Silly girly FM

Canada nominated a key economic advisor on Wednesday as its new ambassador to China, hoping to kickstart dialogue and ease a diplomatic standoff with the world’s second largest economy....

Relations nosedived after Canada detained Huawei chief financial officer Meng Wanzhou during a stopover in Vancouver last December. The United States wants to put her on trial for allegedly violating Iran sanctions and lying about it to US banks.

Nine days after her arrest, Beijing detained two Canadians — former diplomat Michael Kovrig and businessman Michael Spavor — and accused them of espionage, in a move widely viewed as retaliation....

“An expert in the region, he is exceptionally well-suited to represent Canada and advance Canadian interests at this critical time,” Foreign Minister Chrystia Freeland said in a statement.

At a news conference, she added that Barton would have a direct line to Trudeau’s office, saying he “has that level of trust with the prime minister, and also with me.”

“I think this is also an important message to China of the importance that Canada places, that the prime minister places, on this difficult and critical relationship.”
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This silly girly FM still cannot understand what she did wrong, what the boy PM did wrong and thinks she is sending a message to Beijing that all is well. Countries that have a FM like this does not need any enemy.

She still refuses to see the elephant in the room and thinks without releasing Meng Wanzhou she could get China to sleep with her.

Anyone wants to tell her go fuck spider? Or perhaps may ask her to come to Singapore to get a first hand lesson on how not to mess around with China. Who does she think she is? Because of her stupidity and the stupidity of the boy PM, Canada's economy is tanking and many farmers are suffering, trade with China is suffering, property prices falling, tourists avoiding Canada and hundreds of billions have gone down the drain. But these two studs are grinning everyday as if nothing has happened. For their egos and pride, the welfare of the Canadians can go to hell, never mind as long as the Americans say, good boy, good girl.


Virgo 49 said...

Aiyo Mr RB. Should have see the low kuey video of that Canadian Boy PM in the G7 Summit?

Why Canada even in the G7? More wealthy than China and Russia meh?

This stupid boy tried to converse with the G7 leaders and was ignored by them.

Even Dotard plucked him wholesale.

He tapped tapped and tried to shake hands with so many and they just turned away.

He looked so dejected and flabbasted.

What's a pitiful sight.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

He still thinks he is in drama school and all the ministers there treated him like a school teacher, not a PM. Without his father he would be nobody, maybe an actor or a model.

He still has no idea the damage he and the girl had done to Canada and the Canadians.

Anonymous said...

Today is Teacher's Day, would all educators be a lamp to shine on others to clear the hindrances, Happy Teachers'Day.

Anonymous said...

Silly girl FM thinks appointing a new ambassador will solve all Canada's problems.

Silly Singaporeans think that voting for PAP's new 4G team will solve all of Singapore's problems.

Dear Sillyporeans.
The elephant in the room is PAP.

They think Singaporeans should be grateful for being given the opportunity to vote PAP and to pay OAP million dollar salaries.

Unfortunately, 75% of Sillyporeans agree with PAP.

Anonymous said...

Anon 9.12am

Someone predicted 85% yesterday!

Possible? What say u?

Anonymous said...

85% is possible.

Anonymous said...

100% also possible lah. What 85% ONLY? Predict also don't know how to predict. Anyhow gasak. So stupud!

Anonymous said...

TOC Terry Xu kena sued. Got only 8 days to defend himself? Like that sure Su one. Since when any citizen journalist ever win in Sinkieland courts? Australian kangaroos courts can at least see some flies attacking them and win. My sympathy for Terry whose article expressing fair comment on No Ching's Facebook post is in no way defamatory at all. What has happened to the legal professionals in Singapore?

Anonymous said...

Sillyland also has a silly girly Pee-Aim. Correct or co-wrong?

Anonymous said...

Hi anon 128pm

You are thirsty is it?

Your comments can lim kopi!

Be very very very very very careful!

Don't pray play!


Anonymous said...

Hi Anon 1.28

Changi Hotel has a reservation for you. Quickly book a flight to KL.

Anonymous said...

What Is Fair Comment?

You have the right to sue, but you don't sue because as a person of high status and standing, you know that your personal reputation and official position are not dependent upon what people talk about you, but rather upon your own speaches and actions are. Is it not?

When you sue an ordinary citizen who is motivated by doing the right thing of fair play, in a politically unfair playing field, for the larger and long-term good of the country, knowing that you are probably going to win again and again, you are actually sending a very strong and clear message to the general public. This, therefore, can be interpreted and translated into a political motivation, rather than to simply defend your name, stature, honour, integrity, etc. Is it not so?

Is this a fair comment I am making? I think so. But powerful people when hurt by the truth may think otherwise. So, it is a matter of opinion, is it not?

In the final analysis, truth must prevail over the thickness of the skin or "face-water". Am I right?

Anonymous said...

Pay and Pay.

You want to make "fair comments".
Be prepared to pay for that right in legal fees.

You want to drive a car?
Be prepared to pay for that right ... called a COE.

Anonymous said...

Clearly, the stoogies are actively and urgently helping to create and maintain the atmosphere of fear in Sinkingland???

Virgo 49 said...

PeeAyam Lee had fallen into the traps of people influential behind the scene and backing Mr Terry Xu.

He did not want to sue own siblings on the excuse of not wanting to further tar the good name and reputation of the ExPM Lee the Founding Father of Singapore.

Terry Xu purposely replicated this article and add a dare to PeeAyam by writing some comments that his Empress Wifey is the main manipulator in the sad saga.

The people wanted the matter to be heard and cleared in Courts as they knew Empress Dowager will be fumed with anger.

They willing to back Terry to have the matter heard in the open Courts rather than in his Own Parliament Court.

