Mahathir – the smartest man in Malaysia

Mahathir is widely revered in Malaysia as the best PM they could get. After several PMs came and gone, Mahathir, at 93, was reelected as the PM of Malaysia after being out for 2 decades. Why would Malaysia need to bring in an old man that is in his twilight years and in many ways should not be in active life? Here Mahathir is in the thick of things, the man central to everything that is happening in Malaysia. He is not a piece of furniture putting there for show, but fully involved in every minute affairs in Malaysia.

The one and only reason for Mahathir to be back is that he is the most capable and smartest man in Malaysia. They could not find anyone that is better than him after trying out a few young PM. I am wondering if this is a blessing or a curse for Malaysia, with the smartest man in Mahathir. He is the best Malaysia could produce in the last 50 years.

And the few smart things he did when returning to office were to cancel major infrastructure projects signed by his predecessor, Najib, in the name of cutting cost, cannot afford to pay. And he expects the cancellation of these projects with no cost implications or downside to the Malaysian economy. The contractors would just give up everything, including hundreds of million spent on the projects that have already started. This is how smart Mahathir is, tearing away contracts freely with no consequences, no need to pay. This is the law of Mahathir.

His next clever move was to keep shifting his goal posts with regard to handling power to Anwar as promised and spoken publicly. He has no qualms or regards to whatever he said or promised, or how the PKR and the rakyat think of him. He just do it and nothing can be done to stop him. The PKR is hapless, the rakyat is hapless.  He is the smartest man after all and who dares to challenge him?

To conclude, let me just add one more Mahathir wisdom. They have finally run down a monopolistic national airline. Mahathir still wants to own a national airline. It is the pride of a nation. His latest quip, Malaysia can own a national airline without paying for one. This kind of smartest is unequalled, unparalleled. Only Mahathir can claim that it is possible. Tomorrow he may tell the Chinese to resume the cancelled major projects for free. And the Chinese would have to do it because Mahathir said so.

Mahathir is the smartest man in Malaysia and no one is near to him in intellect. Malaysia has a great future with the smartest man in Malaysia in charge. Not only Malaysia will have its national airline for free, the high speed train and Malacca port will be built for free by China because of Mahathir.


Virgo 49 said...

Then Sinkieland must also have her own MamaTahir.

TCB be Sinkieland's Mahathair.

To clear up all the Shits that already hits the ceiling

Anonymous said...


Dr M is not the smartest man in Malaysia.

Dr M is the smartest-est man in Malaysia!


Anonymous said...

RB, this is your one post where I agreed with almost everything you wrote.

I would add that Mathathir is also a brilliant strategist, in fact the most brilliant strategist in Malaysia.

In Singapore, Lee Hsien Loong is also a brilliant strategist, in fact I would say Singapore's Mahathir, but much, much younger.

Why? Because Lee Hsien Loong can screw Sinkies jialat jialat but PAP which he leads can still win big big in election. That's brilliant, isn'it?

Anonymous said...

Hi V49 9.05am

Good morning.....

Tell me just three things that TCB can successfully do.


Anonymous said...

Because Lee Hsien Loong can screw Sinkies jialat jialat but PAP which he leads can still win big big in election.
10:39 am

This one he inherited from his father lah.

Lee Hsien Loong himself is not brilliant, I mean as a PM. But he is brilliant in his studies just like many of his scholar ministers.

His inheritance may run out one day, maybe as soon as the coming election if Chee Soon Juan can get elected. LOL

Anonymous said...

TCB be Sinkieland's Mahathair.
9:05 am


I say TCB be Sinkieland's next Low Thia Khiang, to be more realistic lah.

Virgo 49 said...

Firstly have questions in Parliament regarding the CECA.

One Thousand and Ones regarding the old policies of the past decades or so.

Groomed younger leaders to take over leaderships from him.

Teach the daft sinkies how REAL Parliament works and NOT just YES men and women.

And add insults to injuries have NCMPs to further add salt and vinegar and fire to screw the daft sinkies.

Who expected them to bring up Real National Issues.

And many many many good changes.


Anonymous said...

Tell me just three things that TCB can successfully do.
10:44 am

If TCB cannot even fight successfully to be eligible to contest the last Presidential Election, I don't think TCB can successfully do anything lah, I mean politically.


Because Lee Hsien Loong as a brilliant strategist will make sure TCB cannot successfully do anything, I mean politically.

However TCB can still successfully make a lot of money, just like many smart Sinkies and forget about politics.

imho said...

