India – the next terrorist country

For the last few decades, the USA has been the number one terrorist country in the world unchallenged. It has been bullying and terrorizing countries all over the world, allies and foes, doing whatever it likes with impunity. It commited murders, assassinations, regime change, sanctions, bankrupting govts by economic sanctions and war crimes by killing the innocents in the tune of millions all over the world. The sickness of all these wanton killings and destructions is that the whole world have to pretend that the Americans are the most peace loving country, the protector of peace and human rights. But all the countries know very well that the Americans are the number one terrorists in the world today. I stand corrected on this as some silly Asian countries really believe the Americans are godsend angels to save and protect the world.

Today we are also witnessing the emergence of another terrorist country, the next number one terrorist country in the making and would be the worse the world would see in the future, outdoing everything the Americans have done if left to its own device.

India is a struggling third world power with big power ambition, wanting to be the next super power, to take over the reign from the Americans. But this is still a far and distant dream. However, though basically a third world and dysfunctional country, it does not behave as one but a regional hegemon, believing that it can do as it wants like the Americans.

Its immediate neighbours have been suffering from the oppression of Indian hegemony. Pakistan has been regularly on the receiving ends of Indian hostility and war. Sri Lanka was not spared either. Even China came under attack by the Indians in the 1962 border war, and recently in the border with Bhutan, when the Indians arrogantly and brashly thought they could seized Chinese territories that were stolen from China by the British. They are claiming everything the British raj handed over to them, lands belonging to China, Pakistan, Bangladesh and its other neighbours.

Bhutan, Nepal and Sikkim have become Indian protectorates and controlled by the Indian govt in New Delhi and restrained from becoming independent countries, economies suffocated by India and condemned to underdevelopment, foreign relations controlled and determined by India, their people de facto subjects of the Indian Empire.

The ruthlessness of the Indians to use force against its neighbours unilaterally could be seen by the recent attempt to take over disputed Kashmir from Pakistan and China. This was with total disregard to a region that is mainly populated by Muslims. The separation of India and Pakistan was mainly because of this religious divide, the inability to coexist as one people because of different religions. But India does not care and wants to annex Kashmir into a Hindu population that is hostile to Muslims.

And on the eastern front in Assam, with the state already under Indian control but with a huge Muslim population, India arbitrary decided to disown the Muslim population, all 2m of them and rendering them stateless. India officially announced that it would not be a recipient country for refugees, and would not want the Muslims in Assam. Where would they end up with is not India’s problem.

This uprooting of 2m people who have settled down in Assam, some historically have been there, or moved from India to East Pakistan during the division and declaration of independent India and Pakistan from the British Empire, is a harsh and cruel decision on the fate of the Muslims in Assam. India just wants the land, not the people. The saddest thing is that even Muslim Bangladesh did not want them, like they did not want the Rohingyas.

The Muslims in Assam would become stateless, boat people, refugees that would flow over to neighbouring Myanmar and Asean. And these neighbouring countries would end up being hosts and recipients of the refugees, not wanted by India and Bangladesh and would come under attack by the West for not taking them in.

Singapore may be the only country that would benefit and welcome them with open arms as increase in population is an easy way to increase economic growth, regardless of the adverse long term implications to its citizens. Just paste a talent tag on their foreheads and Singaporeans would be clueless of what is going on.
The same fate would fall on the Muslim people in Kashmir if India succeeds in annexing it into the Indian Empire. They would likely become stateless like the Muslims in Assam and become the new refugees to flood the neighbouring countries.

This is the India of the future. While still basically a third world slum country, it is displaying how ruthless and brutal it can be should it become more powerful militarily to exercise its military might over its weaker neighbours. India is the next terrorist country in the making in the likes of the Americans.


Anonymous said...

RB, You missed out Madagascar and some of the islands in the Indian Ocean being taken over or dominated/controlled by India

Anonymous said...

Indirectly, through CECA, and by proxy through Indian Singaporeans in key appointments of both the private and public sectors, Singapore is already within the control of India.

Virgo 49 said...

MrRB. Just looked at the Features of the Indians and their White Counterparts.

Same, same except the colour of their skins. Both hypocritical and aggressive genes.

Pariahs but behaved as though they are Superior.

