Minimum sentence for anonymous criminal intimidation

The high court has just passed a ruling that ‘Those who intimidate others anonymously and inflict severe harm in the process could find themselves liable to at least three years’ jail if they are found to have a high level of culpability.’ Thenewpaper reported.

In the past there was no minimum sentence but with more and more cases of anonymous intimidation over social media, this law becomes a new necessity. So you guys please do not try to intimidate anyone in social media or mobile devices.

I was intimidated by a blogger calling himself Raymond a few years back in this blog. I made a police report and warning him that he better prayed that nothing untowards would happen to me. With the police report, if harms come to me, even a freak accident, the police is likely to look for him. Now with this new law let’s hope no one would dare to be so brave to go around threatening anyone with harm.

This law is to deter those that think they are above the law or with some connections somewhere to protect them when they bully or threaten people, or with the money to pay the lawyers and the courts and the fines. The minimum sentence means jail terms, got money no money, got connection no connection, do not apply. Jail you go.


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Law is not law until someone breaks it.

Law passed is law past. Not law present.

Law present requires law enforcement.

Law enforcement involves multiple bodies.

Multiple bodies require multiple collective will operating in concert with single-mindedness.

Otherwise, double standards will always prevail, no matter how clean and non-corruptible any human bean can be.

It is human nature to show favour, fear and ill-will. Very few can claim they have never, in one instant or another, displayed/shown favour, fear or ill-will.

Nevertheless, it is a good law, a necessity in the age of cyber-crimes.

Jan said...

This will protect any real identity blogger from harm and any potential terrorist insuated threats & ensure the safety of any bloggers on the internet world, a brilliant regulatory system in Sinkieland.

Anonymous said...

What so special/bad/siong about going to jail?

Even prominent personalities also kena jail!

Only when kena canning would then be very very very very siong!


Anonymous said...

Alamak so no more do ray mi on this TCSS blog?!?!

Yah my old job used to involve people who treat going to Changi as no big deal. Most of them have gone in at least once, many have gone in multiple times like going to chalet. Surprising to find quite a lot of such people in SG. Quite sianz & demoralising to work with such people though.

Anonymous said...

The guys who threatens you with:
a) lim kopi
b) sodomize by tua kee

Is this criminal intimidation?

What about threatenining you with "regrets" after an elections?

Anonymous said...

hello urgent urgent urgent!

where are all the fans?

v v quiet leh!

Come come come!

Anonymous said...

@ 12.17pm

If I threaten you with "repent" after a general elections ... am I criminally intimidating you?

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

As far as the Americans are concerned, everyone must obey the laws except the Americans. All the laws are for other people, people they targeted, not for them, do not apply to themselves.

Anonymous said...

/// All the laws are for other people, people they targeted, not for them, do not apply to themselves.///

What about PAP?

Anonymous said...


Stanchart says: Plenty of Sinkies earn good money & able to retire well

Looks like next GE going to be 70+% for PAPies. Also high chance for Aljuneid to go back to PAPpy.

PS: I'm realistic this time, not TCSS & say 85% or 110%.

Anonymous said...


Technical recession expected for Sinkies in Oct

No big deal lah. SG always the most sensitive to global recessions --- we're always the 1st to go into recession and the 1st to exit too.

But PAPpy ministers always highest paid in the world, whether recession or not. This is also known as "Sinkies Sucking Cocks". LOL!!!

Anonymous said...

Laws, Out-Laws, In-Laws And More Laws?

Mr Li Shengwu has hired Mr David Pannick, one of the lawyers who this week won a landmark case to overturn the British government’s suspension of parliament, to advise him in his contempt of court case.

Read more at https://www.todayonline.com/singapore/li-shengwu-enlists-top-british-lawyer-fight-contempt-court-case

Question: What would LKY do, if he is still alive and kicking like Dr Mahathir?

Answer: Most likely, a few civil servants could have been given a trashing before taking the walking order?

Isn't this chapter of LKY's legacy avoidable and unnecessary? What do you guys think?

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 327 pm

Based on your predictions opposition parties sure die lah!

Like that what for GE! Correct?

Pls note that someone here last wk also predicted 85% for pap at next GE!

Very eat strength for opposition parties!

Anonymous said...

Opposition parties in Singapore are hopeless and lack unity and cooperation. Already more than 50 years have gone, yet they are still struggling. More fragmented and more "Indian Chiefs without Indians".

PAP will continue to rule for the next 15 years at least, until and unless something very serious to the livelihoods of majority of Singaporeans.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Question: What would LKY do, if he is still alive and kicking like Dr Mahathir?

According to someone here, LKY would be blur like sotong with everyone telling him lies and half truths and he just could not do anything about it, hapless, powerless.

Anonymous said...

Even Mahatir must bow down to the malay muslim fundamentalists as he wants to keep his throne, even though he likes to criticise them for being lazy & crutch mentality.

Even if LKY alive today, he needs to grab PM-ship from the son in order for everybody to obey him. Good sources told me that after 2011, LKY power greatly diminished & ministers and top civil servants were instructed not to simply blindly jump whenever LKY open his mouth. As long as LKY not in power as PM, whoever else as PM can shut him up. Just like how Najeep shut up Mahatir when he was still PM.

Anonymous said...

He would not be living in the Istana if he was powerless.

Anonymous said...

LKY unable to demolish 38 Oxley while he was alive.

How useless do you think he was?

Heaven Is Powerful And Also Powerless said...

Heaven has no eyes to see,
No nose to smell,
No ears to hear,
No tongue to taste,
No mouth to speak,
No heart to feel,
No hands to touch,
No legs to move,
No ability to interfere.
But ALL the capabilities to ACT!

Heaven caused rain to fall and flood,
Caused earth to crack and quake,
Caused wind to blow and churn,
Caused fire to burn and raze,
Caused metal to cut and slash,
Caused buildings to tumble and fall,
Caused dinosaurs to extinction,
Caused humans to age, fall sick and die.
Caused kingdom, dynasty and empire to self-destruct.

What can Heaven do or not do?

Stupidity Got No Cure = 87 (Paitt Qi)? said...
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Anonymous said...

The Way Of Heaven

LKY was powerful and yet powerless.
That is the way of Heaven.
Even if he was still alive!

Likewise, his sons are both powerful and yet powerless,

Though the elder seems to be more powerful than the younger,
Yet, the Court of Public Opinions will judge till kingdom come and go,

For the powerful laws, courts and judges that exist before him cannot stop the Juries in the Court of Public Opinions from exercising their Judgement at all!

Anonymous said...

Rb after the police report did Raymond stopped harassing u?