Not a surprise. Every pm will try to award projects to companies he/she indirectly owns in any countries.

Virgo 49 said...

The ECRL project why Mahathair resumed and the Chinamen agreed even at a socalled "lost".

The Chinamen can cut down the agreeded sum as the amount included sapuloh lima puloh as budgeted for Mr Nasib.

Not no need to pay. Ok even though they were to have the project losing some monies, they are also willing to carry on as a stepping stone to more further projects and also their influence.

Imagine a vast majority Muslim country in cooperation with the bananas coined Commies.

This trust will have other ASEAN countries with the exception of sinkieland. A so called now lost chinkees majority and a running skunk of the UAssA have projects with China.

The main ones are Thailand and Indonesia. Vietnam is the still sole bone to pick with China as a bitter enemy after kena bashed by them.

The Belt and Rail Project joined the Norhtehrn side with Malaysia and Thailand as the main countries.

Matland's Trengganu, Kelantan and Pahang at the East Coast is a strategic point for China. If joined with Melaka, Port Dickson and KL to Kuantan and beyond their trade is tremendous.

Trengganu had Petronas the Oil. Dunggun their Bauxite. Kelantan with her vast land with so many MNCs factories with their cheap labours. Kelantanese with low pays with low cost of livings.

Next, Thailand will be persuaded to cut the Isthumus of Kra. Easy negotiations just grease their hands.

This border between Thailand and Matland. So have to sweeten the Mats also.

So, Sinkieland as Little USA if try to blockade China under instructions will be completely cut off.

No need to pass your Port. Have your Tuas Port as StJames Power Station for your vice activities.

So Chinamen thinks far ahead.

Foresight in their survivals.


Virgo 49 said...

Forget to mention.Indon capital shifting with multi millions projects coming up.

Who will get the main meat?

Definitely NOT Sinkieland.

Sinkieland even paid contractors builders from foreign countries to built their infracstructures and claimed to be their economic GDP.

Paying others with monies OUT and not In as contractors for others.

Only Servile service industries bending down double to serve others.

Will be a long lost industries MOT.


Virgo 49 said...

Your next or other next generation youngsters will curse at your negativity.

Anonymous said...

Hi 1120am

You seem to know M quite well!

Why don't you migrate there!? Everything is very very very very very very cheap!


Anonymous said...

Sinkieland even paid contractors builders from foreign countries to built their infracstructures and claimed to be their economic GDP.
Vrigo 49 11:28 am

So what? U can kpkb but PAP still win big big in election what.

Anonymous said...

Sinkieland even paid contractors builders from foreign countries to built their infracstructures and claimed to be their economic GDP.
Virgo 49 11:28 am

These foreign contractors will engage Sinkie subcontractors like me, u know.

And that's how I as a true Sinkie can make money mah and vote for PAP.

And there are many Sinkies like me and also a lot of foreign contractors and their employees who become new Sinkies who will vote for PAP.

Now I hope u understand why PAP can get 70% votes.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ all

The 3 politicians who have earned the award for "Machiavellian Statesman Of Our Time" are:

1. Vladimir Putin
2. Donald J Trump
3. Dr Mahathir

He's on the podium with the best. Putin is probably the richest, Donald J is already quite wealthy, but Dr M...he's done A-OK too! (also his family)

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 12.17pm

Someone here two days back predicted a 85% for pap at the next GE.

Possible? What say you? What is your prediction?

Virgo 49 said...

You must be new to this forum.

Already had a footing in Matland.

When sinkieland sinks or been overuned or overturned by the Black Ants who are mostly Hot Air half bucket shits.

Even lost commune with their what's Space rocket. Then I be watching FROM afar your poor sufferings.


Virgo 49 said...

Due to the daftest Sinkies that even Mats and Hong Kongers laughed at them.

Virgo 49 said...

Ya, you daft sub-cons like beggars for the Main Cons scraps.

Employed black ants who worked one hour and slept three hours.

See everyday at our void decks so many dead ah nehs bodies lying around with the MRT constructions going on.

Most just wander here and there or simply took cover and slept.

That's why a project in three years became five years

Virgo 49 said...

Hope you find some waste scraps to survive.

I be enjoying my cheep cheep bak kut teh and curry beef.

No offence there in Matland crying out beef curry.

The Mats already taught them lessons not to be so demanding.

Kena paddled hits on buttocks then you know.

Know your place in our country.


Anonymous said...