Always maurading in groups like hygenas and vultures to kill and bullied the weak.

Just because others don't want to go against them, they thought that they are sick cats.

One fine day kena jialat jialat by the PRCs then they will wake up.

Sinkies kena jialat jialat by them then they will also wake up.

But maybe already too late

Anonymous said...

@RB, @All,

///Singapore may be the only country that would benefit and welcome them with open arms///

Hahaha!!!! S'pore will be the 1st to announce in parliament that RSAF & RSN will machine gun & drop cluster bombs on their heads before they get within 50km of sinkieland.

That's what LKY said in parliament during 1998 when cheena indoes wanted to escape the cheena-killing riots in Indo in the midst of Suharto downfall, using boats to sail to sinkieland.

If PAPies are happy to kill cheena indoes, bet they'll be even happier to kill unwanted mullahs.

Sinkieland only welcomes foreigners who have valid passports & can at least afford budget airline to changi airport.

Knn said...

Not say I wanted to say u. U be careful lar saying thing like that as u may kena lim kopi then kena sodomized jialat jialat later on.

Anonymous said...

"Singapore belongs to everybody"

Who was the cancerous mother-fucker who first said this?

Anonymous said...

Chan kor said " .the foreigners issues can be easily sensationalized or be use as political tool ..but..without foreigners Sinkapore will lose competition to neighboring countries" ...let's welcome these ;Deep Tech foreigners (ah nehs)to come screwing the Chan's own countrymen to wrack havoc to Sinkies lives ( be it grab drivers, karang guni, cleaners or screwty). ...yes RB, u r spot on...a new waves of Blackies or Brown faces (forgive me no racist) r coming posing threat to the locals, so in a way a new form of job snatching terrorists coming to shore in droves and swarms.

Virgo 49 said...

That's why I always said.

Chinkees round the World could be the Most Traitous to their own kind.

Too diverse and afraid of own than Others.

For self interests can hurt own but in the end also hurt themselves.

If kena trampled on, think the Others would not trample on them as they are maganimous to Others but not their own.

Virgo 49 said...

Latest news PM Lee convenes Election Boundaries to have more SMC seats.

Why? GRC win many many also lose many many.

Swords cuts both sides.

Too afraid that Oppo wins GRC and his Talented Ministers got ousted?


Anonymous said...

99.999999999% chance the PAPies might win lah. Cos Ah Long pretty sure there r no "Terrorists" voters in this tiny island to Rock or create Terror in him & his party. So his secretary sent lawyer letter to a Terrorist Xui but Terrorist stand on his gun to await more walup by the bully kijee , let's see whether Terroist win or Long Shark win..

Virgo 49 said...

Please tune in to StarHub 701 now for the British Parliament Debate on BREXIT.

See how the Real Democracy of UK Parliament is in sessions.

Will this be the Sinkieland Parliament after this coming GE?

Anonymous said...


Why you now angmoh tua kee haarr?!?!

Sinkie parliament follow cheena parliament laarr --- all already decided behind the scenes, all kuai kuai, when speak it's to praise the PM or Cabinet or PAP.

Kuai lan like JB Jeyeratnam will only kena crawl between PM legs on bended knees.

That's why Ah Chiam, Ah Low all kuai kuai. Except Ah Low head swelled after winning GRC --- now kena fucked.

Anonymous said...

Some terrorists countries use guns and missiles to terrorise.

Some terrorists countries use laws to terrorise.

Some terrorists countries use propaganda to terrorise.

Some terrorists countries use civil law suits to terrorise until pants drop.

Virgo 49 said...

Sinkieland inherited UK Parliamentary System but you see the difference of what's Thrust and Parry System by the Brits and the deaf,dumb and blind system in Sinkieland.

Even their Own Members with minds and consciences of their own voted against their own Leaders.

Sinkieland Appointed Just to be rich and prestige MPs are the opposite.

Not ang moh tua kees. Chinkees are just too selfish and don't give a hoot or damn even to their own unprivileged kind.

Have wealth but No Honour.

What's the fark for?

Spat at the graves when they are gone to dust.

Virgo 49 said...

Instead of debating bread and butter issue on the unfavourable economic front, they talked and laugh at sanitary pads and menopouse and comdoms.

What's a joke