed. A few opposition parties are stirring and also been seen and heard. Cheng Bock is reported today to be walking around, all 29 constituencies. But there is something amiss. Where is the buzz? Any Singaporean talking about the GE? Any Singaporean getting excited that there is another chance to make a difference or a dent in the PAP armour?

Are there issues that are closed to the hearts of the Singaporeans that they want change or want to remove? Apparently no. Singaporeans are going about their lives as if nothing is happening or nothing is going to change. The govt continues to blare about raising transport fares and GST to help the people, a few months to a GE and confidently think that these are non issues. The govt also showed its report card on the increase in population to 5.7m and the increase in foreigners becoming citizens, and increase in PRs as if this is an achievement that the people welcomed. Any reaction from the people? Nil.

There is no more political issues in Singapore that Singaporeans are interested in. Perhaps they have accepted all the changes and just moving on in their lives. The insidious CECA with the flooding of people from India becomes a new way of life. The CPF savings being held forever with withdrawal date a moving target is just part and parcel of being a Singaporean. Losing jobs to 2.5m foreigners and accepting the fate of being replaced by them is another of those things.

Life is good in Singapore. Singaporeans are barely affected by any of the above. Singaporeans are all united behind the govt and supporting the govt in everything it is doing. So no problem or issue is there to bother them? Would the opposition parties be able to set an agenda for the people to want to go with them? Would there be any issue that is dear to the hearts of the Singaporeans that they want an opposition party to fight for them in the next GE?

I am trying to put my fingers on the pulse of Singaporeans but it seems that the pulse is not there, dead, numbed or boh chap? The coming GE is looking like a non event and the PAP is likely to walk over with the 4G leaders taking over the leadership as planned.

Am I holding the hand of a Singaporean or a foreigner turned Singaporean? There are so many of them here that you don't know who is who.  Turn around and everyone looks like a foreigner and also looking like a Singaporean.  The foreigners turned Singaporeans are having a great time and great life here, busy chasing their dreams. The Singaporeans are busy doing what, working to make ends meet or enjoying themselves with the wealth they have accumulated over their life time with many living in million dollar HDB flats and multi million dollar private properties that can be converted into cash to fund their life styles in their retirement, or to pass down to their children that do not need to work anymore?

Where is the buzz of a GE?No buzz, no issue? This is a wonderful state of affair for the PAP, the ruling govt.


PAP is Singapore said...

GE or no GE, all the same. Life goes on. Life has no choice but must go on. Even if the balls and nuts are being squeezed. Even if the pain is unbearable, still has to bear. Why? Simple reason, only one simple and straightforward reason:

No opposition political party is capable of taking on and replace the PAP as the alternative government.

All are opportunists who cannot cooperate, cannot master enough fellowship yet wants to be chiefs of their small parties. These are people of small hearts, unable to do big things. Even managing one single GRC with three lawyers in the party also screwed up big time. How to get people's trusts?

Even the new PSP is a signal that the opposition parties are not able to sing one tune, let alone listen to one voice. There is no oomph in their belly. No challenge. All are just wayang - wasting time.

Better not to vote. Stay at home and play mahjong on election day.

Why waste time? Forgone conclusion - PAP will knock them off their feet and want big again.

Result predicted: PAP 74%, Oppositions 24%. Spoilt Votes 2%.

Anonymous said...

True, every opposition leader thinks he is PM potential. A minister position is too small for him or her.

Anonymous said...

PAP will win again.

So I will be confidently voting for the Opposition because I know PAP will always win.

PAP just makes me "buay song"
- so for fun, I will always vote Opposition.

Anonymous said...


The points raised in this article mostly Sama Sama with my thoughts lah.

Yes! Sg don't need GE lah! Don't waste time and resources! PAP sure win! Want to bet 1:1000? Hahaha....

The opposition parties in Sg cannot make it lah! So very very very tiny tiny city state with so many many many opposition parties how to vote you tell me lah!

Some more NO opposition parties ready to be government! How to vote? If after GE they run road, how?

Therefore many many many many many many voters will die die vote for the OLD Brand PAP, not because they are great, but bo-pian!