@ September 08, 2019 11:35 am

"Hi 1120am

You seem to know M quite well!

Why don't you migrate there!? Everything is very very very very very very cheap!"

People who shows some knowledge about Mahathir must migrate there?

Anonymous said...


///No offence there in Matland crying out beef curry.///

You got shout satay babi?!?! LOL!!!

@Anon 2:33pm

///Why don't you migrate there!?///

You don't know harrr?!?!?! Many people suck & kiss Ah Mat's balls & ass to the max ... but still keep Sinkie IC horrr!!!

It shows that Sinkieland still the best worr!!! LOL!!!

Anonymous said...

Economics - New Supply Chain Taking Shape For China:

Latest statistics: China's imports from the US of Ass, for the first 8 months of 2019, have decreased by 25.7%.

China's imports from Russia have increased by 8.9%.

China's imports from Brazil and EU have increased by 22% and 11% respectively.

Figures for other countries are not available yet.

Anonymous said...

Anon 2.51pm

Ok! Ok! You win! Sg the BEST-EST in the world!

Yam SENG! Ok?

Unknown said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Unknown said...

Perfect Excuse For China To "Liberate" Hongkong

Traitorous Hongkongers have marched to the US Embassy in Hongkong and asked the US President Trump to "liberate" the city.

This will be the last straw for the Hongkong government to act or not to act.

To act, Carrie Lum could now deploy the Chinese troops stationed in Hongkong and request the Central Government for more help.

Not to act, but continue as it is, will not be wise. As the situation develops to higher and higher stakes and demands, the probability of a peaceful amicable solution to the resolve the issue has dissipated, vaporized!

China should now send in more troops to protect Hongkong from any possible (imagined or real) US invasion. This is a perfect excuse to crush the dissent once and for all.

The traitors have shown their true color. Their allegiance and loyalty is to USA!

No more talks and compassion can solve this problem. Only a swift and decisive military operation can save the city from being invaded by a Foreign Power such as USA

Anonymous said...

An invasion of Hong Kong by the US means war.

Now we know that the real issue is not the extradition act, but the intention to create chaos. The Hong Kong Government should never give in on the extradition bill, because the demands will get more ridiculous over the days. Giving in shows the protestors that the Hong Kong Government is weak and they will demand more and more until Hong Kong becomes independent. Then it is time for the evil empire to exploit, like Taiwan, and that is the motive

The protest against the extradition act was just the ignition point the US was waiting for and they are trying by any means to exploit the situation.

If China steps in with troops, there will be clashes undoubtedly, and that will elicit worldwide outcry of human rights violations. The next step will be a meeting of the evil clan to impose sanctions on China (in what way I do not know), but rest assured the evil empire is very well versed in this aspect.

I think China should not fall into this trap and the US has no fucking legal right to interfere officially to liberate Hong Kong. Hong Kong belongs to China and China has the sovereign right to keep Hong Kong from foreign intervention.

Anonymous said...


These 2-3 months will be BESTEST time to invest in Hongkie stocks!!!

QUICK QUICK ... Join your fellow mainland chinkies in buying up Hongkie shares!!

I bought a bit more in Aug when the stocks kena terok terok due to riots, trade war escalation, yield curve inversion.

Hope Hangseng have more shocks in Sep & Oct for me to BUY MORE MORE!!

Sentiments in HK is almost back to GFC & SARS days .... if you can hold for next 5 years sure HUAT BIG BIG!!!

Anonymous said...

@Anon 3:04pm

Huh?!?! Trade figures for China in Aug is HORRIBLE & TERRIBLE!!!

Exports have fallen to US, Europe, ASEAN, Oz, S Korea.

Although China has been trying to ramp up domestic consumption as a greater part of GDP & economy, BUT a VERY BIG portion of the economy & jobs still depend on export manufacturing.

2 or 3 more months like that & China will be in a de-facto RECESSION economy.

Full-year GDP is looking more & more like below 6% --- which is basically a quasi-recession for a large developing country like China i.e. More people looking for work than available jobs.

China needs AT LEAST 6% GDP to provide enough jobs. Its GDP has never gone below 6% in a generation i.e. past 30 years.

Anonymous said...

With this smart ass in charge, the ringgit will soon be worth 5 to a Singapore dollar.
Good news for all the cheap skates rushing over the border to stock up everything from condoms to moon cakes.

Anonymous said...

Ah Loong.
Why Yew still not yet join your father?

Anonymous said...

