Shameful Hong Kong activists crying to their white fathers in Washington

A few Hong Kong activists appeared in the American Congress urging ‘members of the US Congress to pass legislation to combat human rights abuses in the city, rejecting any suggestion that such a move would be inappropriate US involvement in another country’s affairs,’ reported by Reuters.

According to this singer activist Denise Ho, ‘This is not a plea for so called foreign interference. This is a plea for democracy.’ Does she have a brain? Is Hong Kong a colony of the USA? Is Denise Ho a citizen of Hong Kong or a Canadian?

Another idiot, Joshua Wong, said, ‘Beijing should not have it both ways, reaping all the economic benefits of Hong Kong’s standing in the world while eradicating our sociopolitical identity.’ This is another case of stupidity has no cure. This boy is still living in the 19th Century when China was weak and poor and at the mercy of the white imperialists and colonialists. He still believes that the white imperialists and colonialists are strong enough, and China weak enough, for them to walk into Hong Kong to whip the Chinese. I can’t believe the Hongkongers believe in the silliness of these kids, thinking that Hong Kong belongs to them and the Americans and they could ask the whites to tell China what to do.

And they blamed all this to ‘the creeping interference by Beijing in Hong Kong’s affairs, despite promise of autonomy.’ And this creeping interference is due to the Extradition Bill to bring criminals to justice proposed by the Hong Kong legislature, not China. What has the Extradition Bill got to do with creeping interference by China? Who is misleading who?

An extradition bill is a normal international agreement between two administrative states to bring to justice criminals committing vicious crimes in their respective countries. If an Extradition Bill is interference in another country’s affair, then all the countries with Extradition Bills are also guilty of this allegation.

How many stupid people believe in this childish logic? Only the unthinking will think so, that an Extradition Bill on criminals is interference in another country. In legal terms, to use this as a cause is a miscarriage of justice.

The few traitors would have been executed on their return in Imperial China, but not in modern China. Hongkongers must know that the reprieve they are having, under the one country and two systems would come to an end in less than 28 years. The 50 year grace period is not to let Hong Kong to run continuously under a different system but to be gradually merged with China under one China one system. The earlier Hongkongers get this message into their heads, the earlier they adapt to the system in China the better it would be in their interest. By the end of the 50 year grace period, there will be no more one country two systems. Period. The Basic Law is only for an interim period, not to be permanent, to facilitate the gradual integration of Hong Kong into China proper, not to be totally different from China.

The reality, Hong Kong is a part of China. A tiny piece of rock cannot change the whole of China or be different from China. The protesters and those that cannot live with China when China takes over Hong Kong fully have the choice to leave Hong Kong. They can leave Hong Kong, but Hong Kong cannot leave China. 2m Hongkongers can leave Hong Kong, China. 2m Hongkongers cannot be allowed to disrupt the stability and security of 1.4b people in China.


Stupidity Got No Cure = 87 (Paitt Qi)? said...

///2m Hongkongers can leave Hong Kong, China. 2m Hongkongers cannot be allowed to disrupt the stability and security of 1.4b people in China.///

Can the above quoted sentences be paraphrased as below?:

///// xxxxxx (technically an arbitrary number depending how many actually at certain point) losers, whiners, kpkb tcss oldies can leave "Indapore". xxxxx number losers, oldies cannot be allowed to disrupt the stability and security of 10m people in "Indapore". /////?

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ HK "sceptics"

Yes yes, this movement is going great. I think the "toxic ideas" of freedom and liberty put out by the “westernised, brainwashed and CIA-manipulated” (can you believe this unsubstantiated bullshit? 😂) young Lions and Lionesses of Hong Kong...yes these “evil western ideas”, these “toxic concepts” of self-determination, self-interested pursuit of happiness, the selfish love of life and liberty, the absolute conviction to freedom of speech, freedom of thought, freedom of assembly, freedom of movement, freedom of association….

….oh no, as long as you have a Xi JingPing who has crowned himself Head Pooh Bah For Life...the above “hellish” ideas of individualism, freedom, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, will CLASH and CONFLICT each other.

But I am positively hopeful. These ideas are seductive...much more “sexy” than “socialism with Chinese characteristics”---people are getting rich, they are travelling and they’re getting sick and tired of socialism/communism...no matter what “slant” is put on it.

So the young Taiwanese will pick up the ideas of the Hong Kong youth, and in time the young people in mainland China itself will be radically influenced, then RADICALIZED by the Hong Kong “freedom movement”, and they will add their own “ideas” to eventually arrive at:


Are you motherfuckers ready for change? 👍🤟💪👯

Anonymous said...

Communism is every property belongs to the Gov (aka God). Even Alibaba Chairman Jack Mah also need to hand over his entire company to the State so what is HK now. The young Lad going to the white masters has got his reasons for he knows there is nothing to tok about it as everything belong to the PRC China no need kpkb there so he seek help ( a kind of ancient feudal lord's seek help from other state) , it juz a repeat episode of Journey to the West lah.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

If there is an absolute idea in statecraft that would work and be the superior idea, it does not need 5000 years to discover. Look at the example of USA and China, one a democracy, individualism, free enterprise, multiracialism, the other a socialist country, command economy, state enterprise and homogeneous population with a few small minorities. Two completely different systems, both successful but who would turn out the winner?