As a prediction for fun pap=78.8% opposition=18.8% others=2.4%.

It will be a 100% elected PAP Parliament! With A and H backed with PAP.



Anonymous said...

Wah! Wah! Wah!

Very rough! Talking about marikita!

Anonymous said...

Be Very very careful!

Don't play play!

Some comments can lim kopi or worst pants drop!


Anonymous said...

RB "the pulse is not there, dead, numbed or boh chap?"

All three.
When one Instant Singaporean is born,
five Instant Singaporean is sprouted naturally (Spouse, Parents, Children).

Our children generation have to contribute earlier in their life time to "share" the medical costs for the added five head count.

With the incentives for child care and education and adult health care being given, you know the answers.

Anonymous said...

@RB, @All,

Hahaha!!! Only you numb lah!!

Most other sinkies very woke, you know?!?!

They are all having good jobs, high pay, exotic holidays, atas feasts, and sending their kids to $3000/month childcare & preschools.

Yet another HDB millionaire (in cash, not his HDB lah!)

The best thing is that all these Sinkies KNOW & EXPECT recession soon that will decimate their wealth by 50% and lose their jobs etc.

They are WOKE & MENTALLY PREPARED & have TAKEN STEPS to mitigate & overcome when that happens. Since being born most Sinkies out there (aged between 15 & 50) have ALL ALONG operated on No Free Lunch, Self Reliance, Continuous Upskilling, Hustling.

They don't need any govt to tell them all these.

Do they like PAP? Not necessarily.
Do they like Oppo? Even less.

Anonymous said...

Also the numbness can also mean one thing "Self-Reliance" or there is no need for a garmen mah. Everything here becomes automatic sooner or later all the garmen agencies become automatic robots with program protocols, ranging from man in blue to man in white or black r all robots as wat one white man predicated the next era will be all Homo AI Optimus Prime no more homo Sinkies Sapiens lah.

Anonymous said...

The long arm of papists are very long. Its very difficult that they will lose any elections. Just make sure pay and pay, accept high density, and have not bad jobs. Its better than many in first world cunties that are unemployed or underemployed.

Anonymous said...


GIC just collected US$60M profits in just 2 hours this morning, using your CPF money!! Hahaha!!!

Background: GIC used US$1B of your CPF money to buy beer IPO in HK that started trading this morning.

But you're not going to see this profits in your CPF LOL!!!

Anonymous said...


S'pore banks are still hiring aggressively & especially for IT. If you have good relevant experience, chances are you can get 30% pay jump by jumping to the big 3 banks.

What's wrong with collecting more $$$$$$$$$$$$

No wonder "no buzz" .... Sinkies are focusing on more important things!!! LOL!!!

And that's why PAPies high chance to get 70++%.

Anonymous said...

Why The Government Is A Parasite On Society - Part 4/4

Everyone has to be judged as an individual. So I choose my countrymen based on their character and beliefs, not their nationality. The fact we may all carry US passports is simply an accident of birth.

Those who find that thought offensive likely suffer from a psychological aberration called “nationalism”; in serious cases it may become “jingoism.” The authorities and the general public prefer to call it “patriotism.”

It’s understandable, though. Everyone, including the North Koreans, tends to identify with the place they were born, and the State that rules them. But that should be fairly low on any list of virtues. Nationalism is the belief that my country is the best country in the world just because I happen to have been born there. It’s scary any time, but most virulent during wars and elections. It’s like watching a bunch of chimpanzees hooting and panting at another tribe of chimpanzees across the watering hole.

It’s actually dangerous not to be a nationalist, especially as the State grows more powerful. The growth of the State is actually destroying the idea of America. Over the last 100 years the State has grown at an exponential rate; it’s the enemy of the individual. I see no reason why this trend is going to stop. And certainly no reason why it’s going to reverse. Even though the election of Trump in 2016 was vastly preferable to Hillary from a personal freedom and economic prosperity point of view, it hardly amounts to a change in trend.

The decline of the US is like a giant snowball rolling downhill from the top of the mountain. It could have been stopped early in its descent, but now the thing is a behemoth. If you stand in its way you’ll get crushed. It will stop only when it smashes the village at the bottom of the valley.