It is really a shock for me to hear from so many of my friends and acquaintances (at least 10), voluntarily without asking, to express their desire or hope for a certain person to game over. Why?

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

China in quasi recession with 6% growth? What economic theory did you learn, Trump or American economics? If the USA can get 3% economic growth, Trump will tell the Americans he is superman.

China is America's number one trading partner. If China is slowing its import of US goods, no effect on America? Did they said recession is around the corner in the US?
The US is only less than 5% of China's overall trade with the world.

Slowing export to the US will lead to recession in China, recession with 5% economic growth?

Trump is begging FED to reduce interest rate to 0. This is desperation in an economy that Trump is drumming up as very good but hitting recession anytime.

Anonymous said...

China is the biggest importers of food and commodities and natural resources.

China has literally stopped importing from Australia, Canada and to a great extent the USA. Are the economies of these countries still booming, no recession, no slow down?

What is slow down to an economy with 2 or 3% growth after China stop buying from them and they stopped buying from China?

The West only want to badmouth China as if China is the only country badly affected by the trade war.

Anonymous said...

Australia is one country that is hardcore anti China. Now that China is slowing, the Australian economy is also suffering. Added to that the property market in Australia is set for a collapse, if what is reported comes true. Collapse not just in terms of value, but in terms of bad structural infrastructure following the days of frantic building to cope with Chinese buyers that have now almost dried up.

Of the two countries, Australia is much more racist and anti China than Canada. Being descendants of exile British convicts certainly brought with them the cultural heritage of rogue behaviour.

imho said...

Australia is a banana republic. Uncle sam wants aus to anti china, aus must anti china.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...
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Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ all

Yes, Australia under the current govt is very suspicious of China. You have to keep in mind that Oz is America's "guard dog"/ lap dog of the southern hemisphere and the South Pacific/ Indian Ocean.

The Aussie dollar is dog shit and will continue to fall...which means my SGDs will be more "power" so that I can enjoy more but spend less in my Beach-bum lifestyle.

Exploitation is the name of the game. This is why I have a bo pan chan (dun give chance) attitude when it comes to enjoying and profiteering from the best of 2 worlds.

I just went HERE on Friday to change most of my "banana money" for the real money of our species---tried and tested as a hedge from peasants to kings and cuntries for THOUSANDS of years.


Anonymous said...


Oz economy appears to be undergoing a bottoming process or a soft landing.

Basically the ASX200 will be much higher in 10 years than today.

As for AU, I think you could have waited a couple of months to buy. Too damn overbought with too much dumb money entering in the last 2 months. Time for a sharp counter-trend correction --- don't be surprise if it hits USD1350 to USD1300.

But just hang on --- AU & AG will go higher & for longer than anybody can imagine today.

Anonymous said...


///China in quasi recession with 6% growth? What economic theory did you learn, Trump or American economics?///


In 2008, Cheena annual GDP growth was 6.1% --- nowhere near the conventional definition of recession. However, 26 MILLION cheenas lost their jobs --- more than the entire population of Australia.

A lot of riots & demonstrations & angry mobs occurred throughout Cheena at that time, but heavily censored & suppressed.

Why do you think Beijing unleashed it's own QE during 2008/2009 that was LARGER than US QE1 & QE2 combined (on PPP basis)?!?! Bet you didn't know this!!!

This is what is called quasi-recession.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

26m lost their jobs in China and a lot of riots and demonstrations?

First you need to know what is arithmatic. 26m of 1.4b is how many percent? 1.86%. This is under 2% unemployment rate, better than Singapore. What rioting and demonstration are you talking about?

Second, Oh, a frog in the well that only reads and believes in western propaganda media, without thinking and swallow hook, line and sinker. The American media said so, so it must be true.

Is there any country that have social uprising because of 2% unemployment rate? Trump and the rest will say, see so good, only 2% unemployment.

A banana would always be a banana with banana in the head. For goodness sake, when people throw numbers at you, use your head, think, use a calculator to make sure the numbers make sense.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

You know what is the student population in China? You compare 26m with the population of Australia!

China's student population from primary to university is 300m! 300m, understand? 100 times the citizens of Singapore.

You know how many graduates and engineers China is producting a year? 3m!

Anonymous said...


I get my info from cheena PRC friends with self-taken videos & pics on their HPs.

Where you get yours? From hanging out with Hu Xijin in KTVs with nubile semi-nude hostesses & keichow moutai?!?! LOL!!!