The Intellectual Public with the exception of the daft already hard-core PAPies supporters will then made their Conclusions on the Real Happenings.

If proven that they harangued LKY then it be their chink in the armour to be exploited in the coming GE.

PSP TCB had in one of his speech stated that your Future PM in waiting The Goldfish Eye is the one who agreed and negotiated the Ceca depraving of many PMETS becoming redundant.

Do you want him to be your next PeeAyam??

So the table is going to be levelled up evenly in this coming GE.

Just like BREXIT it be 52 to 48.


Anonymous said...

Hongkongers have courage.
Sinkielanders have cowardice.
That is the fundamental difference between living and surviving.

Anonymous said...

Pakistan is threatening war with India over Kashmir, after failing to internationalise Article 370's abrogation and the end of Jammu and Kashmir's special status by India's Narendra Modi government.

Pakistani Army Chief General Qamar Javed Bajwa once again claimed that India is committing atrocities in Kashmir and trying to impose Hindutva in the valley.

When Saudi Arabia and UAE are on the side of Pakistan, how come Russia is on the side of India?

Is it because Pakistan has now switched to the US's sphere of influence?

Will China be on the side of Pakistan or India?

Anonymous said...

"You want to drive a car?
Be prepared to pay for that right ... called a COE."

That statement shows that its writer has been deeply brain-washed until he/she cannot think for himself/herself anymore.

Anonymous said...

Robert Mugabe, Zimbabwe ex-president, dies aged 95 at a hospital in Singapore.

Anonymous said...

If I want to vote PAP.
Does that mean PAP will take away my HDB flat after 99 years without paying for it?

Anonymous said...

If I want to vote PAP.
Does that mean more Indian PMETs will come to Singapore to make more Singaporeans unemployed?

Anonymous said...

If I want to vote PAP.
Does that mean GST will be increased to 9%?

Anonymous said...


Worry not worry not!

No one knows the future for sure.

Maybe maybe maybe the 8G leaders add another 9 to 99 making it 999!

Possible? Or just dreaming?

What say you?

Anonymous said...

If I want to vote PAP.
Does this mean that there is a high chance GIC and Temasek will lose billions of dollars in bad investments?

Anonymous said...


Figures released tonight showed big upside surprises in canadian employment numbers & PMI numbers.

Recession still far for canada.

S'pore will likely be in technical recession by Oct.

Anonymous said...

@ Anonymous September 06, 2019 2:36 pm
///Hongkongers have courage (and fighting spirit).
Sinkielanders have cowardice (and "borchap attitude"?).
That is the fundamental difference between living (with dignity and heads held HIGH) and (maciam) surviving (like "war time subjects and (long) outlawed African SLAVERY"?).///




PS ("The above PERSONAL observations could be true down the road when the incumbetent could surpass their last majority winning %age and even the record set by the predecessor of 75+%? It is almost impossible to find another more pathetic (and submissive) herd (on earth?) that would ask for MORE MORE MORE after waking up from being "screwed beyond pain threshold and fainted""? Who should be the role model? A real man or a "eunuchnised borji borlampa ahquaman mentality maciam still living undee WW2 circumstances almost completely emasculated from manhood"? A tale of 2 cities or a city of 2 tales?)

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Initially I was quite sympathetic to the cause of the HK protestors. But as this progresses I started to distance myself from them.

They are not fighting for independence that they claimed to be, but to be colonised and ruled by the British or the Americans.

They are not fighting against Police brutality as they are more brutal than the Police.

They are not fighting for better standard of living, they are destroying HK and the standard of living in the process.

They are not fighting for a better future as China has bent backwards to make HK a rich and properous city for them. What they are doing is to destroy HK.

The high property prices have been there and nothing can be done other than resettlement to neigbouring Shenzhen and Kwantung as land is so scarce in HK. HK is a tiny bit of rock. The protest cannot bring down property prices. There are better solutions but they refused. They should migrate to the USA or UK where land is aplenty.

They are arsonists, rioters, looters, and destructive vandals, not peaceful protesters.

This is not a fight for dignity but for slavery. They are very happy with the high court filled with foreign judges, not citizens of HK to judge their fate. Shameless to the core.

This is not a fight for better living but self destruction. The lives of HongKongers have never been better. HK is a very properous city. But after this it would not be anymore.

Anonymous said...

Are Hong Kongers protesting for more slavery?
- still better than Singaporeans right?

We voted for more slavery in GE 2015.

Ownself fuck ownself.

Virgo 49 said...

Statistics always LIE!

Politicians have to report their good tidings to get into their good books.

Do NOT be deceive by them.

Anonymous said...

A Tale Of Two Cities/Peoples

Hongkongers are fighting against too much control by their government. They are also fighting for housing, education, jobs and interference from the Mainland China. The wealth and prosperity of Hongkong are concentrated in the hands of a few ruling elites, business tycoons and foreign investors (Mainland Rich Chinese). There is a huge gap in the wealth distribution and inequality in the justice system. The law only protects the rich and powerful.

While Sinkies are willingly not fighting at all against too much control from the government. Sinkies want to become subservient civil servants, obedient soldiers and NSmen, on-the-ball workers, yes-men balls-carriers, loyal pay-correct millionaire ministers and bus-driver and taxi-driver slaves.

Sinkies are, in fact, voting for more and more Draculas to bite their throats and suck their blood, until they too become transformed into brainless and life-less secondary-draculars, but totally controlled by the Big Dracula through his totally loyal and obedient hunch-back henchmen and mindlessly verbose hench-women.

imho said...

Not a surprise. Can and Aus report to Uncle Sam. Its widely known.