I’m quite pessimistic about the future of freedom in the US. It’s been in a downtrend for many decades. But the events of September 11, 2001, turbocharged the loss of liberty in the US. At some point either foreign or domestic enemies will cause another 9/11, either real or imagined.

When there is another 9/11 – and we will have another one – the State will lock down the US like one of their numerous new prisons. I was afraid that the shooting deaths and injuries of several hundred people in Las Vegas on October 1, 2017, might have been the catalyst. But, strangely, the news cycle has driven on, leaving scores of serious unanswered questions in its wake. No competent reporting, and about zero public concern. Further testimony to the degraded state of the US today.

It’s going to become very unpleasant in the US at some point soon. It seems to me the inevitable is becoming imminent.

By Dough Casey.

Anonymous said...


Yet another HDB cash millionaire in his 30s

So yah ... No buzz & no issues!! LOL!!!

Anonymous said...

Whatever said about the opposition, I will vote for them.

Why? Firstly, Buay Song. Seondly, Buay Tahan. Thirdly, Buay Suka some of the policies.

Anonymous said...

Hi 8.32pm

A "Protest" vote? Correct?

Anonymous said...

Hi 8.42pm

A vote is just a vote.
Why must you call it a "protest" vote?

You must be a PAP Chee Bye ... correct?

Anonymous said...

Hahaha...anonymous 8.52pm...
cool cool cool! Anger not! Anger not! Take good care of your health. All the best!

Anonymous said...

Of course election is coming. Past experience shows.

Official indications: More walkabouts. Boundaries reviewed. Economy not conducive for delay.

Unofficial indications: Raining season. Muddy grounds.

Result: Same same. So what's the fuss?

Unknown said...

Why Elections Are Not Democracy

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Elections are of fundamental importance in countries around the world, especially as democracy continues to spread. As more and more of the world's people are winning the right to select their leaders in free and competitive elections, many elections are poorly understood by the electorate, as well as by the world at large and electoral institutions vary greatly from country to country.

The International Encyclopedia of Elections is the first and only definitive work to survey elections in independent nations and describe the varied systems and processes in clear language understandable to any interested reader. The encyclopedia will be most useful to undergraduate and graduate students, journalists, political activists, and scholars seeking information outside their specialties or their own countries.

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Anonymous said...

Important For EBRC to be Independent

Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Finance Heng Swee Keat on Monday (30 September) stressed the independence and efficiency of the Electoral Boundaries Review Committee (EBRC) in response to a question posed by a leading opposition party member about its setup.

Heng was responding to Singapore Democratic Party (SDP) chairman Dr Paul Tambyah, professor of medicine at the National University of Singapore's Yong Loo Lin School of Medicine, during a dialogue session concluding the first day of the two-day Singapore Bicentennial Conference at Fairmont Singapore.

If the DPM takes the trouble to explain that the EBRC is independent, then this criteria of it being independent must be of utmost importance.

Why not let the EBRC be chaired by the Chief Justice or the Commissioner of Police, or Better still become a separate independent entity not under the direct command and control of the PMO?

Unknown said...

Interdependent Origination

In this world, with the concept and practice of "globalization" being in force for the last two to three decades, one can now realise that no country is really independent. Every country is dependent on some other countries at all time.

Likewise, in each country, no organizations (especially government or semi-government establishments) are solely independent. They are all inter-dependent.

Similarly, all the organs and parts of our human (and animals) body are also inter-dependent.

Therefore, the truth is that everyone and everything are interdependent. One thing/event leads to another in a linear continuum frame of time.

Decisions are made, also, in an interdependent fashion. After analysing all available databases (which are never complete at any one time) and considering all "expert" ("experts" are never expert because no human being is perfect even in their own specialized fields of never-ending research and study) opinions/inputs/advice, a commanding decision has to be made. The one who makes and directs the final decision is, therefore, also not independent. However, he/she has the option of choice to give more weight for one aspect/factor (eg, political aspect/factor) over all the other aspects/factors of consideration.

So, you see, even the very top leader or commander is never independent!

That leads us to conclude that any talk about independent/independence is basically a fallacy that very few people want to concede.