Then two contrary examples in India and Russia, one a democracy with many similarities with the USA but a dysfunctional country not doing as well as the USA. The other, very similar characteristics as China but not doing as well.

If there is a perfect or idea model, India and Russia would be doing just as well as the USA and China.

What did these examples say?

imho said...

Please lah, long ago china was not one big piece. Normal for people to want out if the current system does not work for them. Some will migrate and some will protest. Common things happening all the time thru out horrible histories.

Communism is imperialism. Really everything belongs to state? The ugly truth is they belong to some elites. Russia belongs to Putin n mates, China belongs to Xi n mates. Thats the truth. Cannot take the truth? Told you its ugly.

India is not USA. They are both very different. Every country is very different. One must not be confused.

Angmo world leader is way better than ahneh, ahtiong, jap or eu. Count your blessings.

imho said...

If angmo no good, why so many ahnehs, ahtiongs, ahjaps and ahwatever want to migrate to angmo countries? you think they are stupid?

Anonymous said...

@RB, 10.11am

There is no perfect system of governing the country lah.

An ideal one is to this planet earth being govern by One Entity -- be it UN or GOD, each countries no more barriers no more soldiers of its own & no more War ( probably this would take the humans eons to hv this type of Universal Governance) & that when Human Sapiens evolve into the Aliens alike where interstellar travel is a reality. By then it would be under Galaxy of Docttrine Guardians Crystals ( more than Ad Astra)

Anonymous said...


That's why the importance of relying on yourself & spreading your $$$$$$$$$$ around the world.

Mastering skills that are useful & can be monetised in many other countries is also important. If you rely too much on localised skills & environment, you will end up being PLP to the ruling govt or elites in order to preserve yourself or to climb.

A few people going against ruling elites with low or no chance of success is due to idealism (like Chee or JBJ).

A few million people is not idealism ... it's desperation. Most of them are the poor & low SES --- few or no options to migrate or leave for better. A few are richer or higher SES. They are involved for opportunism & potential for profit or gain.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ Dust off your history books

Sun Yat-sen is a very interesting character. As a young chap, one can imagine him chilling out on a Hawaiin beach, smoking "pakaloco" (the Hawaiian term for marijuana, which has a history in Hawaii dating back to the early 1800's), and coming out with his BIG IDEAS to be partially realised later on.

Sun Yat-Sen was the quintessential BANANA. Firstly, his Cantonese + Hakka (fantastic combination!! 🤓) heritage and lineage is well established. He was born in Guandong (Canton) province. Educated by Christians --- British and Americans. In his political thought, he was HEAVILY INFLUENCED by America's Founding Fathers, in particular, Alexander Hamilton.

Writes left-leaning, labour author Michael O. Billington:

☞☞ Dr. Sun saw the founding of the American republic as the most advanced expression of the effort to create a society governed by agapé, the Christian notion of the love of God, truth, and mankind. He compared it to the Confucian notion of a ``Great Commonwealth,'' where man would govern himself on the basis of ``jen,'' the Confucian term that approximates the Greek agapé. ☜☜ Definition for Agape

Dr Sun also banged a lot of women. Some have been forgotten.

Western-educated, but managed to fuse his own ideas, Chinese culture and western ideas into his Three Principles Of THE PEOPLE

Xi JinPing and his kaki-nangs are not "the people". In fact, they have gotten very cosy and "safe" by suppressing "the people"

However now, China is feeling slght pain from he economic downturn. The pain is become more prominent.

It's time for another 1911 type Revolution...the one where Dr Sun THREW OUT the fucked-up assholes Manchurians of the Qing Dynasty.

Anonymous said...

Shameful PAP voters crying to their white masters in Parliament for help with the cost of living.

Anonymous said...

Look at what democracy has done to USA?, rampant shooting and killing.
Similar parallel in Taiwan society getting into abyss in part due to democracy.
In other word democracy is bo cheng hu.

Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...

The Traitors have no sense of belonging nor any sensibility because they have no root.
must be punished with maximun penalty and condemned for treason.

Anonymous said...

If there is an absolute best Leeder whose superior genes make him the best ruler ... his son should be equally capable.

But the 2 best Cambridge graduates of their generation has produced a son who is a dud.

Anonymous said...

Joshua Wong Chi Fung was the mastermind behind the 2014 Occupy Central protests in Hongkong. This traitorous kid condones violence to bring his brand of Democracy. For him, democracy means anyone who disagrees that democracy is best, will be silenced, walloped or maimed, as evidenced in his Kamikaze crazy protest movement in Hong Kong. He is enjoying support from Marco Rubio, Nancy Pelosi, and surprisingly America hates China so much that for once Republican and Democrat don't challenge each other, so long as "kill China" mode is on. It was ridiculous that Fortune Magazine named this kid as a brilliant leader, he was even nominated for Nobel Peace prize. The way the Americans work, if 1.4 billion Chinese are decimated, the person who pressed the kill button would also get Nobel Prize for Peace and Human Rights and Democracy. Democracy, it is a damn, dirty word. American politicians are the most evil creatures on Earth.

Anonymous said...

// American politicians are the most evil creatures on Earth. //

Are you sure American politicians are worse than PAP Millionaires?